Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai
Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai
Candice Kumai
Coined "the golden girl of wellness" by ELLE & FORBES, Candice Kumai, 6x bestselling author, chef, wellness writer and model shares with us her painfully-imperfect life lessons and experiences that have shaped her 17 year career in media, publishing, wellness, food, modeling and content creation. Arianna Huffington named Candice "Top 20 NEW role model"+ Kumai is proud to share with you how to transform your life, accept the beauty of imperfection and mend what feels broken --- with Japanese repair. In short, you'll learn to shine from the inside out. Please welcome one of the most "real" girls in media crushing the wellness game. Candice has penned 6 best-selling books, sits on the Well + Good council, is a regular contributor to Goop, Cosmo, Bon Appetit, Men's Health, E! Daily Pop, Vogue, Forbes + Byrdie...and she can't wait to share how to transform all of our perfectly imperfect lives. Welcome wabi sabi and all the life lessons your perfectly imperfect heart desires. Subscribe now! Sign up for Candice’s newsletter asap: http://eepurl.com/wMCN5 LEARN MORE: CandiceKumai.com Pick up my new game-changing book, Kintsugi Wellness: https://www.amazon.com/Kintsugi-Wellness-Japanese-Nourishing-Spirit/dp/0062669850 Visit my new web shoppe, like asap: https://thematchashoppe.com/
EP 150-Back to Wellness Basics for 2024: No BS or Snake Oil Allowed
Gestapo. Mental Wellness. Flavanoids. Why Matcha VS Coffee. Skincare. Why Workouts. Travel for Inspo. Finding Purpose: & Your Q's Answered all in one pod, no bs xx ck
Feb 12
43 min
EP 149 - Letting Go of Your Fears, Anxiety & Past
I'll lead by example and share with you some of my own fears & ways that we can work through our past so we can start leading in the present and let go of old ideas and belief systems (perhaps even values) that do not work for us anymore. In letting go - and being honest you can set yourself free & be on your way to a healthier/fulfilled you. xx ck
Feb 5
33 min
EP 148 The One Practice that Improves Your Quality of Life
Well, you'll have to listen for this one ...
Jan 22
42 min
EP 147- The Wellness Rules of 2024
NEW WELLNESS RULES of 2024  Quiet Individuals are Well: There's no need to brag, boast or wealth flaunt in wellness Wellness is Confidence: Wellness is about being a professional and having self -respect for your beautiful body: Save the constant need to show your boobs and butt to everyone to confidential texts or snapchat! Trust me, you'll thank me later  Wellness is a Personal Journey & It will only Happen When you go Inward: Wellness is not flaunting, showing off or purchasing products  Wellness is FREE & Available to everyone at anytime Read books like: "Being Peace" by Thich Nhat Hahn or Dr Wayne Dyer's Anyone Asking you for Money is not wellness. Anyone asking you to buy their mastermind or courses is not wellness True Wellness is Humility Wellness is not showing people you live in a Mansion & have W Wellness is about Grace When the doors close; how loving, how kind and how graceful are you FR?  Wellness is Cooking at Home  Wellness is being Peace Wellness is not quantitative Wellness is Meditating at Home for Free, whenever you would like; its available for you at anytime   Wellness is Experience: Learn from those with decades of personal experience; tik tok is garbage.  Wellness is being a GREAT GATEKEEPER Don't be fooled by marketing, ads, influencers on social media Social media has proven to make us sick, ill, mentally ill, depressed, anxious and far worse ...Be a great gatekeeper this year - only follow FR FR people that are tried and true.  Wellness is Being Kind to others Be kind.  Wellness is Sharing Real images, and pics//videos periodically Wellness is not editing, face tune, photoshop, distorting your images and videos, so you come off as someone you are not IRL. Don't over expose your life. Be private and be a good gatekeeper of your own life.  Wellness is Being off Your Devices It's who you are in real life, who you are as a person for real, not a persona, and certainly not numbers Wellness is Being Free Doing you, and not giving af about what everyone else is doing  True Wellness is Patience: It is in letting go of expectations as hard as this one is - its very important to practice - let go  bc attachment is what leads to suffering Passion Will Find You when you are Ready, Well and Confident  you don't need anyone's validation or approval to make you whole. You are whole on your own.
Jan 15
55 min
EP 146 New Year, New Mind: A Detox from 2023
"Everything changes. There is nothing to stick to. That is the Buddha's most important teaching." - Shunryu Suzuki you need a break from tech & people take more quiet time just to yourself offline take a week at a time of not returning texts right away spending time away from your desk is what can work best for a new mind next level year be mindful of what you spend time looking at - is it really necessary? Embrace the women that give a multitude of opportunity - and thus do the same for them xx ck
Jan 8
45 min
EP 145 Top Secret Hot Tips in 2024
Top secret ep as I run out the door to do more volunteer work! xx happy holidays you! xx ck
Dec 20, 2023
22 min
EP 144 - How to Spot A Wellness Scammer!
This year has been wellness scamming and thirst in a nutshell. It's major cringe for many of us media professionals & it's also dangerous to normalize scammer behavior & marketing tactics. Here's my 2024 WELLNESS TREND CALLING OUT BS review. Watch out, be aware and be smart. Because wellness is aboyt simplicity, real foods, cooking, a simple workout, pets, practicing mental wellness, mindfulness, nature, social - in real life and lots and lots of sleep. Happy Holidays Friends! Enjoy and please share with a friend xx ck
Dec 12, 2023
35 min
EP 143- 20 Years Since Top Chef: Top 20 Things I've Learned
In reflection - next year marks my 20 years since I was the youngest chef to compete on Bravo's Top Chef - things that have made me? and what's worked well -- or -- not? Take a Listen xx and pls share with two friends! Be a good Person - while this does not seem to be valued in our society these days -- I can tell you that if I still exist and you still exist - we can certainly reward goodness, purity and those who do care about being a good person - do not follow or reward those who get work and attention from poor and classless actions//behavior  Don't expect anyone to hand you a job. You're going to have to get out there and work for it  Be weary that not everyone will like you - be strong enough to love yourself - especially when things fall apart -- let them - if they are meant to be - they will come back the stronger your mental health the more you'll fly -- those who are the strongest in mental wellness and health - those who are the most real - those are the ppl I've seen FLY- bc they don't have to live with all of their shitty demons at night  Hot Bodies only come from working out & eating well exercise, eating fresh fruits, veggies, whole foods and cooking real delish foods- Have Grace for everyone. Tough mental wellness  Take advice with a grain of salt - and only from someone far wiser and more accomplished than you Know people will talk about you- they will be cruel and they will let you down -- this is sadly, life and -- as we say in japanese "Shikata ga nai" - it cannot be helped Times will change - you may be at the top one year and have fallen the next -- keep going -- because martha & julia child didn't make it BIG until their 50's!! Instant success is not lasting and it's not for everyone - most of us will not have a "viral" moment - therefore its best to work hard, perform in quality work within integrity, do something meaningful and keep going- they right people will give you opportunity at the right timeDo not compare your journey to anyone else's  - it's impossible to be the same and will never be the same - there will always be someone thinner, smarter, prettier and richer than you learn to let go of he people and things that cause suffering - is optional - opt out inner tranquility and peace - this is what to seek - not happiness - happiness is fleeting Read more books by solid authors -- vs online crap and trash - watch out for scammers, fakes, wannabes and con artists - the are everywhere & stay away from them Most of the time my mother was right - I fought her for a very long time - until we became friends a few years ago - I slowly had less resistance and more of my life made sense Cynthia - Cynthia from top chef was always my real friend - she and I had the biggest age gap on top chef - and yet we became the closest - find the ally that believed in you - especially when nobody else did - we went on to do big things, together and apart but mostly - the success we have is internal and its not shared openly to the public - not all success stories need to be bragged or boasted about - sometimes sits just for you It is better to be respected & to seek merit - than to be beautiful, successful in finance or in power - trust me - respect is all I have ever focused on - and that's made the biggest difference in my career.  Gratitude for the small things I do have - this is what makes life worth living & share it with others along the way - Kindness is the most powerful resource to success - because at the end of the day kindness is all we've got.
Dec 4, 2023
53 min
EP 142 Wellness Do's and Don'ts in 2024
The simple things getting on real wellness can DO and losing the bogus wellness fakeness that's a DON'T! - Ask yourself - what is your offering, legacy and use to the world - what do you want to be remembered for? - Professionals can offer you the most useful advice & experienced practices - Stop buying "courses" - Start reading time-tested books - Workout 5 days a week: the endorphins, blood flow, cardiovascular health benefits and muscle tone are just few of the many benefits you'll get for free! - what has helped? - weights! - Advice from fakie, cheapo, wannabes - do not - anymore- misinformation is REAL & its dangerous/risky for you/your loved ones - Working out also leads to tight and younger looking skin - believe it- it's true - Want abs for decades? - Eat lean meals with veggies and lean protein + workout + weights - Be kind to yourself with weights loss - take it in stride, each day with baby steps - you have got this! - Start focusing on eating real foods (yes even for snacks & the books I recommend to cook with) + smoothies for snacks - Don't lose the joy in delicious cooking and enjoying a incredibly flavorful meal! Stop eating AS much & keep it svelte - SEX. (HERE WE GO) helps to prevent common cold, stress & get better sleep - Do check out aromatherapy - for mental wellness - How to make your own electrolytes - Forest bathe in nature// eye health is important for 2024 - Get rid of trackers and devices - let go of tech this year - Consider deleting tik tok - its not really good for anything - Perhaps it is time for a pet - pet wellness is key - Kindness & Giving back are and always will be the best wellness practices of all - Beauty is mostly from your inner heart - looks will fade over time - so get started on that inner beauty journey, now. Don't make the focus of your life on food, weight or counting calories. If you cook for yourself, eat fresh produce, workout and be mindful - everything will indeed fall into place - thank you for listening xx ck
Nov 27, 2023
47 min
EP 141 Miranda Kerr: Organic Beauty Pioneer, CEO & Leaving a Legacy of Philanthropy
Happy Holidays Friends! Today we are sharing an hour long special episode of the Wabi Sabi Podcast: EP 141! With Special Guest: Miranda Kerr, CEO of Kora Organics, mogul, model and philanthropist. We chat on wellness, love, gratitude, business, cooking, support systems, beauty and of course, Moms! You'll learn in this podcast the importance of self-worth, confidence, growth, family and giving back to others. Miranda has a keen eye for not only beauty, fashion and wellness, but she is the pioneer in organic beauty standards. More than a model and a mogul - Miranda is a global inspiration for all of us to learn and grow with. Miranda is a devout philanthropist and supports numerous charities relating to women, children, and eco friendly causes. Please tune in today, listen and share this pod with three friends. A very special and BIG DISCOUNT CODE is released at the end of the pod - for Black Friday with KORA Organics (NOV 21-27th) listen to find out more. xx Thank you for listening
Nov 17, 2023
1 hr
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