We'll See You In Hell
We'll See You In Hell
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Great Pod
Excellent show fellas! Keep up the good work & thank you.
My favorite podcast!
Pat and Joe are so funny. I’m so glad they have continued the podcast on Patreon and I’m very happy to be able to subscribe there. Two of the wittiest people I’ve ever heard!
Little Sarie
Love the pod
the banter between these two is why I listen. New episodes on Patreon, worth the money.
Great show
Love the guys. Can’t wait for the next live show.
Saint sauces
Love this show
Been listening since the early days and now happy to pay for the Patreon episodes. They don’t talk much about the films and that’s nothing to complain about bc the show is so much more than that. Their banter and Hollywood stories and in the early days the bickering, but most of all they are hilarious and lovely fellas.
Not for me but that’s ok
Tried the Clue episode. Knocking Nick Offerman and more and it just wasn’t funny. Swing and a miss for me.
Entertainment Industry Insight & Stories
Are what you will get, and they’re pretty great. I wish they spent a little less time talking about actresses appearances but, I don’t think it’s coming from a bad place. Is it perfect, no, but I really love it.
Don’t listen to the review below me 👇
The podcast hasn’t ended, format has changed, like coming into a show mid season listening to one ep. you will not understand how the show tracks or how the dynamic is. They do talk about Lost Boys in the ep. and the format is on brand for the show. They have stayed consistent and if it’s not your style of entertainment that’s fine but leaving a bad review because it’s not for you hurts work people enjoy. Move along and leave it for us.
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Ok maybe I don’t get the joke. A movie podcast, episode called “the lost boys”, episode description says “commentary on 1987’s movie ‘the lost boys’”. That movie isn’t mentioned once, just what sounds like two hungover guys talking about a list of movies they’ve seen, with the energy of “I don’t want to be here”. I see why this podcast ended (failed?). Maybe I just don’t get the joke, or maybe it really is just stupid.
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Is it over?
Just found this podcast and was wondering if it’s still going? Last ep was May 2018 or is it only patreon only?
I love these guys
I wrote this a while back and wanted to post it. I had a very interesting journey with this show. I have to be honest I had a hard time with the opinions on this podcast with some of my favorite movies getting trashed (sometimes unrightfully so) but I love Joe and Pat's personalities so much that they won me over. I don't always agree with their thoughts but it's great to have that contrarian influence sometimes, especially when it comes from two honest unpretentious people. I still love Blade Runner but it's good to hear it be challenged as an actual interesting film to watch especially when all you hear is praise. This podcast is great when you want to break from the echo chamber that a lot of popular media can fall into. The Stranger Things episode was great because it really highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the show in a way I have never heard from. It's hit or miss with the tastes but undoubtably these guys are just fun to listen to. They seem to have a great relationship with each other, I can only wish the best for these guys. My favorite episodes are probably the commentary ones where they veer off from watching the actual movie and just shoot the breeze with what's on their minds (and then remember they're watching Human Centipede and commentate something disturbing). I highly recommend this podcast for people who love horror/sci-fi/fantasy films. No doubt five stars dude, and now on with the joooooooooooooooooooooe!
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Future Will
5 stars
I’m glad this is over and hope it never comes back
Pat is brilliant, funny and thoughtful. Joe isn’t as funny as my fourth best friend. Who’s also dead. Really tho, joe is average, cynical and pompous. And a movie snob who doesn’t understand not everything as to be a well-told epic to be ‘good’.
Awesome podcast !!
Love love love this podcast , started listening since it was brought up many times on the “My Favorite Murder “ podcast .. had to check it out ... have listened to all of them and want more :)
Waste of time. Derosa, you stink. Walsh, give up.
If this podcast is a glimpse of what it's like to be friends with Joe Derosa I genuinely do not understand how he has any smoke a blunt or something my dude you got a real bad vibe Pat's great though
Folks, you gotta listen to this one.
Never been a better podcast, honestly.
Dawgs of Wars
Love it
I enjoy every episode. I don’t agree with every view they have on some of my favorite films or shows but they make me laugh and that’s what matters most to me. These guys work very well together and enjoy what they do. Keep at it Joe and Pat and I wish you the best with your careers.
Hard Hitting Horror Reviews
Finally, a horror movie review podcast that really digs into the featured movie. Love the show. Keep up the good work!
Here’s the thing...
I really used to love this podcast but then Joe went HAM on Lindy West over a satirical Jezebel post about Love Actually and I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Joe is right, this podcast is free and if I don’t want to listen to his low key misogyny I don’t have to. Pat is a true gem, tho. If you’re gonna listen only listen to Pat.
Listen to this.
Please don’t have sex with Joe
These are my boys. No other film-related podcast is as laidback hilarious as Pat and Joe’s. Keep up the good work.
Rebuttal to a one star review
It’s very funny and they barely discuss the movie!!👍👍👍😂 Five hogs way up.
tk koza
You’ll See Me In Heaven
This is my favorite show to pop up in my subscription feed, I press play on every episode that drops IMMEDIATELY. I love the candid nature of these conversations and how little of the show is about the title film. I don’t think there’s anyone whose take on movies I continually disagree with more than Joe Derosa, yet he still remains one of my favorite radio personalities and comedians to listen to. With Pat it’s the opposite, I agree with all of his movie opinions and despise him as a person. Just kidding! Folks...
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You wish you could do this
Folks, If you listen to this podcast expecting a detailed movie review you may be disappointed. The fun of this show is listening to Joe and Pat bicker about anything that passes in range of their comedic radar.
Joe and Pat-The Best
I have been listening to Joe and Pat since the very beginning of the podcast, who cares if they even don’t talk about the movie, this is my favorite podcast and the best I have ever listened to. I hope the boys keep doing the podcast as long as they can. Two Hogs Way Up!!!!!!, Keep bringing it as long as you can. Thank you again guys
Will always listen
Even if they’re reviewing movies I’m not interested in or have not seen yet, I will always listen to each episode of this podcast. Both Joe and Pat have fantastic views on everything and I’m constantly crying laughing during every episode. The Perfect Strangers episode reviews and commentary are the best! *podcast is better when played on the Laughable app!
Weinerville Central
Could be great
I don’t want to skip until the end for a ten min review.
The best
These guys are hysterical. Excellent take on everything horror and sci fi.
In hell
In my last review I didn’t mention Pat. Sorry for that. Pat is great too.I like the chemistry between the 2 of you. Love the podcast.
My new comfort zone
An odd couple dynamic with friends talking about whatever they want, usually with a horror slant. Very clever, raw humor that always makes my day.
Get to the point
The actual reviews are getting shorter and shorter.. It’s to the point where they only talk about the featured movie for the last ten minutes. Not exaggerating. Kind of annoying and frustrating.
Joe, why did you tell _______ to do what he did?
Bit never gets old.
bothersome dove
Dream team
Honestly, Pat and Joe together make a dream team. I’m glad they met and became friends and made this podcast. 10/10
Mama I'm coming Jome!
One of the only podcasts I've heard to have a persistent sincerity, an organic evolution, and truly original comedic acumen. Joe and Pat's dynamic friendship makes throw away quips about Motley Crue, to explosive battles involving the Halloween franchise...or Batman vs. Superman hilarious. After one listen you'll want to be in Joe's apartment riffing. Luckily there's this podcast. Someday they'll be a devil wearing 3D glasses on the cover of Rolling Stone. Don't miss out!
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Michael Bolis
Love these guys. You will too.
A fun hangout podcast
We'll See You in Hell is a great podcast for horror (and sci fi and fantasy) fans who enjoy hanging out and discussing movies, with heavy digressions into '90s rock, personal demons, standup comedy, and so on. It's maybe not a great podcast for obsessive people who want to focus strictly on the movie. But hey! There are plenty of podcasts for those folks. FOLKS! This is a great podcast.
Adam Lounsbery
great pod
awesome podly cast mixed with that ungodly task, (bars) pat n joe are the greatest movie tag team, since siscal and ebert like we woke up in a bad dream.. mad screams.. critiquing trash scenes, all the while... making us laugh, gee. FOLKS ! lets get on with the , woooop woooop.. thas the sound of the Jo-LICE!!!! thas the sound addi beast
Pj brizzle
I just wish they would've talked more about the movies. Super funny guys but the main movies are always talked about in the last 15-20 minutes out of a whole hour.
These two make me laugh out loud every time I listen. Their bickering and insight is delightful and you’re terrible if you don’t enjoy it.
Welcome Back
I have missed you two immensely. Please don’t stop.
Always a good time
Ive been listening to We’ll See You In Hell for a couple years and it’s always fun. I really enjoy the insight into the LA comedy scene it provides as well (kind of secondary to the main horror topics). Give this podcast a listen!
Love this podcast
Been listening for years. Great podcast, entertaining, hilarious—and even thought-provoking at times. You are missing out by not listening to these hilarious comedians.
Tommmy E.
Addictive AF
I am not a huge horror buff. I’m not even a big movie fan. No matter. I could listen to Joe and Pat talk about movies I’ll never see and parts of L.A. I’ll never visit and drugs I’ll never do for 24 hours a day. Funny, smart, captivating stuff.
Lucy Gee
Everything you want it to be...
Two buds chatting about life and sometimes horror movies. Smart and witty humor. Captivating from the jump. You will want to be their friend.
I’m a hard laugh but this podcast has caught me off guard many times. Joe and pat have such a great back and forth. They give interesting takes on movies that I have subsequently rewatched and enjoyed more. Their combined movie knowledge is almost omnipotent, overall a great podcast
namir sawne
Hog Heav..I mean Hell
Joe and Patrick are great together. Lots of funny happening here
Best podcast for horror and comedy fans!
I’ve listened to every episode and this is the funniest podcast on iTunes!
Love it.
Joe Derosa and Patrick Walsh are committed cinephiles. The hilarious banter reflects their combined passion and dispair over the movies. Its awesome listening to seasoned Hollywood creatives discuss the industry while making jokes. They've gotten me excited about the movies again.
Hedda Lonina
I showed up for the Joe and stayed for the Pat
This podcast turned out to be very enjoyable. I stumbled upon Emotional Hangs which lead me to explore more of Joe’s work. I decided to give this a shot even though I don’t enjoy horror movies. The dynamic between the two is hilarious. I appreciate their perspective although I don’t always agree. They sound like your two high school buddies that are always bickering with each other but don’t get feeling hurt. I wish these two the best of luck and much success. If they do a live show in San Diego, I’ll be in the front row.
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