UNRLSTC: The Podcast By Savages For Savages
UNRLSTC: The Podcast By Savages For Savages
UNRLSTC is The Podcast By Savages For Savages. A daily Morning Motivational Podcast to get you in the right mindset every morning. Concept behind it is that nothing is unrealistic as long as you put your mind to it!
Investing 101
You get 24hrs a day, what are you spending it on?
Jan 28, 2021
37 min
The episode you all have been waiting for!! Resistance is self sabotage. Resistance comes from inside you. Resistance is any and every excuse you've ever made. Everytime you're "not ready yet" or everytime you decide you'll start "tomorrow," that's resistance. Every single fucking time you decide that you'll start your work after "one more episode" or one more YouTube video, that's Resistance. Resistance is all encompassing. It's procrastination, fear, self doubt, rationalization, distraction, and self indulgence, all wrapped into one. And after a long, hard, grueling day of battle with Resistance in all its forms, he smiles, not only knowing that, atleast for today, he has won, and Resistance has lost, but also knowing that he'll have to suit up for battle again tomorrow. Don't be an amateur. Don't allow Resistance to keep you away from realizing how extraordinary you were meant to be. Turn pro. Start today.
Jan 13, 2021
1 hr 17 min
17: Set Goals, Not New Years Resolutions
80 % of New Years Resolutions FAIL by February, so set goals instead!! Why are you choosing your New Year's resolutions? How many times have you made them, and which of your resolutions have you actually achieved? Many New Year's resolutions fail because we're merely looking for a new experience instead of real change. A resolution is a decision to (not) do a specific behavior, like eating ice cream before bed. A goal is a series of calculated steps designed to help you achieve the resolution, like starting to meditate at bedtime. By this definition, it may be more straightforward to think of goals as the planned-out process of achieving your resolution. By setting goals, you're differentiating your desired outcome from the steps you must take to accomplish it. 6 Steps to help you: 1: Decide and commit to making a change 2: Document what you want 3: Get clear on the why 4: Find absolute certainty and take action 5: Measure your progress 6: Keep going! Starting your year with no New Year's resolutions can be a liberating experience of getting what you really want.
Jan 5, 2021
41 min
There are 3 main components to success: 1. Happiness 2. Hardwork 3. Patience The combo of these = SUCCESS!! Correlates exactly with the last episode. Happiness- Don't limit yourself with what's available, but rather do something that will make you happy. Hardwork- In anything you do you're going to have to grind regardless. You can't expect an extraordinary lifestyle without having an extraordinary work life. Patience- Don't play the victim. Blaming anyone or anything else for your losses will make you run in the opposite direction. Rather than that take full responsibility and learn from it. The the late great Kobe Bryant said "Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success."
Dec 16, 2020
34 min
Don't limit yourself to whats offered but rather what you WANT! Don't be afraid of stress or problems This just means your goals are good It's no fun playing offense if theres no defense to guard you Don't let anyone tell you that you CAN'T do something or that your goals are UNRLSTC Trust the process, and stay consistent in trending in the positive direction!
Dec 15, 2020
23 min
Upgrading Everyone is talking about the iPhone 12 that just came out -diff colors -camera is better -better battery life I think everyone can agree apple is a big brand -in 2018 they became the first trillion dollar company -in 2020 during a pandemic they became the first US company to be valued at 2trillion dollars on the stock market SO it really made me think, how come they continue to be so big and sought after, its a brand people are proud TO invest in Like the iPhone, people are proud to show off their new iPhone as soon as it comes out. Apple is FIERCE about upgrading their products and their brand This is the same mentality you need in your life Imagine yourself as an iPhone - you need to be a new model everyday your philosophy on life should be that if you have the reflection more than twice, you werent being a great student Student mentality is something thats so key The best student will progress the quickest Network Reflections Ask Questions Have a Great Attitude Work Ethic It doesn't matter if it's your first day, 2nd week, or 4th month. It's never too late or early to start being the best. We are on a journey, but the quicker you make the decision to get great quickly - the quicker you will start progressing. Be the white rabbit - be the example of a great student! Have a great attitude and insane work ethic, the rest will take care of itself.
Nov 30, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Ikigai- Japanese concept meaning of "reason for being" consists of 4 things: what you love what you are good at what you can be paid for what the world needs All relate with each other what you love and what you are good at is PASSION what you are good at and what you can be paid for is PROFESSION What you can be paid for and what the world needs is VOCATION What the world needs and what you love is MISSION 1,2,3 IS SATISFACTION 2,3,4 IS COMFORTABLE 1,3,4 IS EXCEITEMENT 1,2,4 IS DELIGHT BUT NOT WEALTH
Nov 25, 2020
35 min
Amor Fati- It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary. Don't focus on things you cant control. Embrace Your life, stop complaining. KEEP FUCKING GOING Take emotion out of your goals Stop playing the victim, it doesnt help you AT ALL. ORDER, REORDER, DISORDER YOU WILL NEVER BE READY TO START!
Nov 25, 2020
1 hr 2 min
KAIZEN - Continuous and on going improvement Student Mentality - You can always get better at your craft, it doesnt end as you age Cant let the highs get too high or the lows get to low The power of compounding - 1% wins Take Massive Action & Constantly work on yourself Stop Procrastinating, sometimes you learn from doing You will never be ready Engrain KAIZEN into your mentality and into your life
Nov 17, 2020
1 hr 6 min
Take ownership of your life. Akash's Life Story. Don't do it for others, but for yourself. Follow your passion, dont be persuaded into an industry, go into something you're intersted in. Problem Solving.
Nov 10, 2020
27 min
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