Uncuffed is a show made by people behind bars in California prisons. We share intimate stories of our struggles and triumphs, and of the heartache and forgiveness taking place within these walls. Uncuffed is vulnerable and personal. If you can see the humanity in us, you can see the humanity in everyone.
Unconfined: Joe Kirk
Joe Kirk is one of thousands released early from California prisons to slow the spread of COVID-19. The world he returned to was something he never prepared for. Unconfined is a new series of special episodes that feature Uncuffed producers navigating life after incarceration.
Sep 15
17 min
Unconfined: Chanthon Bun
Chanthon Bun caught the coronavirus at San Quentin Prison during one of the worst outbreaks in the country. On top of the usual challenges people face when they parole, Bun had to deal with COVID recovery, survivor's guilt, and the fear that ICE would put him back in a different kind of prison. Unconfined is a new special series that features Uncuffed producers navigating life after incarceration.
Sep 8
23 min
Special: Letters From The Outside As COVID Rages Inside
The COVID-19 outbreak in prisons across California is taking an incredible toll — not only on the people inside, but on the families and friends of incarcerated people. And because of the pandemic, our producers on the inside can’t access their recording equipment. So today, you’ll hear from the friends and family outside of prison, reading letters to their loved ones stuck on the inside.
Jul 8
26 min
Special: Prisoners Face Coronavirus
Disease can spread quickly in prisons. In this special conversation from Uncuffed , the men of Solano Prison share their thoughts on the global coronavirus pandemic, and what it would mean if it came inside.
Mar 26
11 min
Episode 5: Prison’s Secret Santas
For those of us in prison, the holiday season can be a painful time. Many of us miss our families and our traditions. But it’s also a time when we get together with food and acts of kindness. This is the last episode of our first season of Uncuffed. For the finale, we’re coming together for the holidays. You’ll hear from the guys at both Solano and San Quentin, and find out how we all get through this time of the year.
Dec 16, 2019
25 min
Episode 4: Maserati-E
In 2012, Eric "Maserati-E" Abercrombie picked up the guitar and has been performing ever since. Today, the producers talk about the music that helped them through some of the most difficult moments of their life, and what tools they use to channel and understand their own pain. This past August, he was released, at age 25. Now, he’s performing regularly.
Dec 2, 2019
23 min
Bonus: A Wild Turkey On The Prison Yard
A lot of people want to get out of prison. This is the story of one bird that tried to get in. Happy Thanksgiving from Uncuffed.
Nov 27, 2019
10 min
Episode 3: Yoga
Gordon Melvin learned how to do yoga by watching TV. Soon, he was leading classes on the yard. Today, we’re talking about vulnerability, masculinity, and what it takes to put your ass in the air.
Nov 18, 2019
20 min
Episode 2: Rebuilding Family Relationships
Cleo Cloman grew up in a two-parent household and had dreams of playing pro baseball. After a rocky relationship with his father, he lost his passion for the sport and found a new pursuit: the streets. He was convicted of murder, and spent over two decades behind bars. This is the story of how he rediscovered his love of baseball, and his father.
Nov 4, 2019
18 min
Episode 1: Sky Boii
Remus Sam Langi is serving 38 years to life on a second-degree murder conviction. In prison, he’s become a guitarist and songwriter. And recently, he wrote a song about the people he harmed.
Oct 21, 2019
16 min
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