Welcome to Night Vale
Welcome to Night Vale
Night Vale Presents
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I’ve had bowl movements more terrifying than this
I have no idea why people like this. Not even creepy. Why is this soo popular and actual good horror podcasts like knifepoint horror go unnoticed. Soo bad.
Your feet are in your socks are in your shoes are in the earth are in the air is in our solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy is in space is in the galactic neighborhood is in the known universe in in the multiverse is in your theory is in your mind is in your brain, therefore your shoes are in your mind Do not enter the ********* the ******** is strictly forbidden due to the (:/\:)
Joseph Fink is an otherworldly amazing writer. Cecil is the perfect narrator and storyteller. God tier quality art.
Creepy but good
lukie bob
I love this podcast
ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!!!! I freaking love this podcast. It’s weird but awesome. Definitely recommend this podcast to anyone.
Hyperfixation fuel
If you love horror, comedy, and heartwarming all at once, Welcome To Nightvale is Perfect for you. All the characters are perfect, and it’s amazing. I cant describe it anymore than the fact I’m buying a Cecil cosplay just because of how I love this podcast.
Incredibl[y strange]
Night Vale (and the lovely sound of our dear Cecil’s voice) managed to get me my driver’s license, as well as my rank as Eternal Scout! I am in thy debt forever and a day and will serve my Glow Cloud with pleasure- all hail- but I do rather miss wheat and wheat by-products. Thank you, and good night, Night Vale. Good night.
Purple Mask Girl
Great Show!
I have loved listening to this amazing show! It is has a great balance of humor, horror, and fun. I have been listening for a while and I have not lost a single bit of interest. This is a great show and you should give it a listen!
I was hooked after the first episode! Great music included in the episodes too
This podcast scratches my brain at just the right pressure and frequency.
Amazingly Awesome Person
i am normal now please let me out if my cage pl,ease i domt bite
This show is amazing! Gauranteed kidnappings every 10 episodes!
All Hail The Glow Cloud
All Hail The Glow Cloud
Night Vale is a safe place of comfort. Thank you.
Absolutely. Amazing.
Love it. Love it. Love it. All hail, all hail, all hail, ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY GLOW CLOUD!!!! Amazing podcast. I listen every day on repeat.
please forgive me if this is confusing
Sentent Eyeball
I can’t escape
Been listening since Cecil won the sexy contest, but it already feels like I’ve been listening for years. What a pleasant experience to be experienced.
it me yah boi
This is my favorite podcast
This is seriously like be best podcast. I have been listening since I was 5-7 and now have always loved it. The lore and recurring characters are so great and I really appreciate the attention to detail!
Come join us listen with us
Come join us. listen with us. Huddle with us in the vacant lot. We can huddle and listen to this podcast together.
totally just a normal human
Not scary at all, and quickly grows repetitive
The show format, while interesting, does not lend itself well to a cohesive story. I listened well into season one and there was no actual plot other than a recurring glow cloud and the host’s crush. At a certain point, it got so boring I couldn’t continue listening. The only good aspect was the comedy. Most of the spook stories were funny rather than scary, which I would have enjoyed if it wasn’t so repetitive.
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Wonderfully weird
I finally finished binge listening and have really enjoyed it. It’s very creative, the characters are fun and the narrator has a great voice and way of acting. I love how unapologetically weird it is and how funny it can be at times. It took about a month of listening during work to get through it, I’m not sure what my favorite storyline is but it would probably involve Kevin. He was delightful. I don’t know how long they can keep making episodes but I’ll listen as long as they keep making them. Keep up the great work, guys. I just ordered all the WTN books. I’m looking forward to reading them. Oh, I have a hack for those complaining about the ads and weather. I found this hidden button you can tap that fast forwards through them if you don’t want to listen to that part. I also found another hack for those complaining about it being political. It’s called “getting over yourself, you’re not the main character of the universe; Cecil and Carlos are.” I hope that helps. ❤️
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All time favorite podcast
When I first started listening I referred to this as my “nonsense” show. Turns out it is nonsense, but also it isn’t? The main story line totally creeps in (in a good way!). Love the writing, love the delivery. It’s just good wholesome nonsense and I can’t get enough!
Great podcast!
Great show. It’s the best podcast ever! (A little less ads would be better though) Amazing podcast!
lets gooo
i hail from tumblr
Cecil Sweep!
Got into this because of the tumblr sexy man rematch. Glad I did! Writing is amazing and hilarious!
So Good and funny
This is an amazing podcast! So funny too. I love some of the ships in here too! Like Cecil x Carlos for example(to obvious!) if you like creepy, funny, and fan-girling, this is for you!
very entertaining
this podcast has changed the way I think about ads. It is unique and I enjoy it a lot. Cecil’s voice makes it so much better.
W. Rhimyr
Love this podcast. Helped me realize there's a faceless old woman who secretly lives in my home. Thanks!
I am under 10 but even at this age I love Nightvale
It’s so perfect for a quirky kids
re-education from redacted
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A noid
Question: why just support audible I don’t have time or money to listen to a new feed. How about putting Unlicensed on Apple podcast, like soon?
PR 3672
Why do they hate the moon?
The evidence is in these episodes: the moon is gone, the space race.
khkgas hjbkbhkjce
Yes YESS LISTEN OR I WILL STEAL YOUR LUNGS AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT I WILL ALSO STEAL YOUR EARS But seriously, I love this podcast. It’s a good way for me to just zone out and be entertained.
Flamingo Sam
Loved Unlicensed. Great characters. Can’t wait for another season.
This podcast is amazing, though I noticed after I began to listen to it strange events began occurring in my town. I have always been a fan of wheat and wheat by-products, but recently there have been many reports of wheat and wheat by-product attacks. A strange man has been following me, though I am not sure is is a man or human at all. It whispers only one thing. “Thë dîßtæńt príñçê įš ćømīńg fór ÿõû”. Edit- It is here. I am hiding in my closet, praying that it- the thing- does not get me her
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Night vale
I love this podcast it’s the best I’ve listen to in a while. :)
I ate terrifyingly fresh today thanks to this podcast and not StEvE CaRlsSbUrG
Amazing content- terrible listening experience
Please just go subscriber or at least have the option. The creativity is still there, Cecil is still amazing the writing is great and I understand everyone needs to get paid. I’d happily pay to get a significant amount of content because now the ad to content ratio in these episodes makes it hardly worth a listen. Once a truly great podcast, so bogged down with ads the it’s hard to get through…
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Pretty okay
Amazing podcast about a strange town and all the weird things that happen in it. The concept is great and I love the script 😁🙂
I love it ( also try and make a show/movie)
The podcast is amazing, but I would love to see nightvale as a tv show/ movie, it would be pretty awesome. Keep up the good work.
This is a great podcast im not a podcast person but I love this one! If you listen the mysterious hooded figures will not take your baby away. I promise. Listen. The pyramid from flake-e-os will npt ask you a question or give you an answer. It will not. Listen. Listen now.
Wacky and creative stories
I have been listening to this podcast for years. It’s a lovely podcast that never gets old.
Comedy Ahead of Our Times
My 16-year-old introduced me to this. That alone gives me hope for the younger generation. Comedy is a necessity, and every era gets the comedy it needs. We need this all-American blend of Pythonesque absurdity, screaming eldritch horror, and satire so sharp it hardly hurts at all when it gouges your eyes out. If you're old enough, it will remind you of Firesign Theatre or “Bob” and the Cult of the Sub-Genius.
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Love it but...
I love this podcast it is so interesting and is fun to listen to when I need a break from everything. But it's honestly disappointing the amount of ads there is only really 15 mins of story telling with ads and "weather". I do understand why they need ads but it gets annoying all forced on you in the beginning. I know the creators have better things to do than look at my review but if you do happen to see this please consider moving half the ads to the end thank you goodbye.
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This podcast changed my life… I get to go see them live in September and it’s the highlight of my year. Flaunt the weirdness my loves Edit: guys… it was amazing, I cried
i love this show :)
very fun and creepy. i listen to this every morning and pretend i’m listening to the morning radio.
rowan rain
An idyllic town
The story of a quaint little town.
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