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What A Day cuts through all the chaos and clickbait to help you understand what matters and how you can fix it—all in just 15 minutes. Comedian Akilah Hughes and reporter Gideon Resnick break down the biggest news of the day, share important stories you may have missed, and show you what “Fox & Friends” would sound like if it were hosted by two people whose parents read to them as children. New episodes Monday through Friday at 5 a.m. EST.
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Love when Erin is on
Like both regular hosts but LOVE when Erin Ryan covers for vacations! Nice break from the forced jokes and insipid giggling.
Turns out the hosts: (1) Are straight?!!!?! (2) Think cats are unsanitary. Unsubscribing.
Tips for Improvement
* Lose the tired Temp Check segment * Let Akilah move on to other ventures. She’s too whiny and too not-funny for this podcast. Also, does she ever actually show up for work?!
Don't leave home without it!
Love this WAD Pod! I listen every day to hear what's happening in the world without being immersed in news for hours. Keeps my outlook a lot more rosey! Akilah & Gideon are so great individually & as a team. Love how they balance. If you ever came over I'd think we were friends cause I wake up with you every day!
Best way to start the day
Akilah and Gideon are the best. Smart, funny, insightful—and they treat the day’s news with the perfect balance of wit and gravity.
Meadow Morales
The Diva and the Queen has arrived and given us exactly what we asked for. Quite literally the oerfext amount of all of it. We are expecting "DQ" to be at the WHCD next year.
Y’all Finally Got Me Hooked On Podcasts!
Thank you “What A Day” for being my gateway drug to the wonderful, wild world of podcasts!! After all these years of podcasting’s popularity and dozens upon dozens of ‘casts sent my way by friemily to enjoy, “What A Day” has done what no other could - keep me holding on. And with baited breath at that!!! Akilah & Gideon are a wonderful team, smart and witty with enjoyable banter and conversation! When I tell you not one weekend goes by wishing a weekend edition would become a thing.... Hear me out! Not to give my beloved sistagirl Akilah more work but the format is so good and these weekends leading up to the election (ok let’s be honest, the rest of 2020) are gonna generate constant needs for discussion, I’d solidly consider listening to an alt weekend team to keep my anxiety at bay AND get my fix of the theme music. I guarantee you that a day that includes WAD’s playful theme music by Colin & Kashaka is gonna have at least one good thing happen that day**!! So THANK YOU WAD Squad for brightening up my Covid stained workdays! **I mean, we are still living in a pandemic at the edge of a fascist government that refuses to condemn white supremacy and considers learning the true history of slavery in this nation and the current ways systemic racism still oppresses its people the real racist act, so.... 😘
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Black Gold Sun
My Daily Routine
Absolutely love this Pod. I listen every morning and Akilah is so wholesome. Love it
Perfect mix!
I love this pod, the balance of the hosts, the news mixed with a light-hearted temp check because the news is stressful, I wish they did two shows a day!!
More Alyssa! On all Crooked Media pods!
First listen every day, but it’s jarring every time they seem to end the pod at 2/3 thru.
Boomer from CA
A great team!
I so enjoy these two! Their take on events is just the right length too.
Fantastic start to my day
I love this podcast. I get legitimate joy when I hear Akilah laughing uproariously. Love the back-and-forth between her and Gideon. Outstanding!
Drew Bowen
Best way to start the day
I love checking out this pod every morning. I put it on when I hop in my car and it gives me all the top news.
Pandering to Cincinnatians
You’ve finally earned my 5 star review, thanks to your shout outs to two of my favorite parks, Mt Storm and Big Bone Lick. Love you guys and your fresh takes on the news.
Akilaha, I would say I agree with you 75% a time but seriously… As a Kentucky resident and you’re going to recommend “big bone“ state park when we have mammoth cave, natural Bridge, Red river gorge, Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow Lake, etc.… have you ever actually been in Kentucky or just lived up next to Cincinnati? I didn’t leave Kentucky. I don’t live in the hell scape that you have chosen on the West Coast. We still have verdant green and Rollinghills and plenty of water and no fire here! I’m not saying that isn’t coming for us if we don’t change the climate… But I’m saying if you’ve got a megaphone are you seriously going to represent Kentucky by not talking about actually all the great stuff we have here and making fun of it by one stupid name of a park? What are you doing?
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The only way I ever want to start my day forever
THANK YOU GUYS YOURE THE BEST. Thanks for being able to talk about awful news but also making us laugh 💜
Best part of my morning
Even if I’m too tired to get up or have a headache, I plug in and listen to Akylah and Gideon first thing in the morning. Weekends are somehow empty...
Best way to start the day
I’m a fan of all the Crooked Media podcasts BUT this one is the best best. Akilah & Gideon are my favorite way to start my morning and lay a good foundation for the daily news. Their perspective is thoughtful and profound.
Thank you
What a wonderful way to start my day! Lots of love ❤️ Alison Schuback
Ali Schu
Swearing parrots!!
I laughed out loud at the post debate temp check. British Zoo parrots yelling “F*ck off!” Is the only antidote to that terrible debate. Love you guys.
Kristin in NYC
Gideon is the best
I like listening to the show better when Akilah isn’t on it. She is distracting with her overly laughing, talking over him, and dramatic at time tone. I do like the show over all, just don’t think she is the best choice.
perfect start to my day!
love this podcast- i listen to it everyday. informative, fun, funny, and real... love the hosts and love starting my day with them.
Milk Rebuttal
Here solely to leave a 5 star review to negate the angry 1 star review from a cow milk drinker. Come on man, everyone’s on the oat milk train now. Nobody’s down to fart 24/7 anymore. Don’t be ~sour~ because the best podcast ever called you out for your archaic, Trumpy milk habits.
Do yourself a favor
I look forward to What a Day every day! Akilah and Gideon are amazing—so smart, so sincere. They keep me informed but also make me laugh at least once each day, which I am so very grateful for.
Sarah J.U.
Fav morning news podcast!
These two are the best team. I love listening while I get ready every morning. Akilah really brings her full heart to some of the topics. Thank you for taking the time & energy to educate this white, privileged woman. I so appreciate you!
Akilah Hughes
Akilah is the best! Gideon is fabulous too—as a white Midwestern Karen, I know I can’t feel Akilah’s pain but I can listen and learn. Thanks for an amazing morning news podcast—it is my go-to every weekday. Hugs to both of you, and self-care? Chocolate!
The best start to my day!!!
This is absolutely my favorite morning PODCAST! I highly recommend this PODCAST .... you will love it too!!!
We don’t deserve Akilah Hughes
The best daily listen Podcast. Gideon and Akilah are top-notch!
maman abeille
Best daily newscast
Every morning I get in my car and get excited for my daily dose of WAD. Akilah Hughes is a national treasure in the making. Gideon, you’re great, too.
Milk Needn’t be Political
News flash, some of us liberals love milk. Granted it’s from grass fed cows and non-homogenized but it’s milk and I don’t appreciate being treated like a Trump supporter because I drink it. Have been unsubscribed ever since and don’t really miss the podcast.
So fun, funny, newsy and generally just-great:)
In my top five podcasts- listen daily- always, ALWAYS wonderful :)
Waking up with y’all daily is such a delight
Uyghur Muslims
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it started. Love both the hosts, but giggling about and saying “you live and learn” about the GENOCIDE of Uyghur Muslims in China happening right now really irked me. BTW the amount of Uyghur Muslims that have died in those concentration camps have surpassed the Jewish Holocaust. When we said never again I guess that doesn’t count towards Muslims dying in concentration camps.
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Great bud!
I really enjoy listening. And I have a bummer. And no I’m really not your grandma.
How I get my news
It is so nice to have a great news podcast that doesn't stress me out in the morning! They have all the latest stories of the morning but it isn't gloom and doom. I love listening while I make coffee and tidy up the kitchen. Perfect length! Akeelah and Gideon have a great dynamic and are very funny.
I love starting my day with WAD
I love starting my day with Akilah
I like it
I’m a new listener, and I really enjoy the show. One confusing aspect is that they say “we’ll check in with you tomorrow” in the middle of the episode, then they do some ads, and then come back with more show... are there two episodes per show?? Why literally say “see you tomorrow” and then keep going? Why not say “see you tomorrow” when it’s actually the last thing that you’ll say? I guess I need to listen to more episodes to get it. But I love the info and interpretation and their humor and tone.
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De Vanna 7654
My first listen of the day
I listen to a bunch of daily podcasts and every morning I queue up the WaD squad as my first listen. Solid news, with some light hearted “temp checks” make my day start out great. Love you Akila and Gideon!
Love the focus on sunrise movement....
and environmental concern.... if that’s the case, pleas no more talk about your meat/dairy consumption... animal products are the leading cause of environmental impact, there are alternative options and they are growing. Thanks 🙏🏻
Low energy
Akilah could get the stick out of her butt. Everything sounds so whiny.
Indiana fright
Will someone tell my republican (well-meaning) sister, “You can’t pray a lie!” You need to wear a mask
mrs mc gonagall's sister
“Temporarily unavailable”
I can’t listen to the episode it says it’s unavailable ☹️
Yes yes and yes
I’ve been listening to y’all since this podcast dropped. Funny, witty, the one liners. Thank you🤓
WAD Squad forever
The best morning daily news podcast! I love Akilah and Gideon, they are so smart, honest, AND downright hilarious. They always make my morning 100% better.
Glad Erin is back!!!!!
Glad your back 💜
Intelligent signs of life outside the state of Indiana. I feel trapped.
So thankful to get a quick breakdown of previous days never ending news cycle to digest and pursue the day ahead with relevant, sifted facts. Thank you and take care of yourself!
Weak Liguist
What a Day is the Only Way
I can’t start my days anymore without What Day! Dang! these two are off the charts amazing. Akilah and Gideon have the perfect humor and seriousness to cover key events and happenings of the previous day—with just the right touch of challenge. “Don’t hide, get out there and DO something about it.” Somehow that message is in there, too. While laughing and keeping faith in the journey. Love the temperature checks. Keep going, you two! We neeeeeeed you!
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I love this pod!!
I love how Akilah and Gideon condense the most urgent news into a short but clear and concise segment. I listen everyday day. I love how honest both Akilah and Gideon are. The are not afraid to speak their minds and tell it like it is. I also love their humor and compassion.
D .K.
Please Get Media to Report This
At the 2008 and 2012 RNCs, they made very similar claims about what would happen if Obama was elected as they did last night about what will happen if Biden is elected (gloom and doom, no guns, no freedom of speech, no religion, socialism, etc.). Please appeal to whomever you can to get the Democrats to replay those 2008/2012 speeches followed by EVERYTHING that shows that none of the predictions came true. That they were just blatant, fear-mongering lies! Why won’t the Democrats do this???? Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up.
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Ober Dober
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