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Listen 2 Me Podcast - AC Clarke
Author Alison Clarke (she/her) has been creating magical worlds as soon as she could put pen (or brush) to paper. She was awarded 2016 Writer of the Year by Diversity Magazine for The Sisterhood, Book One of her middle grade fantasy trilogy; has been featured in the Edmonton Journal; her latest book, Phillis, was featured on a CBC Book List; and she is the 2021 Writer in Residence for the Alexandra Writers' Centre Society. Alison takes Gio and Renée through her beginnings as a writer; how the themes in her work emerge organically from her interest in diverse mythology, cultures, and the power of the collective; how crucial it is for people of colour to see themselves represented in media; and why it's so important to listen to your own voice when it comes to your creative work. You can find Alison online on Twitter and Instagram, and more of her work at RealmofWyrniverdon.com. Like the show? Check out patreon.com/listen2mepod to learn more about how you can support the show, and connect with Gio at giografik.com and Renée at reneewrought.com.
Jun 23, 2021
1 hr
Listen 2 Me Podcast - FK Aldon
F.K. Aldon : Question the Status Quo Author and YouTuber F.K. Aldon is a Jill of All Trades: she writes ✍🏾, she reads tarot 🔮, she podcasts 🎙️, she paints nails 💅🏾. Gio and Renée speak with Fadima about her motivation and process for writing her debut, nonfiction book The Single Friend; the ethics of starting her YouTube tarot channel Scorpio Stiletto Tarot; the social commentary that informs her channel Unfiltered & and her podcast Weird Millennials; and her foray into writing articles for vocal.media. Detours include listener feedback (finally!!), Listen 2 Me's new suite of sound effects (thanks, Gio!), and whatever the fuck is up with Geminis ♊. Follow F.K. Aldon on Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube channels and check out Weird Millenials on Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts. Find more of Gio at giografik.com; Renée at reneewrought.com; and check out the Listen 2 Me Patreon for early episodes and sweet bonuses! ✨
Jun 16, 2021
1 hr 9 min
Listen 2 Me Podcast  E42 Emily Campbell
Episode Title: Emily Campbell : Write For Writing's Sake 🖋️ Emily Campbell (she/her) is a writer, a poet, the founder of The New Cambrians book club/writing group, and has published with The Bolo Tie Collective, The Anti-Languorous Project and the inaugural issue of Lida Literary Mag. Joining Gio and Renée, Emily talks about the evolution of her writing; decoupling her writing career from "making it" as a Big Name Author and making it fun to write again; gatekeeping in the writing and publishing community; the gratifying experience of creating a writing community of her own and so much more. 🚧 Detours include erotic fanfiction, being pigeon-holed as "the art kid" in grade school, and the burnout inherent in hustle culture. You can check out L2M on Patreon at patreon.com/listen2mepod and find us on social media @listen2mepod (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Find more of Gio's work at giografik.com and social media @giografik and Renée at reneewrought.com and on all social media @reneewrought.
Jun 9, 2021
1 hr 1 min
Listen 2 Me Podcast - Liselle Sambury: YA Author Magic
Writers assemble! Liselle Sambury (she/her) is a young adult author writing stories about "messy Black girls in fantasy situations" and is dropping her debut book, Blood Like Magic, in June 2021. She joins Renée and Gio to talk about how she got started in writing, how she established herself on AuthorTube, and how she got her very first book deal. This episode also includes Liselle's tips on writing craft and busting through writer's block; favourite tropes in YA novels; and her process for bringing Blood Like Magic from draft to published manuscript. Find more of Liselle's work at lisellesambury.ca and follow her on social media @lisellesambury. Follow & Support Listen 2 Me: Patreon | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Find Gio at giografik.com and @giografik Find Renée at reneewrought.com and @reneewrought Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Jun 2, 2021
1 hr 8 min
Listen 2 Me Podcast - Davis G. See
Get ready to level up! Have you ever wondered what it takes to write your own video game? Let Davis G. See (he/him) tell you, as he walks Gio and Renée through the path that led him to freelance writing, creating interactive fiction, and becoming one of Edmonton Public Library's featured writers. Topics include how to build your client base as a freelancer, gay poetry binders, why queer representation in everything is important, and what to do when writer's block gets you down. CW: Mention of cock (not the animal), erotic Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, and Davis' game Post-Apocalyptic Gay Sex Simulator v0.1. You can find Davis' games at davisgsee.itch.io, more of his writing on Patreon @davisgsee and follow him on Twitter @davisgsee for updates!
May 26, 2021
58 min
Listen 2 Me Podcast  - Jessica Renwick
How magical! This week Renée and Gio sit down with the kind and talented Jessica Renwick (she/her), award-winning author of the fantasy middle-grade Starfell series. The first two books, The Book of Chaos and The Guitar of Mayhem, are out now. Her short story “The Witch’s Staff” will appear in the forthcoming anthology book Magical Girls from Celticpress Publishing. We talk writing characters we can see ourselves in, the adventures of self-publishing, and the importance of writing with diversity. Bonus topics include branching into editing, how to harness ideas and turn them into something substantial, and Gio's horse girl history. You can find more of Jessica's work at jessicarenwickauthor.com and across social media @jessicarenwickauthor.
May 19, 2021
54 min
Listen 2 Me Podcast - E14 - Kelly Small
The WGA is proud to partner with the Listen 2 Me podcast. Listen 2 Me is a podcast for creatives, by creatives. Your hosts, Gio and Renée, two lifelong friends and queer creatives, talk about the very real highs and lows of making art while staying grounded. Episode 14 - Kelly Small:Have you ever wondered how to keep your sanity as a career creative in today’s cutthroat capitalist economy? This episode is all about how to consciously elevate your pursuit of creative success and sustainability. Gio and Renee have the incomparable pleasure of speaking to Kelly Small (they/them), the author of The Conscious Creative. Kelly left their marketing management position at a big Toronto agency and embarked on a years-long journey that led them through the ups and downs of an existential career crisis, returning to school, stress and illness, culminating in their creation of the incredible resource that is The Conscious Creative.
May 12, 2021
59 min
Reading With The Awards Finalists (Part 2)
This is audio recorded from the live reading with finalists for the Alberta Literary Awards. Readers, in order of appearance: Omar Mouallem Natalie Meisner Bertrand Bickersteth Gabe Calderon Kat Cameron Ellen Chorley Jannie Edwards Will Ferguson Alexandra Latos Amy Leblanc Harnarayan Singh Kim Smith Stephanie Tamagi 1:49:53​ - Debby Waldman
Apr 28, 2021
1 hr 55 min
Reading with Alberta Literary Awards Finalists (Part 1)
This is audio recorded during the live reading with finalists from the Alberta Literary Awards. Readers, in order of appearance: Katie Bickell Timothy Caulfield Tyler Enfield Lee Kvern Annette Lapointe Clem Martini Peter Midgley Beth Sanders Barbara Scott Gina Starblanket & Dallas Hunt
Apr 27, 2021
1 hr 18 min
Joan Marie Galat - WGA Online Reading Series
Joan Marie Galat shares three of her books for children, followed by a conversation with Onyinye Odih, and audience Q&A via YouTube chat. *Original air date, Oct. 29, 2020*
Apr 22, 2021
43 min
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