Virtually Faithful
Virtually Faithful
Katherine MP Smith
The Virtually Faithful podcast is stories of everyday life lived in faith to the best of our abilities - through the craziness and the chaos that we each experience on a daily basis. The goal is to have a faithful place to turn to hear a familiar voice and fellow believer and friend. Host Katherine Smith originally started Virtually Faithful as a Facebook Group to create a connection after she had moved away from her support system and experienced the sudden loss of her father and uncle. A wife, mom, sister, stay-at-homer, former business executive turned at-home consultant is first and foremost a follower of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Find her on Instagram @virtuallyfaithful
Episode 4: Making tough decisions that are tough on you
In the midst of the pandemic, parents became teachers overnight. Those who never signed up for homeschooling now had no other choice. As the summer of 2020 lingered, many faced the decision of sending their kids back to school, or not. Would it be safe? Would they be able to wear a mask all day? Is giving them social connection more important than their health? What's best for them? In this episode, Heather and I discuss what we do when we are confronted with making decisions that don't seem to have a clear answer or a good outcome for us personally. Where is God in all this struggle and how do we find the path he is asking us to follow?
Jan 30, 2021
41 min
Episode 3 - Finding Hope
It feels like the world is a mess. Many are suffering. It is very easy to start to feel hopeless amidst the many challenges we are facing today. How do we find hope each day to carry on? In this episode, my sister Michele joins me for a conversation about finding hope amidst our challenges. After surviving many nearly fatal experiences in her younger years, Michele is no stranger to challenges in her life. Today, married with three children and amidst the chaos of a complete home remodel - Michele found herself facing yet another challenge that would lead most to retreat into despair. And yet, Michele is full of hope and lives each day with a positive outlook. Hear Michele's story and gain insight into how she reaches into the depths of her faith to keep her eyes on the true hope we should all learn to continually lean on.
Jan 8, 2021
49 min
Episode 2: Surrendering My Expectations
On this episode, I get personal - telling you a little of our story of adoption. It wasn't easy, actually it was downright painful at times, but it is a beautiful journey nonetheless - perfectly orchestrated by God. And one that taught me more core principle I live by - surrender. In Honor of National Adoption Awareness Month For more information about Katherine visit
Nov 13, 2020
27 min
Episode 1: Calming the Storm
There's a storm a brewin' ....In my first episode, I take a walk in the woods and discuss how we can help calm the storm of the world with the love of God in our hearts. A brief introduction to me and to what to expect from Virtually Faithful.
Oct 22, 2020
16 min