Laura Shin
Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner.
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I love how the host’s questions are almost ALL the who/what/where/when/why/how type and avoids assuming answers for the guests or putting forth potential responses at the end of questions. I can’t stand when people do that! Laura also asks “tough” questions and seems averse to softball lines of inquiry. Bravo.
Without a doubt the best crypto podcast
Amazing guests combined with Laura’s insightful questions and deep knowledge make it always both illuminating and a delight to listen.
Laura is not afraid of asking difficult questions
Putting a guest in the hot seat is what makes this podcast great. Keep it up Laura!
Decent pod.
Wish it were more libertarian though
capitalist pig
Best in the space
Laura has put together space on "blockchain" and crypto that will keep you up to date with the news, people and events. A must weekly listen.
One of best podcasts in crypto
I have been listening to Unchained and now Unconfirmed since the beginning. They are my number one go to source for news and information in the Crypto space. Laura Shin is an amazing interviewer and writer. She asks insightful and pointed questions. Somehow she is able to land the best guests. From CEOs to founders, from investers to inventros of the major companies and projects in the Crypto space. When I introduce people to Crypto and they ask for more information, I always point them to Unchained and Unconfirmed podcasts.
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Iron Condor PA
Thanks! 🚀
Stays on point
Wow , I’m really blown away by all the relevant content on crypto. I’ve been trading since 2015 and this is the best crypto podcast out there at the moment😇😊.
Bitcoin OG & excellent interviewer
Laura has an excellent approach to her interviews. Her insights and questions are fair, yet pressing upon important issues surrounding bitcoin. Highly recommend checking out this pod if you want to learn more about bitcoin from someone who’s seen a lot go down.
Great but tough interviewer
Laura allows the guest to tell their story and craft their narrative but does not let them off the hook. She asks tough questions which helps reveal the real story in hyped field.
Laura is perhaps the most out of step journalist with respect to Bitcoin, short of being a full-bore nocoiner. She gladly entertains arguments and advertisements for kyc, aml, Orwellian chain analysis, regulation, compliance and dubious altcoins and big bank "blockchain". It makes one wonder, if her crypto views came to fruition, would it even be different than the system we have today? Unsubscribed.
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Enjoy the Show
Only Complaint: quit the fake laugh. It’s fine to genuinely LOL, don’t get me wrong. You do it, 80%, trying to be cute! 😙 Cut it out.
Fantastic Podcast
This is a great podcast if you want to hear in-depth discussions about crypto projects. I have been listening to this podcast every week for over a year. Keep up the great work Laura!
Good speakers and Laura has a tendency to ask good questions underlining pain points of platforms under discussion.
Informative Podcast
Well done podcats with great guests.
Traveler Tom 2528
Top guests rough interview style
It’s tough to listen to at times given her interview style. She’s knowledgeable on the surface, but gets lost when the topic becomes deeper and repeats to “that’s interesting” [repeat multiple times]. Perhaps she’s still getting her podcast legs under her, but after a few years and some honest self reflection not sure why this would still be the case.
One of the Top Crypto Podcasts
Laura consistently brings an objective approach to the crypto space and the foremost experts in the field, covering a huge range of topics within the field.
Excellet Interview Skills !!
A wonderful podcast for people interested in crypto space. I will share it with all of my friends.
Satender Kumar
Must for anyone wanting to understand and keep up with Crypto
Laura has amazing connections and is able to get the industry’s best to interview like C.Z from Binance and countless stars of crypto industry. This speaks to the respect she has and in turn that makes the podcast extremely valuable for anyone wanting to keep up and understand the industry. That sort of access is priceless for everyone as it allows you to tap into visionaries leading this space forward.
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Host seems combative at times....kinda weird
Great guest lineup. It's just jarring when the host is combative and seemingly tries too hard to editorialize for the sake of sounding knowledgable.
Great info.
Good in 2016 - Arrogant in 2018
Laura Shin has become arrogant. Her coverage of Ripple was obnoxious and her ethnocentric tone with CZ of Binance was very rude. The way she talks down to crypto industry leaders and endlessly references her past podcasts is pompous and self-serving, respectively. Be humble to your guests and listeners, Laura.
Clearly biased
Ok interviews, clearly biased and agenda driven podcasts, there’s enough of this out there in the crypto space. Much better unaltered info out there. Move on.
Regarding interview with CZ
Let me start by saying Laura’s question is very one sided and skeptical which is not bad but I would’ve been more interested in learning about other perspectives especially China. We USA have different sentiments about different projects. Some things to improve on: I wished the questions were well thought out and planned(maybe some people like a surprise). As CZ stated, and I have to agree, the perspective coming from Laura is very central to USA. Its also sobering to hear CZ explain his worldview and offer a different perspective on all regulatory issues, goals, and position as one of the largest exchanges in the world.
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Consistently a great show
Lauras podcast is something I look forward to every week. She asks tough questions and brings on great hosts. One of my favorites was with Vitalik. Add it to your crypto list.
Great stuff, keep up the good work
I’ve listened to 5 or so of these now and have queued up another handful. Great guests and Laura knows her stuff, which helps this standout among many podcasts. Thanks!
Great content
Keep asking the tough questions Laura Shin. Love it.
The best blockchain content out there
As a blockchain junkie I'm always hungry for more and more insights into where all this is heading to. There is no better source of information than this podcast. Laura always has great guests and her knowledge of this space is phenomenal. Thanks for all you do Laura and I hope you win a Pulitzer for this work someday. Keep it up
Morning with Laura
This is one of the best podcasts on the market, together with Unconfirmed and some others. I listen to them in the gym every morning. By listening to them, you get a dip dive into the blockchain world, especially macro level. Some of them I listen twice or even more times to catch all essential details.
Among the best podcasts in the crypto space
There is an abundance of fluff, bull and hyperbole about cryptocurrency. This podcast is refreshing, well-researched, well-presented and fearless.
Boring and poor journalism.
I gave this podcast a shot but it’s just tough to get through. The content is fair in general but it’s just plain boring, agonizingly boring. Even as boring as it is I still subscribed for potentially informative episodes until her failed attempt to have Brad Garlinghouse on. Instead of having David Schwartz on instead who was more than happy to participate, she acted like a spoiled 5 year old who didn’t get her way and hosted 2 individuals that just bashed the company the entire episode. Pathetic. Don’t waste your time.
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Glad I found her show
She has had great guests, asks good questions, I think her interview style is just fine. Would love for her to have Saifedean Ammous on one day.
Good guests
Good guests but not a huge fan of her interviewing style lately
The hardest working podcast in the Crypto business
Laura gracefully and earnestly interviews the leaders of the Crypto universe to the benefit of us all. Her style is clear, direct and authentically inquisitive. The breadth and depth of her work is HUGE. Enjoy!
Crypto Clarity
Great pocast. Laura brings in a great variety of guests who cover the whole spectrum of crypto currency. She draws out details and information and induces the guestst to explain them in a clear, concise manner. #TopNotch
Best Crypto Podcast, Still Needs Some Work
Laura is great - she pulls in the best guests. But as another reviewer said, her interviewing style has started to frustrate me. Perhaps my interests have drifted from the shows focus, but I really wish she would focus a bit more on the technical details and issues. At the end of the day, I feel like this details are what matters and the rest is all speculative hype. For example, she totally and utterly failed to adequately explain the Bitcoin scaling debate or fork on her podcasts. I really hoped she would eventually release an episode where she would objectively cover the dispute in a way that I could show newcomers / outsiders to the space. Instead, she spent several episodes giving one side of the debate a platform. She entirely glossed over the actual issues and instead focused on implications of the debate happening, as if we were not involved in thes decisions being made in this regard (perhaps we aren’t, but that deserves an episode of its own as well). Over all, it’s definitely the best crypto podcast out there. Just wish she would focus more on the technology. She interviews the ZCash co-founder and there is no discussion of HOW it works. We’re just supposed to take the guys word on everything. She questions and calls people out where she can, but this isn’t often.
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Great guests but weirdly under-researched
So, she gets amazing guests so I keep tuning in, but she constantly runs into two issues with her interviewing: she asks leading “so you did X” questions that the guest literally says a variation of “Uh.... no actually,” which I feel like should be really easy to clear up during pre-show questions, and then maybe through lack of technical knowledge, but given her “I always get the CEOs” comment, she lets her guests off the hook by not asking followup questions on some very basic concepts her guests offer sort of head-scratchy answers to. I’ve been listening to this show for 7-8 months, but some examples off the top of my head: “Uh.... no actually”: -Eric Voorhees, asking him why he gave up citizenship or got new citizenship (he said actually he hasn’t) as I recall -Chainalysis: asking how they ID’d real people from TX’s, apparently they can’t -there seems to be about 1 per episode of this Weak follows ups on core, non controversial concepts: -Z-Cash and privacy: asks his fundamental beliefs on privacy, but doesn’t then ask why Zcash doesn’t follow the “opt-out or not at all, not opt-in” privacy approach that is basically privacy industry standard best practice at this point -Chainalysis and ID’ing sources of TXs: wallet addresses are based on ECC, and supposed to be totally random. If wallet types per addresses patterns can be found, it stands to reason they’re not randomly generated and by extension there’s a pattern somewhere buried in XPrivs, and that would be a huge deal. Or they’re tracking IPs or DNS of wallet.trezor.io for example. Either way, huge needed follow up -Chainalysis and Venezuela dodging sanctions: she interviewed Wences and several others who made an amazing case at to why bitcoin in Ven. was a huge boom to the population there. Why let the Chainalysis guest off the hook when he started clearly referring to their btc use in the classic “oh capital controls and sanctions” way. Maybe I’ve outgrown the target audience, but idk I just find myself torn between the good guests she gets, and then getting really frustrated with her interviewing
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Laura Shin is obviously very knowledgable about the blockchain sphere and uses that background to bring in great guests and ask them intelligent questions. She asks questions that help us understand the area and isn't afraid to ask hard questions when necessary. It's clear she isn't just a podcaster - she is a real journalist. She seems to know what we want to know. I've been binge listening in reverse chronological order. I'm about 10 episodes in and was wondering why she hasn't had any miners on. Bang! That's the next episode for me. Highly recommended for anyone, no matter their level of expertise, who is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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Awesome Show!!
Laura Shin, host of the Unchained podcast, highlights all aspects of blockchain, cryptocurrency and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Laura Chin truth 101
Laura always tries to bring the truth to the table and tells it like it is I get my dose of crypto from her amongst couple other vocal journalists like Mike Casey Frederick Munawa and Hanif Qureshi All of you keep up the great work and thanks Laura for unconfirmed it’s a step on the notch over The unchained series Cheers Tridip
Good show
Quality insight
Top notch
The guests on Unchained are the best I've seen on any podcast. I also enjoy that the host asks tough questions. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because she can come across as impolite when she asks the tough questions. I would prefer that she use a bit more tact as she is interviewing so that the quality of guests can continue in the long run. Overall though this is meant to be constructive criticism because the show is great. I would tell anyone that is interested in the crypto space that Unchained is an essential resource.
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Great Podcast!
Laura is very transparent and she is very very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. I Highly reccommend.
Mc Fall
Not interesting enough to be compelling or smart enough to understand the topics. No journalistic integrity
Very informative Podcast about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Laura is very knowledgeable about block chain and cryptocurrency technology. She is also very well connected in those communities. As a result of a knowledgeable host and great guests, these podcasts are truly excellent.
Excellent content
Thank you for bringing me up to speed of this amazing space. Been binge listening all week and am feeling more confident about the space, the players, the future of crypto, and everything in between!
My favorite blockchain Podcast
Laura’s intelligence, humor, professional interviewing style and great connections shine in every single episode. Sometimes, guests can get a bit jargony (e.g. in the cryptoeconomics episode) but I enjoy it a lot. Thank you so much, Laura!
I love how Laura digs deep into all aspects of the story teller she's interviewing. Certainly my favorite Crypto related podcast.
This is the best crypto podcast bar none!
This is a very level headed examination of various topics in bitcoin, blockchain and crytpocurrencies. Laura asks very intelligent questions and adds a few poignant observations in between. She's built up a great library of episodes that feature many of the "big dogs" of crypto along with some peripheral companies and people. It's one of the most useful podcasts I've found minus the hype, drama and infighting. KUDOS!
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Best there is
She asks the tough questions - not beach ball questions lobbed around in some podcasts. Both sides of every argument are heard. High quality guests and high quality discussions.
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