W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.
W2 Capitalist | EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.
Jay Helms
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Great Podcast!!!
This podcast is one of the best investments I ever made. Jay is an amazing host, who is always able to provide insightful and valuable advice. His guests are also top-notch, always bringing fresh perspectives to the topics they discuss. The topics are always relevant and interesting and Jay is an excellent interviewer who is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. The podcast is always well researched and structured, making it a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning more about investing and finance. Five stars!
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Great Podcast
This podcast not only informs but entertains. Great guests, have learned so much. A great way to explore and learn about so many aspects of real estate. Mike Neal
Awesome Content
I enjoy hearing Jay, Jeff, Jamie, and Brody chat about all things real estate investing. They are extremely knowledgeable and have me laughing each episode. Definitely recommend listening and learning more about investing and other random things they bring up.
Info that feels tailor-made for a busy, married, W2 professional
I truly appreciate the content Jay shares with his listeners. As someone who is working to eventually replace my W2 income with REI cash flow, there is a ton of info I’ve been able to take away from both Jay and his guests that will benefit me in that pursuit!
Great Content!
Jay covers interesting topics with knowledgeable guests, to make his podcast both highly informative and entertaining!
Heather Bo
Great educational content
Lots of really great information for investors and learning valuable lessons. The consistency of great content and varied guest speakers makes this a great podcast to keep coming back to!
Awesome show!
Jay brings on high quality guest and creates amazing content with his podcast. I highly recommend listening to this podcast to learn more about how to effectively earn, invest and repeat!
Amazing show and must listen
I appreciate all the value that Jay Helms offers on the W2 Capitalist show!
Wholesaling Junkie
Solid show for anyone who’s working a w2 and looking to invest!
Solid show for anyone who’s working a w2 and looking to invest!
Luc D'Abreau
Excellent Host
Jay knows how to get the best information from his guests. Somehow he always asks the exact same question I was thinking.
Super Darren
Real world Stuff
Love Jays podcasts as they bring a more real and down to earth approach than many others.
Great Content
Love listening. Has provided me insight to things I wasn’t considering before when making my REI. Jay is s great host as well!
Self-Directed IRA Guy
Awesome Podcast!
I highly recommend this podcast! Jay and his guests offer very valuable content about real estate investing!
Sarah Friess
Great show! Great info! And great host! Highly recommended & only a few episodes in!
Multifamily investor
You need to listen to this
This is such a valuable resource for anyone looking to get out of the daily rat race or just looking to get into real estate. Love the content and the guests, and Jay asks great questions that help answer the questions I have! I look forward to every new episode.
Great content!
Love the unique perspective for investors that still love their jobs. Many people use investing as their “escape” from the rat race but I love that this has a focus shift on how to invest while still being a high performer in the corporate world. Thanks for the content!
Awesome Content
Jay brings an Everyman approach to the working person’s investing side hustle. He is very relatable to the listener in both interviews and doesn’t talk down to the listener in his couching calls. It’s a solid listen to any investor with a 9-5
Talk about adding value!
What a powerful value add podcast! Jay brings tons of insight and information to his listeners on a consistent basis. So happy and thrilled to have discovered the W2 Capitalist podcast. Thanks Jay! Keep it up! - Chad
Content Builder
Jay Helms and W2 Capitalist consistently delivers great content on how to get out of the rat race. I wish I had found him sooner. I still love hearing from him and his contributors that help me build my Networth and find more financial freedom.
Great for all investors!
A great podcast for all levels of investors! A lot of impactful content with each episode, and entertaining as well. It’s fun, engaging, and I learn something new each show!
Energizing podcast!
Jay is spontaneous, genuine and has a way to conduct the podcast interviews to get the best out of his amazing guests. Always adding value to the audience and keeping current with pertinent topics!!
M Soberanes
W2 REI is one way to go
Much praise to Jay and the W2 Cap community! Great information in every episode. 🤓 -Page
AdMil Solutions
Awesome show and really helps make pursuing a side hustle a reality!
Been listening to this show since about July of 2019 and man has it been great! Learn something new every episode. Thanks a lot, Jay!
5 Stars!
W2 Capitalist and the host Jay Helms will bring fresh content every episode. I have been impreseed with his insights, communicating topics like getting down and dirty into REAL real estate investing... in a straightforward way. You'll get hooked after just one episode! Check it out and subscribe! - Mark Willis
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established building your real estate side hustle, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Jay does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving real estate portfolio, while living a life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Adding value always!
Thank you for the valuable content that you bring so routinely for others to benefit from! ~ Miranda Phillips Elite Wealth and Wellness
The best of the best!
I am so grateful I get to know Jay Helms and his community! His webinars, his summit, his podcast, and other creations of Jay - are so valuable for all of us! Thank you so much!
Great for engineers!
i started off with zero properties and found bigger pockets but as i got my next few properties I was looking for my next group to fit my life as a Dad, W2, and investor. Jay hits a homerun specifically gearing topics towards those with a day job and entrepreneur spirit. As an engineer i really gravitated towards this and lead to my joining of his mastermind group which i am loving. keep up the good work Jay!.
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Awesome all the way around!
Love the content and the fb group. This is a great place for someone who doesn’t want to necessarily be a full time investor but still wants time proven, sound investments!
The Pizza King!
Great Show
Definteyl a very informative show.
Packed with Info.
Concise Direct Info
Jay gives good prepared programs to the point! I enjoy the info and support -kw
Jay is the man!
Such valuable content from a great host!
Great show with tons of information on real estate investing!
This is one to listen to
Jay brings value in each episode. Entertaining and informative.
What can I say?
This show is an absolute must for anyone wanting to figure out the financial world...
Corey Benschop
Good stuff!
Great podcast with knowledgeable host. Keep up the great work!
Great for us office drones trying to build wealth!
This podcast is not just about how to succeed in the workplace and not just about investing - it’s both! That’s great for those of us who are trying to leave our desk jobs, but are facing an uphill struggle to build wealth. So many podcasts out there are about the glamour of flying around on your jet in retirement, but this one is down to earth and practical for the regular w2 employee.
Great Show
Love what he is doing with the show and the fresh angle he is taking.
I enjoy the angle of RE investing from someone not really interested in retiring early. Very good interviews
Love the variety!
Jay brings on a great virility of guests, which helps to gain a lot of different perspectives into real estate investing.
Where Have You Been
I’m so glad I found this. Can’t wait to listen to them all.
Valuable ideas
Jay’s fun conversations with his guests bring real insights on investing.
This show highlights the REAL real estate investor!
Too many high-life, fancy cars, huge mansions, celebrity type real estate investors out there that flaunt the high life of real estate investing. But the reality is, many of the real estate investors out there are doing real work, working extra jobs to set their self up for long term wealth. Jay highlights his show with real, hard working, hustling real estate investors that are just normal people with extraordinary goals! This is the stuff on real estate people should really be following.
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Thank you for the value you bring
Great podcast for those looking to create more passive streams of income and create a life on fiancial freedom Jay, Thank you for the value you bring to your listeners.
Game Changing Podcast
Jay is truly passionate about helping and changing the lives of others. He brings on high level guests and shares massive amounts of his knowledge on his podcast.
Jay is a rockstar
Jay and his guests are full of knowledge and experience. They ask great questions of each other and have great conversations. If you want to learn you need to listen to this podcast.
This Is It. Your Path.
There is a lot of great info shared on the W2 podcast, from host and guests alike. But the thing that REALLY makes this podcast so great, is the excitement. The excitement for the pursuit. For the wins. For the SUCCESS for everyone who listens and tries. That excitement is contagious. Listen in and enjoy the ride.
Passion at its finest
I love the way that Jay chats with his guests. The conversations are real, unscripted and unpredictable. His passion for helping shines clearly in every episode!
Jay Helms is the man
I love watching Jay Helms, the W2 Capitalist, grow! This podcast is phenomenal!
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