Watching My Figures
Watching My Figures
Laugh-O-Gram Studios
LOSE WEIGHT. GAIN STUFF. Watching My Figures is a collectors show with a fitness twist. Bart Scott and Logan Sekulow are collectors of toys, action figures, movie memorabilia, and miscellaneous Pop Culture relics, but they’ve also collected some extra pounds. On this show, they discuss collectibles and gaining new treasures, while trying to lose weight. And they’re incentivized to earn “Fun Money” for every pound lost. You’re invited to come along on this journey to lose weight and gain stuff. Every month Bart and Logan hang out with loyal supporters for Show & Tell LIVE nights, available only on Collecting Can Be Anything: Star Wars, Disney, Theme Parks, Video Games, Ghostbusters, KISS, Vinyl, Record Collecting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Horror, Power Rangers, Marvel, DC, Comics, Transformers, Avatar, Pokemon, Mario, Mickey Mouse, GI Joe, Halloween, Universal Monsters, Christmas, Cook Books, College Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Starting Lineup, Board Games, Rock and Roll, Metal… and so much more.
12. Logan's MRI Universal Merch Trip Report
The curious case of Funko Collectors - Logan Gets a one hour MRI in the full tube - and we went to universal... and made some purchases...  We also talk about Adam Sandler's Hubbie Halloween for some reason ! 
Oct 17
55 min
11. Lot About Living and A Little About Stuff
Logan is injured, Bart gets Halloween ready - and we are going to ORLANDO! We also talk about Haslabs, the New Christmas Star Wars releases, some vinyl collection , autographs in 2020 and MORE!
Oct 4
59 min
11. Celebrity Estate Sales
Logan went to a Celebrity Estate Sale and more...
Sep 24
49 min
9. Record Store Day, Vinyl Collecting, Chalkline
Weighs and What nots...  HHN Vinyl release Record sore day Walmart Vinyl Exclusives Power Rangers Day Chalkline and more!
Aug 31
47 min
8 - NECA Goes Elvis Button Packs Target T-Shirts WWF Royal rumble card game  Lego-ish KISS Alive 2 set Elvis collecting  Neca Elvis announcement  and much more...
Aug 25
54 min
7. Vinyl - Music and Pops + Magic Spoon Cereal
Logan's Reflux Magic Spoon Cereal  Signed Funkos AEW Figures MR T Geeki Tiki Jabberin Jack Super Shredder  Masters of the Universe lots more!
Aug 17
1 hr 13 min
6. Premium DNA, Thundercats, Turtles and more
Logan unboxed his Musical Mutagen TMNT Figures  We talk about Masters of the Universe Thundercats AEW Premium DNA Madballs and upcoming Battletoads and Earthworm Jim release Clayfighters  Claymation in general  AND MORE...
Aug 6
59 min
5. Movie Prop Collecting and Auctions
Movie Prop Collecting Prop Auction TMNT finally hitting shelves  Hornswoggle Elite  Shadows of the Empire Vinyl Captain EO Anjelica Houston Mask Ghostbusters - Bill Murray suit  Big Lebowski Door
Jul 31
58 min
4 - Galaxy's Edge Target Exclusive, Custom Statues and Signs
SPOILERS: Weight Loss Update Button update  Sandman statue - @screamingbullseye Action figure display risers   Hasbros nails, giant Gonzalez , Marty Jannety Muppet VINYL signed by Original Cast ( Jim Henson , Frank Oz ) Prince Eric Funko Pop - poppin off Captain Cardinal August 30th Target GE exclusive 
Jul 23
1 hr 10 min
3 - Hot Wheels and Cold Meats
Episode 3. Button update Patreon Giveaway @figurespodcast Street Fighter Hot Wheels Batman black and white mini figure surprise packs Tobins spirit guide Andre and Hogan Funko at Walmart Real ghostbusters hunting X-men sentinel Top Gun Transformers Boxing Ball
Jul 16
1 hr 22 min
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