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Velocities In Music
Jake and Tom are two devout music heads who spent the last several years reviewing music on YouTube as Velocities in Music. Armed with two microphones and a podcast, the guys from VIM discuss topics important to music fanatics including artist deep-dives, new music summaries and other on-topic banter.
When Should a Band Change Their Name After a Lineup Change?
Bands will often change and evolve their sound over time, and sometimes bands will change their lineup as well, bringing new members into the fold as others leave. As fans, we get attached to our favorite bands and their members, and sometimes when these sonic shifts and personnel changes line up, it can feel like a betrayal. After all, they're not even the same band anymore--how dare they go by the same name! In this episode, we explore some examples of when bands did or didn't change their name after a significant lineup change, and discuss when we think it's appropriate to just call it a new band. What do you think? When should a band change their name, and when is it okay to keep the same name? Bands discussed in this episode include: Joy Division Metallica Stone Temple Pilots Black Sabbath Fleetwood Mac AC/DC Iron Maiden Pink Floyd Sublime (with Rome) Velvet Underground Boston Journey At the Drive-In King Crimson The Fall
Oct 15, 2019
41 min
How Have Our 200 Favorite Albums Changed Over the Last 10 Years? (Pt 2 of 2)
People track their tastes in many different ways, and some prefer not to at all. At Velocities In Music, we like to make lists of our favorite albums every few years and compare them to old lists so we can know more about how our tastes have changed. In this episode, we compare our lists of our 200 favorite albums in 2019, after almost 10 years of Velocities In Music, with our lists from 2010, when Velocities In Music was just getting started. Jake's List: Tom's List:
Sep 12, 2019
32 min
How Have Our Tastes Changed Over the Last 10 Years? (Pt 1 of 2)
As Velocities In Music approaches its 10-year anniversary, Jake and Tom reflect on how their tastes have changed over the last decade, and how VIM has specifically contributed to that change.
Sep 5, 2019
46 min
The Lost Art of the Mixtape
For decades people have been making each other mixtapes, mixes, and playlists for a variety of reasons in a variety of formats. As technology has evolved and made these easier to create, convenience is at an all-time high, but crafting personalized mixtapes has become something of a lost art. In this podcast, we highlight some key mixtape experiences in our lives and why the practice is still important to us today.   Listen to the Mr. Anchovy playlist here:
May 27, 2019
44 min
March 2019 - Record Fair Haul
Jake and Tom discuss the pros and cons of attending record fairs, and share the hauls from their respective fairs in Phoenix and Des Moines.
Mar 25, 2019
42 min
Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde | A Track-by-Track Breakdown
In early 1966, after being dissatisfied with the results of his recording sessions in New York, Bob Dylan went to Nashville to cut his new album with some of the city's studio musicians. These rapid-fire sessions would become Blonde on Blonde, considered to be the first rock double-album and a masterpiece of the genre. In this podcast we walk through a brief history of the record and break it down track by track, addressing questions like: What's the best song on Blonde on Blonde? Should he have cut it down to a single disc, and if so, which songs should have been removed? Should Blonde on Blonde be considered one of the greatest albums of all time? What's the best word to describe Dylan's hair in 1966?
Feb 25, 2019
1 hr 9 min
Top 25 Songs of 2018
Listen to the playlist: A lot of great songs came out in 2018--some of them are from our favorite albums of the year, and some of them aren't. In this podcast, we highlight our 25 favorite songs of 2018 and a few one-offs that didn't make the list.
Jan 22, 2019
47 min
Top 20 Albums of 2018
Another year of music is in the books! In this podcast we highlight our 20 favorite albums from 2018 and discuss what we thought of the year's music as a whole.
Jan 9, 2019
40 min
Talking Heads - Talking Heads: 77 | A Track-by-Track Breakdown
Talking Heads: 77 is a classic debut album from one of rock music's most adventurous and influential bands. In this podcast, we walk through the album track by track and discuss its writing, production, performances, and legacy as one of the best rock albums of all time. Dedicated to Jeremy Nifras for winning Season 2 of the VIM Music League!
Dec 12, 2018
1 hr 8 min
Our Musical Upbringings
This podcast was requested by Sean Murphy, winner of the first VIM Music League! It's safe to say that everyone grows up with music around, to some degree. However, our friends, family, and culture can shape the way we listen to music based on what we're exposed to and how we internalize it, and this makes everybody's musical upbringing unique. In this podcast, we talk about our own musical upbringings--the music that shaped our childhoods and made us the listeners we are today, the people who got us there, the artists we outgrew, and the artists we never stopped loving.
Oct 24, 2018
57 min
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