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Bring back Wells’ origin story interviews!
Loved the Wells Cast origin stories!! I have no interest in the Hills…Wells, you should branch off!
Kaitlyn re cap
Just listened to you on Kaitlyn’s podcast and had to switch it off. Love you but you have got to stop saying LIKE so much!
One sided views.
If you’re only going to listen to one side of a story and review a show that way isn’t right.
I can’t listen to the bashing of spiedi anymore 😭
I have such an opposite view watching the hills. I find so many of them so contradictory and fake. I love spencer and Heidi, I just think they are misunderstood 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wish you had some guests on that supported them as well!! Ahhh well love you anyway 😘
Justin Bobby has been dating Lindsey Pelas. Fake storyline
One sided
How can you have a podcast that’s continually bashing the only two people actually making a good tv show? These other people are so boring it’s hard to watch without spencer and Heidi
The Hills New Beginnings is losing me
Wells I have always been a fan since JoJo’s season & have been listening to this podcast since the start! I have to disagree with your opinion on this new season of The Hills New Beginnings though. It’s hard for me to keep watching because of how fake & boring these people are...EXCEPT for Spencer & Heidi. They at least bring some life to this show. Does this cast know they signed up to be on reality TV? Nobody wants to watch people who are acting like they are perfect & have zero personality...maybe LA people in general just have zero personality though? Why do you think the Jersey Shore reboot is way more successful?! They all have great personalities & are REAL! Mike the Situation is sober and is 10x more entertaining than anyone on the Hills cast...also he doesn’t judge the others for partying like the Hills cast does.
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Annie from Philadelphia
TJ Lavin
One of the best podcasts ever!
Love you Wells and all you do!!!
Stand up against racism
You profit off of bachelor but don’t denounce the. Racism in BN. This is the worst podcast. Wells is a performative ally.
Love listening to all of wells’ podcasts! He does a great job interviewing here - promoting the guests projects, asking their origin stories and the quick questions the end!! Quick question though- why doesn’t anyone ever tell the guests about the origin story part lol, wells is always having to ask the guests “I don’t know if anyone told you what this show is about” .. and then the guests say “..no” lol I just feel bad for wells! But great job overall!
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Love this podcast!
I really enjoy listening to Wells interview his guests. It’s always funny and entertaining. Plus I always know much about his guests and end up learning so much. Its like meeting people without actually meeting them...an introvert’s dream. Lol It’s quality, easy, and entertaining listening. Thanks Wells!
Favorite Host
I started off listening to YFT, and when I found out Wells had another podcast I thought I’d give it a listen too. This has quickly become my favorite podcast to listen to. Wells does a fantastic job of asking thoughtful questions and then letting his guest really dive into an answer without cutting them off. Not all podcast hosts take the time to research their guests to the extent Wells does. It’s such an easy listen when I’m working and want something to get me through the day. I feel like I’ve learned so much about people from a variety of backgrounds and have really been inspired by some of the stories. Great job!
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Love the podcast
Wells is a great interviewer. Loves that he listens to his guests, doesn’t interrupt them when they’re speaking, like many hosts. I enjoy YFT too with Brandi.
Love it!
Came here from being a long time YFTer and absolutely love this new pod. I was a huge fan of the Jenna and Nev episode and just overall think you’re a great interviewer and fun to listen to!
Always look forward to your pod most of the time I don’t know who the guest is but I still enjoy listening/learning about your guests I google them to put a face to the voice I have even started following a few of them because of you.
Your humor is my humor
HOLY GUACAMOLE. I started listening because I follow Kaitlyn Bristowe, love everything about her. The two of you make me laugh so much because we all have the same humor. With that being said, I listened to a couple of your episodes and with some of them all I can think of is HOW DO YOU DO IT. How do you listen to people ramble and maybe answer a question but not quite and then you try to get them back on topic and then they lose it again. Lol. All I can think about is the side commentary and sarcastic quotes you must come up with after an episode to go back home and tell Sarah. THATS the kind of content I would LOVE to hear 🤣🤣🤣
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Weird music
What was the weird music playing during Nev’s interview? Loved this one with Jenna and Nev but just curious about that drum solo. :)
5 stars!
Loved this one with the Demarcus’!
Doing great Wells! The guests are “okay”, however Wells is a great host and keeps it entertaining.
Best host
I listen to a ton of podcasts and wells is by far the best host out there. Clear and concise, researches his guest well before the podcast and has a easy to follow format. Bravo!
Love Wells Cast
I have been a fan of Wells since his time on the Bachelorette. This podcast should stay as the Wells Cast!!!
RF FaN 22
Wells is hilarious and a great interviewer!
Love listening to you guys as my day starts at work makes me laugh starts my day off tight
Love the podcast but this last one with Johnny Bananas...I could barely get through it, he is sooooo narcissistic. Wow never heard someone love themself more than he. Way to toot your own horn there Johnny. But anyways I usually love all your guests!
Best Podcast!
Love listening to all these amazing stories and learning about how people have become who they are today! Simple concept executed very well! Love the way Well’s interviews and asks questions! Keep it up ❤️
Brian Baumgartner was such an excellent episode!! Thanks Wells!
So entertaining
Wells talking about his life is beyond entertaining. I think it’s my favorite episode yet. I literally laughed out loud at random facts like how he and a friend once took pictures of their butts and then buried them. I like his relatable yet hilariously bizarre take on life. I love a podcast that can make you really laugh, and gives u just a little bit of escape from all the crazy stuff in the world these days!!! Wells do more podcasts where u go off on your random monologues, they’re so great!
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kitty caaat
Love Wells
I could listen to wells talk for hours. Such great conversations and I love that he’s genuinely interested in what his guests are saying.
Wells is the best
Seriously one of my favorite podcast! Wells is a great host and the concept of the show is great! I love to hear where people come from! Keep it up!
Sooooo much better!
Wells, YOU are so much better than this!!! You have to be wanting to pull you freaking teeth out after trying have a conversation with Stephanie! Amy too! I don’t think y’all knew what you were getting into. She is so unaware of herself. She’s a complete and total snob and the opposite of relatable. EDIT: YESSSS!!!!! This is what I wanted. 😍😍😍 love your wells! The show is so great now! 5 stars
I could listen to Wells for hours. He knows how to keep the conversation interesting and moving. He’s very likable and hilarious.
Wells turned this show around
I was skeptical when I saw Wells and Stephanie starting a podcast together, but now that it’s WellsCast, it’s a great! I wish he would step away from the Prattcast altogether so the ratings don’t scare people away because he’s the best!
Racist Stephanie
Stop listening to this show. They are promoting violence and hate. Stephanie Pratt is a racist who thinks we should shoot people who are protesting. @Apple remove this podcast or we boycott
Best podcast ever
I could listen to Wells interview someone every day!! Wish he did one more often. I love hearing so many different peoples stories!!
One of my favorites!
Absolutely love this podcast. Wells does an amazing job with all of the interviews. Any chance we will get to hear Sarah’s story soon?
Great interview style
I picked this up for my quarantine walk playlist and have only listed to your Gavin DeGraw and Chris Harrison interviews but these are so good! I love your interview style and the way you record podcasts, the length is perfect and you do a great job getting good information but letting the guest really tell their story. This was a gem find and I’m looking forward to listening to more!
Good vibes 5 stars for Wells
Love Wells!! Great guests and he is a professional. Definitely great interviews but still hilarious which makes the episodes really fun and entertaining. Good vibes! Listen. You’ll love it too.
Love this podcast and Wells
I listen to Wells other podcast Your Favorite Things and I heard on there that he has another podcast and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad i did! I love it. Wells is soo funny and a great host.
So much better
As much as I love The Hills and Stephanie Pratt, I’m so super glad that this podcast isn’t revolving around her anymore. Wells is great and carries the show so well!!!
Rain Agony
Great 👍🏻
Love this podcast. You funny!
5 stars for Wells!!!
Wells is a great interviewer and it’s fun to learn about how people got to where they are now!
Wells is the best!
Love this podcast! Wells is such a great host.
Such a fun podcast
The latest episode where Wells interviewed himself was so fun! I loved how he used the radio voice to change it up a bit. Great episode!!
Stop the censor beep
I love this podcast. I think it’s so cool to learn so much about random famous people. The questions are always good and I love how Wells lets the guest just talk when they have a story to tell, he doesn’t butt in or make it all about himself. My one complaint is that I hate the sound of the beep to cover swear words. Just let them fly! Adults should be able to handle the occasional f-word.
Love the change
Love Wells by himself!! His other podcast is my fave, so I started listening to this when it first came out, but it didn’t do it for me. When I saw it switched to WellsCast I had to tune in again. Wells is great by himself, and I could listen to him talk all day!
Lance Bass
Best interview ever! Wells, you do a great interview!
Likely likely
Enjoyed Giannina and Damian
Loving Wellscast!
Guests Chris Harrison and Lance Bass were my favorites!! Can’t wait to see who’s next!
Sara LF
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