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Episode 681 - Met Gala with Swords f/ Dan Schkade
The cartoonist behind the Flash Gordon newspaper strip joins us for the show this week to talk about the differences between strips and comic books, what makes Flash so timeless, classic movie serials, and a whole lot more!
May 20
1 hr 36 min
Episode 680: Jurgies Into Mystery #7: Hogun Fights For His Life
It's Jurgies time again! How will Dan Jurgens and some new artists (namely Erik Larsen and Andy Kubert) follow the heights of #25? Get ready for balls and chains aplenty! Covering Thor (1998) #26-31.
May 6
1 hr 49 min
Every Story Ever Special: April 2024
We're working through our tiredness to bring you two full hours of ranking comic book stories, including some classic Superman!
Apr 30
2 hr 3 min
Episode 679 - No Juice in That Boy f/ Erica Henderson
Our pal Erica Henderson is back this week to talk about the 2024 Harley Quinn annual, which she wrote, drew and colored! We also discuss Kraven; fashion; whether Erica and Matt are too mean to Chris on their other podcast, Friends 'Till the End; and more!
Apr 29
1 hr 34 min
Episode 678 - Dark Side of the Sun
Matt and Chris took some listener questions this episode, including about our own comics, the price point of monthly comics, our dream entrance music, and much more!
Apr 22
1 hr 39 min
Episode 677 - Raw After WrestleMania
Let's get Raw once again! This time around, we're talking about moments featuring Judge Dredd, Magneto, the Transformers, and yes, a Dragon Ball character.
Apr 15
1 hr 39 min
Comics Catch-Up 059: Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power
To honor the legendary Akira Toriyama, we read a story from Dragon Ball Super that Chris says embodies everything great about Dragon Ball! And guess what? It ruled.
Apr 10
1 hr 43 min
Episode 676 - Jurgies Into Mystery #6: Thor vs. Thanos
Yes, it's time for Thor #25! Not only do Thor and Thanos do battle in this monumental issue, but Mangog gets got. We go through it all beat by beat.
Apr 8
1 hr 28 min
Episode 675 - Only in Comics f/ Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum
Our close personal friends Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum are back on the show this week to talk all things Minor Threats: the second volume of the main series, The Fastest Way Down, and the upcoming Barfly! Plus, we get into the weird, for-heads-only comics we love!
Apr 1
1 hr 26 min
Every Story Ever Special: March 2024
Spring is here, and it's time once again to rank comic book stories! This time, we've got some Batman, some early Fantastic Four, and yes, Witchblade.
Mar 29
2 hr 5 min
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