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Biden's Device Attack Speech
That is what you say if you want to TEAR America Apart.
Sep 2
2 hr 10 min
Guess Who Thinks You're STUPID
ALSO - man voters pick Micky Mouse this past primary. Here is why.
Sep 1
2 hr 10 min
More Americans smoke marijuana than cigarettes
Plus Biden tries to convince us that the student loan bailout is not going to cost us anything.
Aug 31
2 hr 10 min
Climate Scams
Things they insist we don't that are don't work or are actually worse.
Aug 30
2 hr 10 min
State Election Fraud?
ALSO - More on those creepy people who want you to eat bugs to save the planet.
Aug 29
2 hr 10 min
How Media Distorts TRUE SCIENCE
ALSO - Freedom to CUSS on political yard signs.
Aug 26
2 hr 7 min
Activist Judge Tries To Kill Wyoming Coal
Plus Student Loan Forgiveness - & - The latest DUMBEST thing out of California
Aug 25
2 hr 10 min
Biden Announces Student Loan Forgiveness
PLUS the latest failed climate prediction
Aug 24
1 hr 31 min
Pro Oil Language Snuck Into Democrat Green Law
And other news Democrats will HATE
Aug 23
2 hr 10 min
A Slight Drop In Gas Prices Is A Raise For YOU?
CNN economist shows they know noting about economics.
Aug 22
2 hr 10 min
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