What Are Friends For
What Are Friends For
Gabrielle Ruiz & Pallavi Sastry
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I LOVE this podcast SOY MUCH!!!!❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼Gabrielle and Pallavi talk about important, fun and uncomfortable topics, I have really been enjoying every episode. I definitely learn something new everytime I listen to one of their episodes, so go do yourself a favor, and listen to this WONDERFUL PODCAST!! BRAVO ladies keep up the brilliant work😊
Don’t miss out on this amazing podcast!
Funny, heart warming, thought provoking, and always real, this podcast is not to be missed. Friendship & platonic love are often overlooked areas of our wellbeing, but not in this podcast! Pallavi & Gabrielle share wisdom, insights, and hilarious tidbits - and also bring on their dearest pals to share their thoughts on friendship. These talented actors are also talented podcasters - I’m so glad to have this gem at the top of my podcast playlist!
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Smart and funny ladies!
Love hearing from these smart, informed, compassionate and hilarious ladies about the ins and outs of our most important relationship- our gal pals! Xoxoxoxo
The Slay Sisters!!!
I’m absolutely obsessed with the WAFF women! They are hilarious and fabulous and gorgeous queens!!! Keep up the good work ladies!!
Friendship on Display!
Catching up on WAFF this week and it’s such a pleasure to hear Pallavi and Gabrielle chat! It’s like being invited into a decade long friendship and you’re in on all the jokes.
Amazing work
This ladies have tough conversations in honest and unfiltered ways and reminds me what can happen when women support each other. Production is A quality.
Dear friend
What a very well done show. I felt really hopeful after hearing just enough of the horrific experiences women endure. Pallavi is a brave and strong soul. Bravo
I love listening to these gals when I’m in the car...SO personable, deep, funny, and relatable
DJ Nik Nak
Love love love
These conversations are so refreshing and honest. Love this podcast!!!
An authentic podcast
The hosts of this podcast project an authenticity and inclusiveness that captures your attention from the outset. Their ability to harness the audiences attention and discuss issues with knowledge, sensitivity and depth and invite participation is most welcome in these increasingly complicated times when understanding can make all the difference.
I love being part of the WAFF squad!
Awesome podcast!!! I’m also a subscriber to their Patreon so it’s extra fun to see the video version of this already amazing pod. I genuinely feel like I’m part of the group when listening/watching. Funny, light hearted, RELATABLE... the perfect pandemic pick me up. A huge thank you to the creators! 10/10
Carly Mulvenna
Can’t get enough
I’m new to the hole pod casts world and omg am I glad I found what our friends for. Gabrielle and Pallavi is friendship goals . I love the topics and who doesn’t love girl talk . I can’t wait for more episodes.
Love it love it!
These ladies are naturals - easy rapport, fun guests, and great conversation. The production quality is amazing, and all the extra touches like the in-between music is cute and fits perfectly with the tone of the show. Excited to see where they go from here!
Fun and Feels and all the Slay
Listening to this podcast legitimately feels like hanging out with your best friends. Every episode is packed with joy and just enough silliness, while doing that thing that true friends do... talk about the hard stuff. They unflinchingly discuss challenges we all face, leaving you feeling like you handle these hard things, because you know you have good friends behind you. And I’m even left feeling inspired to bring up what I’ve listened to on the podcast within my own friends groups in real life... everything from loss and illness, to starting over, ending friendships, challenging each other on paradigm shifts about our roles in the world, how to show up for friends, and how to show up for yourself. I honestly hope they keep tackling every hard thing, as they do it with empathy, love, and just the right amount of fun and celebrate the victories together... Because after all, that’s what friends are for.
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Kat Hennessey
So fun!
They have such great chemistry together!
riaz the yoda
So good!!
I love this podcast. It’s authentic, refreshing, and an honest reflection on friendship. Pallavi and Gabrielle are fantastic hosts, and I’m excited to keep listening!
Awesome honesty and insight into relationships and why we do the things we do. Can’t stop listening!
Love the conversation & insights into friendship!
Love the conversation & insights into friendship!
Heart centered conversations.
Be a part of a curious, intimate conversation with these ladies to investigate our connections. How we make friends, how we bridge the gap of being interested in becoming friends to actually being friends, the value of many years of friendship, the awkwardness of friend dates- it's all in there! It's a very heart centered approach to talking about the many aspects friendship.
Entertaining horror comedy
More More More
Loving this Podcast! Can’t wait for Season 2!
A A Ron sells homes
Real talk
I’m loving this podcast so far! The struggle to build quality friendships in adulthood is real and takes conscious, reciprocated effort. I love that these ladies are discussing the topic and I’m already getting some great ideas on how to connect more with those I care about and those I want to be friends with.
Anisha A
Fantastic & Insightful
It's a fun podcast and full of insight into adult friendship. I'm hooked!
Love this podcast!
These two are infectious! They are inquisitive and funny. Asking all the right questions while keeping it informative and fun. I highly recommend this podcast to all my friends- Cause we can so relate!
Nick M. D.
Yes and Yes and Yes
They have such a great energy! It’s like a silly party in my ears. They have a great energy about themselves and the topics they talk about. It’s like you’re invited to their hang out and also learn something new about them, yourself and the relationships you carry in this world. Always so interested in listening to something new every episode.
Love this!!! No, really.
What a perfect mix of smart, enagaging, funny, insightful and informative! No one really talks about this and it's so refreshing and fun! Love you ladies & great job!!!
I needed this!
It IS harder to make friends as an adult and this show is making me feel better about it.
PK Savitala
Insightful and fun?? Yas please
Keep me coming.
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