Daniel Macavei, Dante De Mayo
Just 2 gay best friends who started a podcast…I know right, super unexpected. We cover a variety of topics and open up about our personal lives. We hope to inspire and educate listeners with our experiences as well as provide some good laughs along the way. Look forward to future episodes and follow @versatilitypodcast on Instagram for updates. ILY
Pop Quiz!
Vanilla Latte with oat milk and our first drag show at the local coffee shop?! This week we take an online gay quiz, talk about our conversation with Dan Levy, and getting invited to an exclusive Grindr group chat. Lucky us
May 24
40 min
Bay Boys
Get updated on Dante's horseback riding adventures and Daniel's yoga journey. Also we discuss our new boyfriends, moving to San Francisco, and taking our next steps in adulthood. Where's your disco?
May 4
29 min
Toxic BS
It's time we address a few things, our love for Britney and the need to cut out toxic things from our lives. On this weeks episode, we break down toxic topics such as relationships, traits, and masculinity while we self reflect on our own struggles and ways we have dealt with them. Also, find out why we love our "couch" so much!
Apr 21
41 min
We're having kids?!
Its 5 o'clock somewhere, grab your marg and catch up with us as we debrief our Spring Break adventure, talk about our baby fever, and give tips on how to curve straight girls. Special shoutout to our past girlfriends, this ones for you (:
Apr 6
38 min
I'm Coming Out
It's time you knew. On this episode, we share our stories of being our true selves. A time that was hard for both of us, but a journey that has shaped us into who we are today. Sheeeesh. For any additional support regarding your journey, call the TrevorLifeline at 1-866-488-7386, visit, or the many other resources available.
Mar 2
1 hr 10 min
Super Sisters
This episode we celebrate Daniel being a swammer and Dante starting his horse back riding career. Our first guests are none other than our super star sisters. Listen as they share memories, embarrassing stories, and their perspective of us! Bonus: Take a shot every time we say the word super.
Feb 23
47 min
We're Your Favorites
Believe it or not, we don't have the exact same taste in everything. On this weeks episode, we share some of our favorite stories, movies, quotes, and so much more. Tune in for another fun episode with your favorites!
Feb 16
40 min
Love Me Not
Today we talk about taking full advantage of our hot years and give our unasked input on relationships, dating, and football.
Feb 9
46 min
Thank you, Next Question
We had our closest friends and family submit some questions for our first Q&A! Lots of topics covered this week including the story behind our freshman year beef, comparing our sex lives to candy, dating app stories, and giving advice on how to be a better ally to the LGBT+ community.
Jan 27
50 min
Feels like the First Time
This is Versatility, a Podcast that covers it all. In this episode we discuss some of our defining moments: how we met, surviving college, coming out, and ordering our first mojitos in West Hollywood. Join us on our downward spiral.
Jan 21
37 min