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Informative and critical!
I am not finished with the whole series but the first 4 episodes are amazing. So much detail and critical thinking went into this. There is a lot of blame to go around and this series shows who is responsible/how this happened and is still happening. A must listen!
Great podcast
Dr Drew thank you for doing this podcast I’ve learned so much and really appreciate I’m currently separated and these episodes have been incredibly helpful. Keep up the passion and great work thank you very much
Lack of empathy
I enjoy this podcast but sometimes the host is really rude to the callers (namely on the Predator episode.) He has zero empathy for the callers (specifically the one with agoraphobia and the one who called about women being able to dress like they want.) I couldn’t believe this guy was in any field of helping people. One guy on the episode was super gentle and understanding but the main guy shocked me with his lack of empathy.
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Great Medical Podcast!!
Have always loved Dr.Drew, now enjoy listening to Dr. Bruce as well!! Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge!! Really enjoy!
I love all things Dr. Drew and have to agree. Its nice to hear both Dr. Drew and Bruce be able to finish sentences. Educational and entertaining.
It’s got Dr. Drew what else do you need?
Except for more episodes please!
Dr.Deuce and Dr.Spaz in one Podcast? No thanks
Dr.Deuce and Dr.Spaz in one Podcast? No thanks
When is the show returning?
Loved it, want it to come back.
AnnB San Pedro
Dr. Drew, please stop interrupting!
I really enjoy the content of this podcast and they have some fascinating stories, but Dr. Drew frequently interrupts guests and it drives me crazy!! There was one time I was really interested to hear what someone had to say but he interrupted with another question and we never got to hear the rest of the original answer! He clearly also doesn’t get the feedback from iTunes reviews since people have been saying the same thing for months.
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Great Topics
I’m not a Dr., so some of the terms require a Google search, but I enjoy the challenge. The cancer research developments discussed are amazing. Keep it up guys!
Great Pod
I really enjoy hearing the Docs get together and riff on whatever is going on in the moment. Thank you.
Mel Cavendish
Very informative!
I love listening to your Podcast, Drs. Drew and Bruce. I find it mentally stimulating. I started listening to your podcasts about a one ago and have listened to all. I look forward to your new episodes every week. I thank you for your enlightening show.
Mansplaining at its finest
I really enjoy this podcast and the subject matter is interesting, but I almost shut it off halfway through Nicole Angemi's episode. They constantly interrupted her or would try to explain things for her, which was patronizing. If they were interviewing a man, would they have done the same thing? If you think you know more than the guests you bring on the show, why invite them in the first place?
Real Physicians, Real Help
Thank you both for offering your knowledge to us. You are providing a public service.
Dr. Drew and Dr. Spaz!
Great information on a broad range of medical subjects.
Daisy Suspicious
I love Adam Carolla, but it's great to hear Dr. Drew be able to talk unobstructed. Dr. Bruce is great also.
Dr. Annie and Dave Pelzer
Dr. Annie was great and super informative!! Dave Pelzer seemed a bit detached from reality or something was kinda off. He seems like a really nice guy but just a bit detached. Keep up the good work!!!
Informative and essential
Only one complaint
I'm a fan of all of Drew's podcast. As a nurse, I really appreciate an entire podcast dedicated to science and medicine. My only complaint is the amount Drew interrupts his guests. Sometimes the conversation sounds more like a casual dinner conversation and less of an interview. I've really enjoyed the guests they've had on the show, and would love to hear more of what they have to say. Also, I was so excited to see Mrs. Angemi on the show! I've been following her for a while now, and love what she is doing!
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If you like mansplaining...
...you'll love this podcast. I, however, am sick of listening to privileged white men interrupting their intelligent female guests and acting quite insulting towards them. Writer and former attorney, Ayelet Waldman actually handled it really well (I would have lost my sh!#...let her finish talking for crying out loud!!!). Unfortunately, this M.D. got too sick of the mansplaining about 5 minutes into the episode and had to stop listening and unsubscribe. I highly recommend Waldman's book: "A Really Good Day". If you're going to have guests on your show, consider showing them the courtesy of allowing them to speak without rude interruptions...I find it strange that the hosts don't do this to their male guests as noticeably. The subject matter of the show is great, but I refuse to continue to support these types of men.
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Could be 5 star
I'll say the same thing as many here. Dr. Drew interrupting guests does get annoying. I can look past it thinking that he gets so into and excited with certain topics and guests, his mind is going a mile a minute he just cant help himself! Ive always enjoyed everything he's done but this genre seems to fit him perfectly. The banter between him and Bruce can get comical.i dont even mind the adds, he makes them personal and interesting. One of my fav pod casts.
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Brain food
Love this show, so far every topic and guest has introduced me to a topic that I have found interesting or directly relevant to my experience. Drew and Bruce make it very easy to follow along even if you aren't that medically versed. A+
Budding medical student
Love the show. As an aspiring physician I find it very informative and inspiring.
Indi Fan
Great Pod
Latest episode should have been titled Drew's humble opinion. I enjoy this podcast a lot. It's nice to hear Drew and Bruce without Adam in the the background (or foreground) ready to errupt. Love Adam, but sometimes he is a deterent to the message.
All good things
Together Drew and Bruce are a brilliant super power.
So far so good
I love Dr. Drew and I am hoping to see Dr. Bruce's understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder catch up to the latest research out of McLean hospital that shows Borderline can remit after years of proper treatment. Dr. Bruce filled in for Drew on Loveline one day and spoke about Borderlines in the most unfair, disparaging and cruel way. I was really horrified but sadly, not surprised. ER doctors like Dr. Bruce treat borderlines like the spawn of Satan and perpetuate negative stigma. I hope his understanding of the disorder matures. Other than that I really like him!
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B Coyne
Great to hear these two talk seriously without interruption.
Heartwarming story
Truly inspiring story of the power of love and the resilience of life.
Entertaining and educational
Great podcast! Really interesting to hear different opinions from two brilliant physicians and their fascinating guests. Educational for anyone in medicine or people who just want to hear honest information and the thinking behind medical decisions.
Nice work
Interesting show keep
Green hat Fonzy
Five stars
Love the new podcast! Love that you're getting into other side of the medical world.
Dr. Drew... Let people talk.
I've listened to loveline for a while and I've always been annoyed when Dr Drew interrupts and speaks as though his opinion is the only correct one. The first show with Angemi really showed off this poor characteristic. If he would stop talking over people, especially women, this could be a wonderful show.
William Bass Interview Fascinating!!
The interview with Bill Bass was one of the most fascinating podcasts I've ever listened to. I was never really into all that Patricia Cornwell stuff like my wife was but I have to tell her about Bill B. The science is so fascinating and the fact that this guy has dedicated his life to studying an area that not many dare to (nor have the stomach for). He is clearly passionate - While his passion is "death" (the science of), that same passion has given him a long and rich "life."
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Simply the best!
Not a big fan of podcasts... But after listening to the Angemi podcast, I'm addicted! Innovative and informative, this gives me something to listen to in traffic and has shaped the way I view a variety of current issues in the field of health and medicine.
Love the Docs
I've always been a fan of both Dr Drew and Dr Bruce so I'm excited to listen to these new weekly podcasts. Looking forward to hearing more! I'm adding onto my review to suggest a bit longer of your podcasts, since they are only once a week can you make them at least over an hour of content? I really enjoyed listening to your new one this morning with the anthropologist it was fascinating and then all of a sudden it ended at 40 minutes, would have loved to hear a bit more.
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Good pod so far!
Can't wait to see what else these guys bring. Dr. Spaz is doing great!
Just what I have wanted and needed in a podcast. Couldn't get any better!
Rule in 5 stars
So far, so good. XR of 1 star, negative. CT of 2 stars, negative. Prelim BC 3 stars pending, NGTD.
Pleeeeeease, no more addiction talk
I know Dr. Drew is an addiction medicine specialist, but his own podcast is already so heavily laden with addiction talk that my eyes glaze over. Please, please, please can we have this one focus more on the medicine in general? I would be ever so grateful. :-)
Good job
Very informative and entertaining! Keep it up please!
Great so far
I found out about this podcast from following Mrs Angemi on IG and I think that it's great so far. Although there have only been two episodes, both were equally informative and if you're in the medical field, interested in the medical field or just like to learn, then this is a great podcast to listen to. The only thing that needs a little work is Dr. Drew interrupting his guests. It's frustrating when you're really interested in what someone is saying but they are cut off by someone who thinks they know everything and the other persons thought never gets completed or is interrupted. Just let the person talk and if there's something you'd like to say, wait a minute!
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The Doctor's in the House (and Your Ear!)
For medical professionals and those of us who are medicine-curious (as opposed to "medically curious"), this podcast is riveting! Dr. Drew & Dr. Bruce bring us their unique chemistry and alchemy to feed our interests in medicine and healthcare in a readily understandable, palatable way. In eight years of sampling countless podcasts, it's been a challenge to find medical content that's not too pedantic or technical and yet doesn't fall into the realm of pseudo-medical scamming. Finally, THIS is that optimal choice!
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Dr. Drew is a Fantastic [podcast] host. He knows how to zero in on topics and stories that keep you interested through the entire episode. You'll learn something useful and fascinating every episode, but it's never so science-y or medical that the average listener gets lost. Whether you're looking for something interesting to pass the time or looking for an investment of time that renders education, THIS is the podcast for you.
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Loved it!
I follow all things Dr. Drew and this podcast did not disappoint! I can't wait for the next episode. Loved Nicole Angemi!
Love the show but.
I feel like the show is a perfect amount of chaos between Drew and Bruce. I don't think we need anyone else speaking besides a guest. If you want Bruce telling a vacuum story send him a note.
Good listen
Really enjoyed episode 1 with Mrs Angemi - can't wait to hear more episodes soon
Just listen and get smarter
Love this podcasts entertains and educates. Dr Drew got a raw deal glad he hasn't taken his money and hidden out.
I am happy to see these too together! Ace tortures them both and it is time for payback!
Perfect podcast for any medical professional.
Absolutely love this!!
Found this through Instagram, instantly fell in love. Totally interesting. Ahh I love it.
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