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A Webcology New Year
55 minutes Posted Jan 5, 2023 at 4:00 am.
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Show notes

2023 is going to be a year of extraordinary change. The last three years feel like a coiled spring with a build-up of so much potential energy prepared to become kinetic it will feel like the advent of mass-computing all over again. This might be particularly jarring for some and present ranges of opportunities previously unknown for others. What’s happening right now is the predecessor of what might be the last human-organized information environment in our species’ somewhat short history. 

Change happens and change is good. The advancements made in AI, and in particular with OpenAI’s ChatGPT have given innovative people more tools than we’ve ever dreamed possible. That some of those tools are sort of like, blunt objects isn’t as relevant as the rapidity of their evolution and the dozens of things good SEOs are already doing with them. Check out a number of recent videos at YouTube by Matt Diggity for true innovative brilliance.  

You know that meme about how you and your pre-teen buddies are about to go bike riding as a gang for the very last time and none of you are aware that this is it? I think we might have seen the last year we could hold on to a concept of what was “normal” and we didn’t know it. Things are going to move much faster from here. It might be good, it might be bad, it might just be opportunities wrapped in new sets of bytes, and it should inspire you to do great things along with scaring the living bejeezus out of you. 

The weirdest thing about great change is it’s often like watching a child grow up. You don’t really notice the inches until a foot of them has suddenly happened. And then suddenly, when the thing that’s going to happen happens, it tends to happen quite quickly. Happy New Year. Be ready for virtually anything. 

In the show, Jim Hedger and Dave Davies discussed a range of changes in the SEO industry moving into 2023 including, 

  • Bing and ChatGPT


  • ChatGPT in general
  • Recent movement against chatGPT in academia and creative circles
  • Twitter hasn’t paid its rent
  • Roger Montti’s article asking if the research paper covers the Helpful Algorithm


  • Are Most SEO Practices of Low Quality? Google seems to think so.

 "Documents that attempt to perform SEO tend to be flagged as very low quality. This is intuitive since these texts tend to simply string a series of keywords together and are therefore incoherent. Furthermore, we found a moderate number of product pages and professional profiles that also attempt to perform some form of SEO. We observed that media-centric domains, such as image hosting domains, often contain incomprehensible embedded text, possibly for SEO."

  • John Mueller quote on Good SEO
  • "I think one of the challenges is that "good SEO" is essentially invisible: it's a well-structured site, it has good content, people like it -- those are not attributes associated with SEO by the bigger web."

  • SEO Skills needed in 2023? Curiosity and Persistence


  • Google drops 110 character limit on headlines in structured data for articles


  • YouTube predicts what will go viral in 2023 


(AI, and good-works stuff.ie:  MrBeast)

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