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The "To Yandex and Beyond" Edition
1 hour Posted Feb 6, 2023 at 9:24 am.
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Show notes

We had a truly interesting show following last week's Yandex data leak. Mike King, CEO of iPullRank sits in as a guest for the full hour. This is the first week Kristine Schachinger from Sites Without Walls in Las Vegas has sat in the official co-host's seat. Welcome home, Kristine!

This is the second week in a row I was able to write the intro to a guest while listening to their music on Spotify. Icon the Mic King is better known in the SEO world than Michael Icon King, Mike to everyone around him. He’s the founder and CEO of iPullRank, an NYC-based SEO and digital marketing agency. Mike is also a talented musician, a highly accomplished web dev with a quarter century of experience, and the producer of the world’s first short film about SEO, RunTime, the 3-Ring Circus of Technical SEO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbekzAo4Clk)  

Now, you folks might have heard about the Yandex leak. Late last week rumors of a treasure trove started flowing around SEO circles. Someone had, shall we say, made Yandex’s information widely accessible and available. All of it. In what has been called the biggest data leak since AOL spilled its user data all over the web in 2006, the kernel, code, weights, and variables of the Yandex ranking algorithm got studied and, in large parts, decoded over the weekend.  

Now, that AOL dump was a watershed moment in search. It literally lead to massive reforms in how information was kept as it proved, among other things, you could tie an individual to a search string.  

The Yandex leak is the first time a major modern search engine has been torn apart and, among his other accomplishments, our guest was one of the first SEOs to dig deeply into how the world’s fourth largest search engine works

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