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A SeaWorld Podcast with your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin. Your source for all SeaWorld news in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio. The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is a show designed for fans of Sea World and marine mammals lovers. Part of the MiceChat Podcast Network -
Final Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode - All good things must come to an end
Every this is the 40th and last episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast.  Since it is the last episode, we want to thank Eric, Erin and Mike for the amazing audio journey they have taken us on.  We also want to give a special thanks to for believing in us and giving us a place to share our passion for the 3 SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.  While this podcast is going away, it is the birth of a brand new podcast, the ZooNation Podcast... so while the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is ending, it is an exciting new beginning for ZooNation!  It’s Episode 1 of the ZooNation Podcast (which, in turn, is also serving as the 40th and final episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast). As such, we are joined by 2 of the 3 hosts from the USWP: Eric Davis & Mike Madsen, both of whom are founders and board members of ZooNation. We get to know hosts Andrew Streeter and Cat Rust a little bit, and then jump into a roundtable discussion regarding SeaWorld’s recently announced plan to phase out their orca breeding program— how the announcement alone has affected SeaWorld's fans and the conservationist community, and how it may affect the animals and the health of SeaWorld as a company moving forward. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect the official views of ZooNation as an organization.
Apr 20, 2016
53 min
SeaWorld Podcast 39 - Blue World at the Californian Coastal Commission and Interview with Rich Phillips Author of Orcastration
Welcome back to episode 39 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast.  in this episode your hosts Eric & Mike along with guest host Andrew talk about the California Coastal Commission meeting and the Blue World Project at SeaWorld. Eric, Mike and Andrew hold a round table discussion as they discuss the various options for SeaWorld San Diego along with the bright future of the SeaWorld Parks. Eric, Mike and Andrew also talk about the upcoming announcement party on November 9th where the new SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby will reveal SeaWorld's new strategy along with new attractions and things that SeaWorld fans can get excited about for the future. Eric then sits down to talk to former SeaWorld trainer Rich Phillips about his new book Orcastration, a book that helps you bring the power of positive reinforcement into your daily life. Eric and Rich talk about the early days at SeaWorld, the history of positive reinforcement  at Seaworld parks and how you can bring positive intentions and positive reinforcement into your daily life! You can order the book now at The book by Rich Phillips is a must have for anyone who is looking to learn some of the history of SeaWorld parks and for some people who want to use the amazing relationship techniques that SeaWorld has developed to work with animals in their daily life.  we want to hear from you, please feel free to email us at or follow us on Facebook at or on twitter at   
Oct 18, 2015
33 min
Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast 38 - SeaWorld celebrates Halloween and Blue World Round Table
Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 38.  In this episode Eric, Erin and Mike talk about the different ways that each park celebrate this fun seasons. At SeaWorld Orlando guests can participate in SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular on select days from October 3rd to the 31st.  SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular starts at 12pm and goes until 7pm.  Guests will be able to Trick-or-Treat, Dance at Penelope’s Party Zone, enjoy the Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween. And for an upcharge guests can enjoy a special Dine with Shamu Spooktacular Brunch.   SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular is included with your park admission!  So another reason to be an annual passholder. in the SeaWorld Parks, San Antonio reigns supreme. Howl-O-Scream is coming and this year is going to be bigger and badder than ever. This year, the construction crews at SeaWorld Texas have UNEARTHED a home, hundreds of years old, that contains the curse of Scarlett a freaky demon lady. Some of our favorite haunts return, such as ICU and Frightmare Forest, and we here at The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast have heard that the new house, Unearthed, is one of the scariest haunted houses like, ever. But the highlight of any visit to Halloween to SeaWorld Texas is Shamu’s Rockin Creep Show, the Halloween spectacular night show that that’s creepy and cool and generally awesome. PARTY HARD. Howl-O-Scream is open in the evenings during Saturdays and Sundays in the month of October and is not recommended for children under 13, or wimpy bloggers. At SeaWorld San Diego there are spooky kooky adventures to be had all over the park throughout Halloween Spooktacular®. We will have monster amounts of colorful trick-or-treat stations located throughout the park, so get ready to grab gobs of ghoulish goodies. (Start time for trick-or-treating is at 11 a.m. on each event day.) The Mermaid Grotto and Pumpkinfish Patch are among the sights swimming back to Halloween Spooktacular. Come meet and take a picture with our enchanting mermaids, play in the new kinetic sand bar or join the fun as DJ Cotton Candy spins sweet beats leading a Spooktacular dance party.  Need a rest from exploring? We have two new Halloween themed shows Clyde and Seamore's Big Halloween Bash and Sesame Street’s Who Said Boo?! What could make this event even better? Kids are FREE with a paid adult throughout the month of October. That’s a scary good deal! Come in costume with the kids and have fun celebrating Halloween under the sea. Event included with park admission. Event dates and times subject to change or cancellation without notice. Eric, Erin and Mike then have a round table discussion about the Killer whale tank expansion at SeaWorld San Diego and out the misguided animal rights movement.  Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund spotlight where he talks about a project that is saving coral reefs. Erin brings us a new animal spotlight the amazing lemurs that are animal ambassadors at SeaWorld.
Sep 28, 2015
30 min
SeaWorld Podcast Ep 37 - We Are Back - SeaWorld News and a talk with Chef Axel Dirolf
The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is back with your hosts Eric M Davis, Mike Madsen and Erin McKinney. In this episode you will learn what Eric, Mike and Erin did during the podcast hiatus, and we share some news about AweosmeOcean.  Mike shares some news about ZooNation and Erin talks about her experience as a SeaWorld camp cousnelor.  SeaWorld News Eric talks about Sea Lion High opening at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld Texas.  Along with some of the amazing rescue work done by SeaWorld San Diego this past summer. Erin shares the news about Mako a new hypercoast opneing at SeaWorld Orlando in the summer of 2016.  Mako is going to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Florida.  Mike shares news about the Blue World project and what listeners can do to help make Blue World a reality.  Erin talks about the end of the Sea of Surprises and the SeaWorld parks getting ready for Halloween.  And a new Dine with Shamu Brunch and SeaWorld San Antonio getting ready for Howl-O-Scream Eric then talks about the biggest expansion ever coming to SeaWorld San Antonio with the new Discovery Point expansion coming in 2016.  Sitting down with Executive Chef Axel Dirolf at SeaWorld San Diego Eric sits down with SeaWorld San Diego Executive Chef Axel Dirolf about sustainability, elevating theme park food and how crazy chips were invented.  Learn how SeaWorld is leading the way to serve guests local, hormon free, organic and sustainble food to their guests.  Chef Axel shares information about Breakfast with Elmo, Wild Days the Seven Seas Food Festival and more.  Animal Spotlight with Erin - Puffins Erin talks about how amazing Puffins are and why you should love Puffins too.  SeaWorld Busch Gardens Spotlight with Mike - Killer Whale Research Mike talks about how Killer Whales in SeaWorld's Care are helping animals in the wild.  You can learn more about the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast at and Follow us on twitter at @SeaWorldPodcast Follow us on Facebook at  
Sep 16, 2015
40 min
SeaWorld Podcast 36 - Sea Lion High - Manatee Rescues and more
In this epsidoe we have news from all 3 SeaWorld parks.  We talk about the Sea Lion High preview at SeaWorld Orlando giving us a look at what they new Sea Lion show will look like at SeaWorld Orlando and San Diego when the new show debuts this spring and summer.  We also talk about the amazing manatee resuce of 19 manatees in Florida by SeaWorld Orlando rescue team, Florida Fish and Wildlife and more. We also talk about SeaWorld's 4th quarter earnings and the exciting future for all 3 SeaWorld parks. We then talk about Praise Wave at SeaWorld Orlando and we talk about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio.   Erin sat down with Maggie a conservationist who was at Wild Days and is game changer.  Mike brings us a brand new conservation fund spotlight. Erin brings us a new animal spotlight. Then Eric, Erin and Mike have a SeaWorld roundtable where they debate conservatin issues and iniatitves with river dolphins around the world and what we can do to help these critically endangered animals.   
Mar 22, 2015
31 min
SeaWorld Podcast 35 - Bindi Irwin talks about Generation Nature and Clay Carbajal
Welcome to episode 35 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcat.  In this episode your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin take you to al 3 SeaWorld parks where amazing things are happening. Eric takes you live on location to Disocvery Cove in Orlando, where he sits down with the world famous Bindi Irwin to talk about Generation Nautre and Wild Days.  Bindi Irwin has been on a whirlwind world tour going to SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld San Antonio where she is hosting shows about her amazing conservation program Generation Nature. Bindi shares with us what we can do right now to help wildlife in need.  Will you decide to join Bindi Irwin and become a Game Changer? Erin then takes you live on location at SeaWorld San Antonio, where she sits down with SeaWorld Animal Ambassador Clay Carbajal where they talk about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio and what it is like hosting your own show at SeaWorld along with some of the amazing animals guests can come face to face with at SeaWorld San Antonio during Wild Days. Mike brings you a brand new SeaWorld Busch Gardens conservation fund about efforst Seaworld has in Austrailia. Erin brings you a new Animal Spotlight on Sea Turtles.  The episode wraps up with a lively debate over which new SeaWorld baby animal is cutest?  Who do you agree with Eric, Mike or Erin? We want to hear from you!  Please tweet at us @SeaWorldPodcast @SeaWorldEric @SeaWorldMike and @SeaWorldErin Thank you for diving in!  
Feb 15, 2015
33 min
SeaWorld Podcast Ep 34 - Wild Days with Julie Scardina and Chuck Cureau
In Ep 34 the Unofficial Seaworld Podcasts hosts Eric, Erin and Mike spend time talking about the incredible Wild Days Weekends at SeaWorld Orlando and San Antonio. Eric goes live on location to SeaWorld Orlando where he talks with SeaWorld's Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina about the Penguin Lovers Weekend and the plight of penguins in the wild.  Julie also shares why trainer talks are so important.  Erin talks about the Wild Days offerings at SeaWorld San Antonio.  Austin then goes live on locaiton at SeaWorld San Antonio where he talks with Chuck Cureau about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio and what he hopes guests take away from their Wild Days experience. The podcast crew talks about news at SeaWorld parks with Praise Wave, free books, animal rescues and free admission for teachers in Texas. Mike has a brand new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Spotlight on SANCOBB a non-profit in South Africa that works to protect penguins in South Africa. Erin brings us a Bindi Irwin focused animal spotlight on the Kookaburra and the plight of the native animals.  We end the show with two fan voicemails one from Patrick and one from Joseph.  We are thrilled to celebrate 2 years of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! 
Feb 5, 2015
31 min
SeaWorld Podcast Ep 33 - Changes to SeaWorld in 2015 a look at 2015 events at SeaWorld Parks and more
  In this episode of the USWP we talk about the babies born at SeaWorld San Diego & Orlando. We also have a new Animal Spotlight from the incomparable Erin, and Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Minute. We’ll also be discussing the recent entertainment offerings ending at SeaWorld Orlando with the Mimes, A’lure and the Pearl Divers.   We will review the 2015 event Calendar for all three SeaWorld parks and we have a Round Table discussion where we all share our top SeaWorld stories for 2014, and what we are looking forward to most in 2015. We also want to remind everyone to follow us on twitter at @SeaWorldPodcast, @SeaWorldEric @SeaWorldErin @seaworldmike and like us on Facebook at and on Instagram at @SeaWorldPodcast So put on your wetsuit with us and let’s dive in!
Jan 20, 2015
28 min
SeaWorld Podcast Ep 32 - New Years Eve Preview - Killing Keiko Roundtable and more
Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast episode 32 where we talk about some big stories. We first discuss the big corporate changes that happened at all the SeaWorld Parks.  Eric, Erin and Mike talk about jim Atchison's new role as Vice Chairman of the Board, the new appointments, what we can anticipate to see with a new CEO.  The USWP team also offers their sincere apologize to any of the 311 people who were laid off.   Erin announces that the USWP will be holding a meet up on New Years Eve at SeaWorld Orlando.  Visit our Facebook page to learn details and RSVP Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens conservation fund and shares a story about a wildlife triage center that is located here in America. Erin brings us a new Animal Spotlight, where she talks about some amazing adapations that the Manatee has, and shares a story about a manatee that found itself in Texas. Mike introduces a new segment called "SeaWorld Roundtable" where we talk about the book "Killing Keiko" by Mark Simmons and how we were all emotionally impacted by this story.  
Dec 22, 2014
29 min
SeaWorld Podcast Ep 31 - SeaWorld Christmas at all 3 SeaWorld Parks along with news about the SeaWorld Parks
In Episode 31 we welcome Mike Madsen back to the show after a short departure.  We then talk about Christmas at all 3 SeaWorld Parks At SeaWorld Orlando we talk about Elmo's Christmas Wish, Sea of Trees, Shamu Christmas Miracles, Winter Wonderland on Ice, and Holiday Reflections.  Decorations, and family fun! At SeaWorld San Antonio, you have a dolphin Christmas, Shamu Christmas Miracles, Snow World and a number of great family activities. At SeaWorld San Diego you have a dolphin island christmas a brand new show, along with a number of other great christmas offerings! SeaWorld is the place for Christmas for your family! We want to hear from you please leave us a voice mail message at 530-580-ORCA Folow us on twitter at  Folow us on Facebook at  
Dec 8, 2014
28 min
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