Walk, Talk and Learn French
Walk, Talk and Learn French
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Just found this app
So amazing and well explained and taught. it’s a great refresher as I took French In high school. Love the series already and I just watched the 2nd episode.
Lively and fun
I wish Pierre Benoit and Mark had continued this series.
J'esperes qu'il y a plus.
I wish there are more episode.
Thank you for making the learning less painful!
I love these!
Why so few? More, please!
My favorite podcast, along with coffee break french!!
Juli Godinho
Great explanations and visuals!
So helpful
I'm taking french in college and this just helps so much. More videos please :)
I was enjoying the lesson when iPad upgraded to io5. Now I can not see the video (only audio passes).
Cette podcast c'est fantastique! Je suis bresilienne et J'adore apprendre avec Walk talk and learn! I'd love to see more episodes!
Great podcast!
Easy and very helpful! We need more episodes, s'il vous plait :) great job, guys!
Très bien!
Je fait français depuis deux ans à l'ecole (I've studied French for two years at school) et j'adore ça <<podcast>>! (and I love this [<<>> indicates English word] podcast!) Aside from my French speaking, this podcast really is a fun way to learn. I truly would love it if they continued this podcast!
Really incredible podcast
This podcast is really great, and indeed, it should go on. Looking forward for the next episodes. Merci beaucoup! :)
Best French Teaching Podcast Ever!!
This immerses you in the streets of Paris, with the language as it's truly used and spoken. You're not left to fend for yourself, however. Mark and Pierre-Bienoit are the best teachers and break down phrases so as to be accessible to the most basic of learners. So fun and professional! Only wish there were more. Encore, Radio Lingua! J'adore vos programmes!
Merci de partager!
This podcast is a wonderful concept and really gears me with confidence to visit Paris!
Je aime cela c'est très vraiment Bon bravo je apprends beaucoup merci
French fantic
please make more
this is thebest!!! please make more ep. s'il vous plait :(
merci! i am in something of a french crash course, trying to get up to speed so i can start taking intermediate french in fall 2010... i am taking a class, using coffee break french, and just discovered this video podcast. it is so so helpful to see real examples of french and then have mark plot out the main points right in the middle of pierre-benoit's adventures. honestly this is by far the best tool i have seen for learning french if you have the very basics already under your belt. please please make more episodes :)
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Such a great podcast. Please make more!!
More please!
This is great. I am a fan of Coffee Break French and this program is an excellent addition. Please make more if these!
Secret Brit
Très cool!
This podcast is really helpful because it explains the French really simply and you get to see real posters and things in Paris. It's really funny and quite entertaining to watch, not boring at all!
This was the best podcast ever... why is it not on anymore???
Makes learning French Fun and Easy
This podcast provides a great way to brush up on your French and it is fun too.
Absolutely Fantastic!
These guys are so great! They make it fun, exciting, interesting, and easy to learn everyday French!! Thanks guys! I appreciate your hard work in putting this brilliant podcast together for all of us eager to learn French!
This is a wonderful way to learn French. The scenes on the street, interspersed with classroom-style explanations, make grammar and usage clear and alive. I hope there will be many more episodes.
Simply superb
What a great idea for a podcast. Real world applications of French that also allow you to get a taste of the world and culture of everyday France, all explained in a clear and concise way.
Very good and professional podcast
Very well done. The grammar explanations are very effective, and Pierre, the teacher "out on the street", is lively. I think, however, it does require some background in French. Not sure it's suitable for absolute beginners.
This is a great podcast to learn french! I took one year of french already and this is a great refresher! I hope they continue with more because I love how they teach it!! Very simple to understand and to the point.
love this video podcast!
Its great to see Pierre-Benoit taking us through this and actually seeing the surroundings help a bit more, I only wish this podcast was a bit longer like Coffee break french is. 6 minutes is too short, besides that, its great. Thanks again radio lingua.
Great podcast
This is a really good tool that will help you with your french. I've been learning french for about a year now. I have downloaded all the french podcast, their all great and they all help. But this one seams to help even further. My french is a bit advanced and this podcast really helps me advanced even more. Since its filmed on the streets of Paris you get to actually look at everyday french phrases, sentences etc. What is really great is that when their showing you a sentence, they pause and go over it in detail. Then they explain what every section means, and then they give you examples of other similiar phrases you can use. I highly recommend this podcast it will help you get more knowledge in your french language learning.
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Great Podcast!
I've been following a number of Radio Lingua's podcasts for a couple years now, and it's great to see them expanding and doing a video podcast! It's a cool idea, well implemented, beautifully done, and very educational. As an aspiring polyglot, I love Radio Lingua; they are an excellent company with many extremely well done resources, and Walk, Talk, and Learn French is a great addition to their already great lineup.
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J Michael Harper
Great New Way to Learn French!
Wow, this podcast is new, innovative and great. Merci boucoup Radio Lingua!
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