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thank you cecil
very cool
Eve SS
this pod is swag
it helps with my internal transphobia saying i’ll only ever be a girl 😎😎😎 all hail the smiling god ~Quinn
Okay I’m not very far through the show but I’m in love with it!!!! The whole universe is so wonderful I love it so much!!!!! Also I ship Cecilos (Cecil x Carlos) so so so hard they’re so cute my heart is melting Anyway thanks for making this podcast its wonderful and I love it forever! So worth listening to
Cecilos 4ever
Jumoke O.
Creepily poignant
I’ve probably listened to the first couple of seasons ten times. I love the premise and the voice acting is so good. Huge fan, and have been for years now. The writing is on a level above most podcasts out there. The dog park and the street cleaner episodes flat out crack me up. You never know exactly what you’re going to get in an episode, but you know you’ll be entertained. Recommend!
One of the original best
This podcast helped create the genre. Excellent in every way. This one and blue collar hour podcast are my favorite
Big al 4791
Have been
But I’m in bed with a lot better eie
Clark Field
Higher than
Great app easy day one time for a
Sophia Mount
Don't know when I wrote this but it's gotten to the point where you "have to" listen to this to be a cool listener I guess. Don't believe it. --- It's only weird to be weird. I listened to a lot of episodes until I realized I didn't have to. There's no point to it, no point to the peculiarities and wanderings, just like some of their other podcasts. There's a lot of good stuff available beyond horror, true crime and 90 min might-as-well-not-be-edited interviews in the world of podcasting. I give you permission to skip this, "Serial" and whatever else doesn't appeal to you. "Thomas and the B" (Bible)- excellent straight through reading by former Christian. "Ad Astra" - funky sci-fi "The Bright Sessions" - … "99% Invisible" -
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It’s so good. My god, it’s so good.
I’ve been listening for a little over two years now, and I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love this podcast. Episode one already had me getting invested in the characters, and I’ve just been falling more and more in love with them ever since. The writing is beautiful and funny and immersive and just amazing overall. Also, as an LGBT youth, I can’t be more grateful for how good this representation is. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Plus, the weather segments have introduced me to a bunch of indie artists I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise! Seriously, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should start this podcast, PLEASE give it a listen!! I can’t recommend it highly enough!!
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gabe likes things
Not a phase, mom
This podcast has seen me through middle school all the way to beginning my Master’s degree. I loved Nightvale as a kid for the absurdity and whimsical spookiness, but I realized early on they were also weaving in comments on hegemony. Through the years, I have loved watching the story blossom. And now it just feels like home. Welcome to Nightvale is fun and creepy on the surface, but also invites a deeper, critical reading. I’ll never be someone who wants to “keep politics out of it and just let things be FUN” because I know that’s not how the world works, but also because thinking critically CAN be fun. Nightvale promotes this in a safe way to younger audiences. The show also does well with representation and ages pretty well. I hope this show continues for a long, long time. Thanks for seeing me through it all. 💜
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Weirdly addictive
I am really into this now that “HPST” podcast has come to an end. I like the existential moments and the dark humor. I could do without the “weather” - weird song break. I always fast forward through it. All talking would be an improvement. Overall, kinda cool.. as an English teacher I definitely appreciate the opportunity for creative interpretation.
“The definition of toast is holding a piece of bread under fire tell crisp
And I fell in love instantly
I love this podcast, it was the first podcast I ever listened to and really made me fall in love with the medium, this podcast made me read books again just because I needed more of this beautiful town and it’s beautifully crafted content. Please never stop making this show, It’s put so much light back into my life. Cecil has the perfect voice, and Joseph and others that work along side him have created something so wonderful and with so much love. Thank you, and goodnight, nightvale, goodnight.
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oddry hempburn
I love the Dog Park
The off-the-grid, completely irrational, most likely demon-filled Dog Park is my favorite thing ever.
Please and thank you
Less ads please and thank you I understand ads are needed but space it out
People are not allowed in the dog park. Dogs are not allowed in the dog park. You may see strange hooded figures. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park.
Intelligent Onion
Imaginative and Entertaining
Brilliant storytelling about all the crazy science-fictiony happinings that you'd expect to be witness in a desert town at the center of nowhere. :)
Nearly lost my Speedway card cuz I was so into it! Definitely my favourite podcast thus far!
There is no dog park. Do not think, speak, or acknowledge the existence of the dog park. With love, the vague yet menacing government agency
Delightfully Weird
I love this podcast so much. Cecil’s voice is perfect for the vibe of the podcast, and the way he reads the weirdest stuff like it is normal really makes an impact, since, of course, the weirdest stuff is normal in Night Vale. I have read one of the books (Welcome to Night Vale), and it is really well written, much like the podcast. Also, the weather is great.
One-Eyed Ginger Kitted
Give it a shot, you won’t regret it
I’ve been listening since 2013 and it’s simply still good. It has lovable characters and such a charming and vibrant setting that you just can’t stay away. It’s hitting its 9th anniversary and now is as good of time as any to start.
Strange and wonderful
Love the show! Listened to the back catalogue, twice! Thank you!
Fruit Fan..**{}
Have been listening on and off for a while and being honest the first few years do a good job of keeping the vibe of the show together strange/weird kinda creepy and interesting but the past 100 episodes haven’t been the best. It’s hard to find a recent episode that I actually enjoy enough to listen again not to mention the 6 minutes of ads is ridiculous and doesn’t make bingeing episodes fun :/ also the weather didn’t use to be 4-7 min long? No problem with the songs just be nice if plot could stay together longer then 3 min then immediately forgotten. This show used to be a solid 5/5 for a while and had many chances of ending on a good note with the quality still being what it was but sometimes it’s good to know when to stop while you’re ahead.
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It’s like the Twilight Zone had a local NPR station.
That’s it. That’s the review.
Cptn. Awesome
Wow. Just, how can you not love a floating cat? Especially one that is somewhat vital to the plot and doesn’t die? Been listening for over a year, and am always very excited when a new episode comes out
rosie volts
“Heaven had to relocate” W h a t 🤣🤣
This podcast is something else. That’s all I can say
Pure genius
I’ve been listening to WTNV religiously for 1/3 of my life. At this point, I think I’ve listened to the whole series at least twice over. It’s a brilliant work of fiction—just absurd enough to feel like an escape yet not so fantastical that it fails to (subtly) comment on real life. Aside from the fantastic writing, Cecil’s acting is completely immersive, and his voice is calming. I often listen to old episodes as I fall asleep :)
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Going downhill last 2-3 years
I wish a 1/5th of this podcast wasn’t them asking for money and doing ads. I’m so tired of shorter episodes, episodes about the creators lives, and skipped upload dates when they already only do it 2x a month. I miss when they weren’t constantly begging for more and more money. Like promote stuff on social media and your website. Not throughout a fantasy story. Also really tired of the time the “weather” takes up. I’d rather have more plot.
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consume lots of wheat and wheat byproducts!
Need names for chats
Good, but . . .
Unlike, I guess, several others, I actually like The Weather. I love the Lake Wobegon feel. But there are fully 10-12 minutes of ads per episode, which is kind of grating. I understand that the pandemic was financially difficult for a lot of us, but having to listen to or skip 5 minutes of ads every time is A Lot.
All Hail The Glow Cloud!
Just started listening at episode One because I hate to miss anything. Have already made it to episode seven so far today! I am hooked! I can’t wait to see where the rabbit hole goes.
Don’t stop here
Ah Nightvale, my first love. This is truly a fine podcast. Nostalgia and the weather keep me tethered. Do not stop at this podcast, expand your horizons. Nightvale is great but the vast majority of it lacks a clear overarching story you didn’t know you were missing. If I’m going to promote some stories here Alice isn’t Dead is an amazing place to start branching out from only listening to Nightvale. By the same creators it has a similar poetic charm and provides a good commentary on Capitalism. Tl;dr Nightvale is great but don’t limit yourself to only one podcast.
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Movie Fan 📽
Nightvale is Amazing- other content is not
My family and I are huge fans of Nightvale. We have listened to pretty much all the episodes together. My 10 year old has posters and other merch- this has not been a problem until the First 10 years content was added. Can’t let my kid listen to this channel at all anymore when it goes from a Nightvale episode to what basically equates to porn on the next one. We have child setting in place, but with podcasts, this content can’t be blocked. I don’t get how the show, which knows they have kid fans based off the merch they sell and the comments here- can justify putting that content on here.
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Stipid boii
This Little town is absurd but hilarious and I love listening to it.They link together the different episodes so that everything is explained for example, something that could happen in episode one and come back later and episode 100 which links the entire thing together, which I love. Although I have noticed a man in a tan jacket holding a deer skin suitcase pretty much everywhere I go. This podcast got me through 2020 so I can give no further compliment than that.one last thing: ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD
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just a dude reviewing
I don’t want to write a title but they’re making me
Very good, I listen to it to dull the pain of existence
Absurdist Horror
I’m late to the show. It seemed like something with a cult following and fandom, with complicated character investments spread out over years of content, and I just wasn’t sure I was in for the investment. And while all of that is certainly true, it is well worth the time, because it’s like the easy listening of horror fiction podcasts. The horror is given a casual treatment. By this I mean that, in any other town with a community radio station, you wouldn’t hear someone talking about the mundane as if it were exceptional. And in the case of Night Vale, what we consider exceptional as outsiders is mundane to the citizens of Night Vale, and is treated as such. Which opens the door for some beautiful absurdist moments of humor and social observation wrapped up in a wonderfully vague basket of situational horror and some delightful baked goods. I’m not always a fan of the weather, but every episode brings something new, and the variety of exposure is always intriguing. I’m in the midst of catching up, though, from deep in the archives of the past. Episode 96, specifically. And I have to say, it’s very strange hearing my family name thrown in on a fictional character. Especially since we are one of those families where if you have the name, you are 100% guaranteed to be part of the family. Yes, even that one famous guy, the only one of us you’ve probably heard of. And once I heard our family name dropped, I couldn’t let it go. I finally had to write a review. Because out here, of all the podcasts in all the world, with a selection of all the family names to ever have existed, ours is pulled for a side character—here and gone—and years later I happen to come across it. All hail the glow cloud for this deterministic quirk of fate.
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Hello Nightvale
Best podcast yet, and as always good night nightvale good night. Also, ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD
This podcast got me thru 2020
No higher complement can be given
Davi Lavonne
Oh how I absolutely adore this funky little cryptid town full of not angels, Carlos my beloved, and dog parks that nobody looks or talks about!!
Sid 1800
BEaUtIfuL CaRLoS 😍😍😍😉
I’ve been hooked on this show for a good couple of years now, and it’s amazing!!!! I find a small amount of negative reviews and they all seem to talk about Cecil’s monotone voice and how weird the show is but remember that these are all theories and ever theory is welcome here. Cecil’s voice is amazing and sometimes it can be boring but other then that, it’s an amazing voice for Cecil to be narrating Nightvale’s stories. And about how it’s all over the place. That’s because it’s all theories remember? They don’t all have to make sense! That’s what I love about the show! It’s creative and out of this world! (Literally, it’s fiction) in all, it’s a great show!!!!! I highly suggest it to anyone reading this!!!!! And remember: ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD
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Izzy 👁👄👁
I really, really want to love this podcast
I love the idea of what this podcast is; I just can’t get passed the nonsense. Listening to these episodes almost gives me a headache & nausea it’s so pointless and all over the place.
All the wheat in my house turned to snakes
But that’s okay, because I also met my mirror double and the snakes were essential to defeating him. 10/10 would recommend!
The TCG Guy
Creepy, funny, and brilliant
LOVE this podcast. It’s a great idea and a lot of fun, especially if you’re a horror fan. You’ll wanna live in Night Vale. I know they say that you don’t have to listen in order, but I personally recommend listening in order so you get to know the recurring characters and events that are mentioned from previous episodes. I started out with episode 13 cause their website said it was a fan favorite and I thought it was interesting. However, after going back and starting from the beginning then listening to it again, I found that I appreciated it much more now that I knew some background of the town. Overall 10/10. Excellent podcast!
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Inspiring and funny and creepy!
All of the Night Vale episodes are well written and performed and the featured music is always a treat. I love it all, except for the recent episode - it’s barfy.
Hector Cortez
Love this podcast. It is a mixture of strange and unusual, but I am in fact strange & unusual, so perfect match.
My favorite redid channel
Sometimes the static goes ffffeeeezzzz fezzzzz then sometimes it goes buiuuzzzt buuuzzzt it always knows just what I’m in the mood for
This was really funny and great. There’s not a lot of good pods for twelve year olds but this one was really funny
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