Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast
Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast
Dr. Ernie Ward & Beckie Mossor, RVT
Weekly podcast dedicated to "tackling the toughest topics in veterinary medicine." Hosted by veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward and registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor. Candid, irreverent, provocative, educational, and occasionally funny conversations about issues that impact the veterinary profession.
It's Our 4-Year Anniversary, Feedback on Veterinary Influencers Episode, and Feeling Grateful during the Holidays
This week we’re celebrating FOUR YEARS and 208 EPISODES of the Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast! … Thank you for your loyal listening, sharing with colleagues, and being the best bunch of friends we could hope for! … We take a brief stroll down memory lane this week and share the many reasons why we still love talking with you (and each other!) each week for the past four years. … We then discuss the tremendous amount of feedback we received from last week’s podcast, “The Rise of Veterinary Influencers: Controversies and Opportunities.” You definitely want to hear this! … We also share our tips for surviving the “pandemic holidays,” why Beckie calls it the “Pan-damnit!” and how to remain positive despite the many challenges this year poses. Dr. Ward once again reminds us, “Tilt toward optimism” by using his simple gratitude practice. … Beckie gives us an update on the Veterinary Industry Giving Tree and Dr. Ward reveals how their 25th Annual Calabash Community Christmas Tree Lighting and Parade will go on this year…with quite a creative twist! … Viewfinders, we hope you enjoy this wide-ranging celebration episode. We really appreciate everyone who reached out and gave us feedback on last week’s episode. We definitely hit a professional pain point that needs more attention! … We hope you have a wonderful - and safe - Thanksgiving holiday! Can’t wait to talk to you next week!
Nov 25
31 min
The Rise of Veterinary Influencers - Controversies & Opportunities
Are you a veterinary influencer? Do you aspire to be called “an influencer?” If so, you may want to talk to Beckie first! … This week co-hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT tackle the rise of veterinary influencers. The duo discusses the controversies and opportunities of being a social media influencer, and their concerns over certain types of “veterinary influence.” Viewfinders, buckle up. This episode might get bumpy! … Beckie shares her concerns that some popular veterinarian influencers may be “driving a wedge” between veterinary professionals and pet parents. Dr. Ward muses that some veterinarians may be posting unprofessional or inappropriate content in an attempt to get more “likes.” Both hosts lament the promotion of uncredentialed, unlicensed, self-proclaimed pet experts to large veterinary CE keynote speakers. Told you it might be bumpy. … Viewfinders, this is an especially tough topic that deserves our profession’s attention. What do you think about the rise of veterinary and pet influencers? What are your suggestions for making sure we’re educating the pet-loving public in a professional and responsible manner?
Nov 18
29 min
Happy COVID-19 Holidays! How Will the Pandemic Affect Veterinary Clinics, Staff Parties, Gifting, and Celebrations?
Happy COVID-19 Holiday Season Viewfinders! Or, as Beckie says, Happy Holidays, COVID-19! (You have to listen to the podcast to understand…) … With the holidays just around the corner, hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT take time to discuss how the pandemic may affect veterinary clinics during the traditional holiday season. Each shares how their businesses are planning to celebrate the holidays, and offer a wide variety of advice for any clinic or veterinary professional. … The duo tackle office parties, Dr. Ward reviews how he’s advising veterinary practices to host virtual client parties to mitigate some of the stress and ”impersonality” the past several months of curbside service has created, and Beckie provides guidance on staff gifting. … Viewfinders, this is a podcast you need to hear NOW as you begin preparations for the upcoming holiday season. Dr. Ward even reveals how he and Laura’s 25th year hosting their community Christmas tree lighting and parade has creatively adapted to the current quarantine and social distancing. … How are you celebrating the holidays with your team and clients? What about gifts? Have your practice finances been negatively affected by the coronavirus disruptions? We want to hear from you!
Nov 11
27 min
How Will Veterinary Conferences Survive the Pandemic?
With most of 2020's veterinary continuing education conferences moving to an online format, what lasting effects will this have in 2021 and beyond? Will some veterinary conferences fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic? What will future veterinary CE look like? ... This week, hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT reflect on their experiences creating, supporting, and working with several veterinary conferences during 2020. What worked and what didn't? More importantly. What have we learned that can help improve veterinary CE in the future? ... How will state veterinary medical boards and licensing agencies adapt to online CE? Will states begin allowing more virtual learning credits after the pandemic passes, or will they retreat to traditional CE requirements? Our hosts have strong opinions on this! ... The pair also discuss the recent trend toward free and low-cost online CE. Dr. Ward ponders what impact this will have on the value of education and whether or not practices will continue to pay for staff CE if they can get it for free? ... Beckie suggests online CE may have significant advantages over traditional in-person CE and is better suited to address many different learning styles of veterinary professionals. ... Our hosts also speculate on how a shift toward online and hybrid CE will affect corporate sponsors and the ability of companies to share their advances with veterinary professionals. ... Viewfinders, this is an important topic that few are talking about. CE affects all licensed veterinary professionals, and how we remain licensed and accredited is something we need to pay attention to. What do you think? How do you see veterinary CE evolving over the next few years?
Nov 4
29 min
2020 American Humane Hero Veterinary Nurse Award Winner Julie Nettifee, RVT
This week we’re honored to share the microphone with the 2020 American Humane Hero Veterinary Nurse Award winner, Julie Nettifee, RVT, BS VTS (Neurology). Visit to learn more or nominate a veterinary hero in your life! … Julie has been on the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine veterinary technician nursing staff for over 20 years. Julie shares her journey from childhood to present day specialization, how her passion for neurology has given her professional resilience and career longevity, and offers inspirational messages for how to stay in love with our vocation. Viewfinders, grab your hankies. … Beckie also tells us about a special COVID-19 holiday program she’s kicking off to help our colleagues severely affected by economic challenges this year. Check out the Veterinary Industry Giving Tree here: … Viewfinders, if you haven’t already, VOTE! That’s all. Just VOTE! See you next week!
Oct 28
32 min
Are We Taking Pet's Temperature Wrong? Rethinking Home Diagnostics with Mella Pet Care
Arguably one of the most challenging exam parameters for veterinary patients is body temperature. We have traditionally performed this rectally. So there’s that. … But how accurate is a rectal temperature anyway? And how were those “normal temperature ranges” determined? Have we been taking pet’s temperatures wrong? … This week hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor are joined by two of Mella Pet Care’s co-founders Yale Zhang and Anya Babbitt to discuss “all things temperature” - and a whole lot more! ( … The quartet muse on the current limitations and challenges of rectal temperature in animals, why the “standard” thermometer may not be as good as we’d like to believe, and Mell’s approach to in-home diagnostics. … Dr. Ward and Yale postulate on the future of in-home diagnostics, how this will impact telemedicine, and what this means for veterinary clinics. … Beckie challenges the notion that in-home testing performed by pet parents will threaten the veterinary profession and makes an astute observation on pediatricians, babies, and, well, body temperatures and veterinary businesses. You have to listen to find out more! Brilliant! … This is an important discussion because it speaks to the accelerating trend of what Dr. Ward calls, “The democratization of diagnostics.” We think you’re going to love this conversation!
Oct 21
32 min
National Veterinary Tech Week: A Frank Conversation about Celebrations, Challenges & Solutions
Happy National Veterinary Technician Week! ... Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, our hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT get real about the present challenges the veterinary technician/nurse (that's one of them!) profession faces today. ... This conversation is timely and essential if the veterinary profession (DVM's, RVT's, CVPM's) are to thrive over the next decade. It's also unapologetically raw, unfiltered, and will probably upset a few of our colleagues. Evolution and progress ain't necessarily easy sometimes. ... While our hosts certainly celebrate the innumerable contributions veterinary technicians make in the pet and vet worlds, they also highlight areas for much needed improvement. ... Improving diversity, increasing pay and benefits, standardizing credentials and nomenclature, and what rewards REALLY make an impact on your staff are just a few of the topics covered in this important podcast. ... Viewfinders, how are you celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week? What did you think about some of these red-hot topics? Did we get it right, wrong, or somewhere in-between? We want to hear from you! ... And, THANK YOU, you bunch of awesome animal-loving, science-loving, caffeine-craving fellow nerds out there!
Oct 14
34 min
Made By Vet Professionals: The Importance of Supporting Businesses and Services Owned by Veterinary Professionals
Many of us in the United States choose “Made in the USA” or “US Owned and Operated” whenever given a comparable choice. But what about businesses founded, owned, or operated by our colleagues? Does that affect our choices? Should it influence our decisions if the products or services are similar in quality and price compared to non-vet professional businesses? … This week hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT discuss the importance of supporting our entrepreneurial colleagues. … With a torrent of new pet businesses and products, who is behind some of the most buzz-worthy trends? How can we encourage innovation by our colleagues? … The duo share their experiences as entrepreneurs, clinicians, and consultants to provide the Viewfinders with a unique perspective. … We believe this is an important topic our profession needs to tackle. With so many new businesses entering our industry and profession, we believe it is essential veterinary professionals are involved in establishing the culture, ethics, and vision of the companies responsible for creating foods, drugs, and lifestyle accessories for the pets and pet parents we love to serve. … Viewfinders, what do you think about this? Do you seek our businesses owned or operated by colleagues? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a unique service or product you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comments!
Oct 7
32 min
You Need a Vacation! How to Set Work Boundaries When You Take Time Off
EPISODE 200! 200 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS! WOO-HOO! THANK YOU! … We talk a lot on the Veterinary Viewfinder about the importance of self-care and wellness, including taking time off for yourself. Even though we may escape our veterinary clinics from time to time, how to we truly disconnect from the incessant text questions, prescription approvals, and myriad of other interrupters during “time off?” … This week co-hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT offer their tips and advice for setting boundaries when taking time off work. Beckie shares her recent vacation experience and how she dealt with requests while she was celebrating her 10-year wedding anniversary. … This episode is a must-listen for anyone who manages or owns a veterinary practice. As Dr. Ward says, “Respecting time off begins with leadership and leads to workplace culture.” … If you know someone or are struggling yourself with “time-off guilt” or unsure how to disconnect without missing out or letting down your team, this episode is meant for you! … Viewfinders, thank you again for your loyal listening and helping us reach tens of thousands of downloads each month! 200!! … How do you prepare for vacation or taking a long weekend? Do you have “time-off guilt?” We want to hear from you!
Sep 30
31 min
VMX 2021 - What to Expect, How They Disinfect, and Virtual Effects with NAVC CEO Gene O'Neill and OCCC Executive Director Mark Tester
Many veterinary professionals are beginning to plan for their 2021 Continuing Education requirements. Many of us have questions and concerns about coronavirus and conferences. Is it safe? How are the facilities disinfecting? Are masks required? How full will the lecture rooms and exhibit halls be? Will food be served? This week, we have an exclusive conversation with NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill and the Executive Director for the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) Mark Tester to answer these questions and more. … Host Dr. Ernie Ward is flying solo this week as co-host Beckie Mossor, RVT is on vacation - and on the mend after injuring her knee - this week. … Dr. Ernie and his guests go deep on the cleaning protocols of the OCCC and VMX 2021, how VMX has created new policies regarding attendance, room capacity, and movement in the OCCC. Needless, to say, the 2021 VMX will look very different from previous conferences. Dr. Ernie also inquires about the VMX’s historical “ladies bathroom shortages” and how the conference is adjusting this year. … Viewfinders, this is an excellent conversation from two people who have a lot a stake - and a lot of people’s health and safety on their minds - during this pandemic. I think you’ll find the steps they’re taking and the seriousness with which they perform their duties comforting. This is another tough COVID-19 conversation for the veterinary profession, but one that will surely leave you hopeful for 2021. … We also discuss how VMX 2021 is going virtual on the internet and why this is important for the global veterinary community. In addition, listen closely as Gene explains special incentives, benefits, and their flexible cancellation policies for 2021. ... Viewfinders, are you planning on attending VMX 2021 in Orlando in January? What about other conferences? Is COVID-19 influencing your CE decisions? We want to hear from you! … Thank you again for your loyal listening. This marks Episode 199! Stay safe and we’ll see you next week. 200!
Sep 23
38 min
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