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Anti Semitic tropes
I really like this show but I was shocked and disappointed when Gideon falsely reported that Israel is denying Palestinians the covid vaccine. The Palestinian Authority which governs the residents of Gaza and the West Bank never planned to get its vaccines from Israel. Meanwhile Israel has vaccinated all of its citizens, including the 20 percent that are Palestinian. Lazy fact checking and lazy reporting. Tuning out.
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Perfect Morning News
This show literally gets me out of bed. I love getting ready in the morning with this podcast. The format is perfect. They go into depth on what matters but it’s not too in the weeds when you’re just trying to wake up. And they always strike the right tone despite the often dark news that we are all living through. The different segments keep your attention compared to other shows where it’s sometimes just podcasters wanting to listen to their own voice. It’s like having two friends who read the newspaper fill you in on the highlights over coffee so that you can start your day knowing what’s going on in the world. Oh and the interviews are always excellent and informative.
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Best way to start the day
I’m lost when they don’t have an episode. Short, sweet, and sarcastic.
Jay from Committed
Best start to everything
This is the best podcast for news updates, humor, and is a warm serving of morning brain nourishment.
Why the Noise?
I really want to listen to this podcast and hear what you have to say, but the background music is so terrible and distracting that I’ve given up.
Daily Listen
I listen to this pod on my way home from work every morning! I love the information and the bursts of sunshine that are the hosts!
Terribly biased show. You will get more of the same watching CNN
eagle 0ne
Akilah has the best laugh
Short, sweet, and funny
Love starting my day off with it.
Too much snark...
...not enough talent. If you’re going to attempt a joke, make sure it’s funny. If you’re going to attempt an opinion, make sure it makes sense. If you’re going to attempt a podcast, make sure it isn’t a daily annoyance for your listeners. I really tried, guys, but you’re tactless and spectacularly unfunny.
Start the morning off right!
I listen to this pod every morning to keep me informed and make me sound smart! On top of being packed with great info, these two hosts are really funny and human. Whenever one of them is out, I am legit devastated! WAD Squad for life!
Allison Janice
No better way to start your day
Everyone knows not to talk to me until I've listened to WAD. I love Akilah and Gideon for their knowledge, their rapport, and their humor. Both are fantastic interviewers. It is mind boggling how much fun intelligent news coverage can be. The show has short interviews to provide deeper understanding of current issues. Listen and pretty soon you'll be singing "Headlines" before the last segment.
Maybe cut on the xenophobia
I was quite disappointed to hear the snarky comments directed towards the Sputnik vaccine simply because it was developed by Russian scientists. Even after proving being highly effective. Akilah should probably lead by example by cutting on those comments. Scientists in every country deserve respect even if their governments deserve criticism.
I appreciate the information and light-hearted humor, but I’m sick of all of the elevator music or drum riffs running constantly in the background. When you’re talking, turn off the music! And while I’m at it, who is AOC? I know the answer, but show respect and call her by her name.
Doesn’t compete
With Up First and the Daily, why would I need a podcast where they talk about the same stories but with a lower news quality. This is like thrift shop news. I swear to god if I see one more pun title I will scream. Also already listen to the first fifteen minutes of Lovett or Leave it why would I need to listen to another podcast where the host laughs at their own dry run jokes?
ad crazy!
Better than any other Crooked Media podcasts
This one actually provides more content: about 30 minutes of ad per segment in their 35 minute show!
Thanks and movie tip
Akilah and Gideon, I’m 66yo and have the good fortune to have a 30 something son who shared WAD with me. It is one small way for me to connect with your generation and is giving me much hope for the future of our country. If you want to watch something entertaining and was weirdly prophetic when it was made, check out the movie with Bill Murray with animation, Osmosis Jones. They casted in animation form, the evil mayor, as a Trump look alike, who meets a very fitting end and demise. Love your show. Many thanks.
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Love this show. Great way to start the morning!
Best way to start your day without feeling hella depressed
I love the quick, informative, and often comical perspectives on the current events in politics and culture. Their chemistry is amazing.
Outstanding show!
Absolutely love this podcast. Religiously listen to it. *Please*, no more “special guests” on the show or during headlines. They are never as funny or informed as Akilah and Gideon
Black Health Matters
Love Akilah and Gideon to pieces for managing to share joy in hard times and refreshingly human responses to the onslaught of American news. But...please be so super careful when talking about vaccines. Comments like, “I’ll take my full vial dose” can easily sow confusion and suspicion in your listeners. The fact is that manufacturers have to add vaccine to every vial in case the person administering it is using a syringe with a lot of dead space. Because of this, each Pfizer multidose vial, for example, contains 6 FULL doses. The special syringes that Biden wants to use the DPA for have very little dead space and can extract 6 FULL doses from what is labeled a 5-dose vial. Each of those 6 doses are as good as any other and each is a complete dose. Your jokes bring me so much happiness, but please be more careful with vaccine jokes.
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AK Cortster
Long time listener first time caller.
They upload new episodes in the midnight out of pacific time zone. But they record sometime before 9pm pacific. I know because news of 140 Trump pardons is not mentioned in this episode.
If You Want Quality News with Personality
Without a doubt, What a Day is one of the best morning news podcasts out there. Akilah & Gideon bring news & much needed positivity (not to mention kickass personalities) to any weekday morning. The news is presented straight with a side of honest opinion. It’s refreshing to hear presenters who aren’t just reading from the script of pre-approved lines, but instead will tell you when something’s not on the level or how important some topics are. From the headline of the day to much appreciated levity, What a Day is the daily rundown you need in your feed.
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Choo Choo
I can't turn it off
Great Show
This podcast is a great way to start off your day. The show does a great job of telling you the news of day without all the fluff. They both have great opinions on today’s current events.
Just for “impeachment’s back, alright!”
For the BSB drop alone, you get 5 stars. Thank you for your comedic service.
Love it
My favorite way to get the morning news
How did I survive before this podcast?
What A Day has usurped Up First for me as my go-to news source. The difference? In-depth reporting, a touch of headline overviews including silly human interest stories, and the excellent writing and hosts who present the news in a substantiated, human and nuanced ways. Akilah took the day off after Breeyona Taylor’s killers were exonerated, Gideon is nice representation of a fellow millennial Jew-ish person. Don’t ever take another week off, WAD. I don’t know that I can take it,
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What a Day
These days with all the craziness What A Day is my go to for confirmation of sanity and humor Thank you Akilah and Gideon you are my Muses Keep up the great news and perspectives Ever grateful for your hard work
Great Goddess Pamela
Fantastic Show ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have been listening to the show since it started it’s the perfect bite size news of the day. Akilah is amazing I love her heart, authenticity, and sometimes raw emotion she’s prefect!! Gideon is unique and funny in an acceptable wired way.... Keep going 2021 “what a day” is much needed news and humor. Thank you -Tammy
More Alyssa! On all Crooked Media pods!
First listen every day, but it’s jarring every time they seem to end the pod at 2/3 thru. Don’t you think “America United” is supposed to infer a repudiation of Citizens United?
Boomer from CA
What a nice refreshing podcast
Fantastic show!
My morning is not complete without this show. It is informative, insightful, engaging and funny. I love Akilah and Gideon. Thank you both so much for everything you bring to the world.
Informative, funny, approachable
I love the tone that this podcast takes in delivering the news! I listen every morning and have been much more informed and aware because of it. I recommend this to anyone I talk about current events with - which is most people at this point.
WAD a delightful podcast!
Love listening to WAD in the mornings. Akilah and Gideon break down the news and bring some joy every day that I listen. Truly a bright spot in a sometimes very bleak world. I feel informed but not overwhelmed with the news and I love the temp checks and ridiculous stories they find to brighten the days. Akilah and Giddy are both gems, love them!
First episode after the insurrection
There was extra passion and emotion in the hosts’ voices this morning, especially Akilah. You could feel the rawness and I appreciated it very much. I love how Akilah and Gideon drop nuggets in a subtle way and move on immediately because it forces me to think about it instead of being told what it means. Critical thinking is alive when you listen to this podcast.
When you get choked up I cry. Keep fighting the good fight!!! I want to go to where you are and give you a gynormus hug.
Best way to start the day
Very informative and insightful, and never a dull moment. Awesome podcast.
Oh yeah!
Wad? Am in. Every morning!
hermes in Houston
Missed you guys!
I love this podcast! It isn’t a day until it starts with What A Day!! Thanks for all you do - bringing the news and the laughs. Such a great way to start any day💙
Favorite part of my morning routine
Love starting my day with Akilah and Gideon. When they take holiday breaks, it’s like my day is incomplete. Perfect amount of news to know what’s going on in the world but not overwhelming.
Must Listen
No nonsense news that tells you exactly what you need to know, with some humor thrown in. Definitely give it a listen!
Chelsea 04
Long time listener, first time caller
I love this show! It’s my #2 go to every day. I love Gideon’s laugh and the chemistry between the two. Great for a laugh and for news
Better than Coffee
WAD is my wake up routine everyday. I’m sad on weekends because it’s just not the same. Funny and informative
Theme Song Induces Nausea
The pod is fine but the theme song makes it unlistenable
Pleasant jingle
Love to wake up to the music and voices. Thank you. 💕
Hopeful A
what a day >>>
starting my day with akilah and gideon is what keeps me going. they are SO funny, smart & give original takes that are as thoughtful as they are entertaining. love this show
Love starting my day
With What a day! It’s the perfect amount of news and humor and I love the hosts so much.
Laughing even as you deliver the latest
You make me laugh !!
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