Waking Up Woke
Waking Up Woke
Isaiah Larry & Cyrus Farr
Three guys talking about everything and anything under the sun.
Waking Up To The Gold Digging Grave Robber
The guys talk the top TV shows they missed out on, how the world of fine art sales is actually a huge money laundering scheme, and why grave robbing is only sometimes bad
Oct 28
43 min
Waking Up To High School Fight Club
Episode 15: Waking Up To Highschool Fightclub. We do a Would You Rather, discus what types of teachers we could absolutely destroy in a fight, and come up with a hit TV show about a high school fighting ring(9:02)
Oct 22
42 min
Waking Up To God As A Kingpin
The guys discuss their football woes, Isaiah calls out Cyrus for being a sellout, and we tell you how the Church is the true mafia of lower Manhattan
Oct 13
49 min
Waking Up To Prison Bitches
The guys discus their favorite types of piercings, a little NFL injury report, and get a first hand account of how to survive in prison
Oct 2
40 min
Waking Up To The International Sperm Donor
This week we do another segment of Good News/Bad News, talk about how Cyrus thinks nose jobs are bullshit, and we teach Isaiah how to breath through his ears
Sep 24
37 min
Waking Up To Shit On Your Chest
This week the guys discuss week one of the NFL, if Cyrus gaslights without knowing it, and if getting shit on during sex is cool
Sep 14
47 min
Waking Up to Top 5 Drunk Foods
The guys discuss how useless time zones are, what makes you “mask hot” and our top 5 drunk foods
Sep 7
41 min
Waking Up to Mobile Deposits
The guys discuss why mobile deposits aren’t immediately available, the unwritten rules of baseball, and the Wendys 4 for 4 challenge
Aug 28
35 min
Waking Up To Drunk Jobs
The guys discuss jobs you can do drunk, why the tik-tok generation will kill us all, and how we would prove that we are from the future
Aug 21
49 min
Waking Up To Strippers, Wings, & Kendall Jenner
The guys discuss if strip club wings are worth missing out on the NBA playoffs, Ocho Cinco taking viagra to score TDs, and how long it would take Isaiah to eat an entire loaf of bread
Aug 13
46 min
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