Unconventional Wisdom
Unconventional Wisdom
Unconventional Wisdom
FOX 5 Anchor Wisdom Martin sits down with reality TV stars, actors and everyone in between. Nothing is off limits, bringing you unconventional wisdom.
16: Unconventional Wisdom: DL Hughley
You name it, he’s done it. D.L. Hughley is an original King of Comedy. He is an actor, a syndicated radio host, a COVID-19 survivor and the author of the new book, “Surrender White People.” He dives into the issue of racism in America, overcoming illness and, oh yeah, he believes he can fly!
Aug 12
18 min
15: Unconventional Wisdom: Chante Moore
She is beautiful. She has an amazing voice. She has a lot to say. So where better to bring it all together than on the Unconvetional Wisdom podcast?Chante Moore talks about new music, life in pandemic isolation in California and tough conversations with her family about race in America.
Aug 6
20 min
14: Unconventional Wisdom: Warren Moon
Warren Moon joins Wisdom Martin for this week's episode of the Unconventional Wisdom podcast.
Jul 30
18 min
13: Unconventional Wisdom: Traci Braxton & her husband Kevin Surrat
Just because reality TV is on hold doesn’t mean I can’t get some Braxton family values! I caught up with reality star Traci Braxton and her husband Kevin Surratt to talk about some heavy real world issues. Kevin talks about being assaulted by police when he was a teen and how that impacted his life today. They also discuss the conversations he has with his kids and grandkids about police brutality and social justice. We also talked about quarantine time for couples, reality TV and how Traci’s cooking convinced Kevin to propose.
Jul 18
19 min
12: Unconventional Wisdom: John Wall
The only way I can keep up with Washington Wizards basketball star John Wall is to go one-on-one with him on my podcast. Wall talks about his injury, how the murder of George Floyd changed his life and why his 202 charity program is so important to him. Oh and breaking news, there is a new addition to team Wall.
Jul 8
10 min
11: Unconventional Wisdom: Shawn Stockman
Shawn Stockman joins the Unconventional Wisdom podcast!
Jun 2
7 min
10: Unconventional Wisdom: SUNNI and the City
SUNNI and the City joins Wisdom for this week's epiode.
Jun 2
33 min
9: Unconventional Wisdom: Tommy Davidson
You know him as the funny man from his movies “Woo,” “Strictly Business,” “The Proud Family” and the hit 90’s series “In Living Color.” But there is nothing funny about Tommy Davidson's upbringing. In his first published book Living in Color, he talks about being found as a dumpster in Montana, being raised by a white mother and his first encounters with racism in the DMV. Believe it or not, Davidson says those experiences helped shape him as a comic and actor.
May 27
12 min
8: Unconventional Wisdom: Somaya Reese
Somaya Reese is known for keeping it real  as a cast member on the reality show "Love and hip hop New York." Outside of reality TV, she has turned her Slim Tea business into a booming million dollar business. But before the fame and fortune, it was a rough journey. From growing up in living in a garage, navigating the violent gang world in South central LA, running away from home to battling her personal demons, she discusses how she has turned all her setbacks into success.
May 15
27 min
5: Unconventional Wisdom: Finesse Mitchell
How do you go from from college football player to nearly flunking out of school? From funny man to fired from Saturday Night Live? And then to giving relationship advice? Let’s ask one of the funniest men in the country, Finesse Mitchell! He stops by the Unconventional Wisdom Podcast for an uncut and raw conversation about his rocky road and struggles to make it in Hollywood.
Apr 27
33 min
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