Brian Swinney
Podcast hosted on http://Utezone.com by Brian Swinney covering University of Utah athletics
Utecast (9/29)
Utecast (9/29) by Brian Swinney
Sep 29, 2017
19 min
Utecast: Utah Beats North Dakota (8/31)
Wrapping up Utah's season opening win over North Dakota
Aug 31, 2017
37 min
Utecast (8/30)
Previewing the week 1 matchup between Utah and North Dakota
Aug 30, 2017
42 min
Utecast Q and A (8/23
Answering your Utah questions 8 days from the start of the season
Aug 23, 2017
21 min
UTEcast Roundtable: Tyler Huntley (8/22)
Swinney, Rojack, Furlong, White Will Smith, and James Durrant debate the naming of Tyler Huntley as Utah's QB
Aug 22, 2017
41 min
UTEcast: Tyler Huntley Edition (8/21)
Tyler Huntley beats out Troy Williams for starting job at QB. What does it all mean?
Aug 21, 2017
17 min