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As it should be
Justin’s approach is the personification of the gentleness and respect we are called to show when talking with every person and addressing every subject. It takes real humility to do that. Like Truth is not afraid. Hats off!
Valuable podcast!
Love listening to this podcast! My husband and I found it during the pandemic and the rich discussions have been such a blessing in our lives. Thank you!
In Abortion
To the pro-choice lady, where is God in the whole “my body, my choice” stance that you are taking? Seriously.... you’re unbelievable! Shame!
Appreciate the respectful dialogue
I so appreciate the gracious and respectful approach to complex issues that believers face daily. Rare and so helpful.
Jesus’ most neglected teachings...
More people & podcasts are talking these days about the things Jesus taught (in the 4 gospels), but there are a few of his teachings that almost never get serious coverage. Several references (EXCLUDING the “rich young ruler”) are made in Luke about selling all of one’s possessions & giving to the poor and then this teaching is shown to be taken seriously by the time we get to the book of Acts (end of chapters 2 & 4). Another powerful & often neglected paradigm-changing (IF taken at face value) teaching of Jesus is found in Mt. 6:24; Lk. 16:13-14). This has been called the “Two Masters teaching”, one being God/Love and the other/opposite one being money. Take a leap of faith and dive deep into these teachings! ✌🏼
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Listen to the Mark Driscoll classic and the host was exposed on all levels and ignores what the Bible says based on his pop culture feelings. He can’t name a single young British teacher, but doesn’t see the issue there. Even with his own wife’s church converting a “couple” young men Imagine a football team with a man scoring 2000 goals a season and the other team that has female captain who’s scored 2 goals for her entire career and still thinking they are equally valid and effective.
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Adam & eve
I have listened for a long time. Your pendulum has tilted in the direction off of scripture and been enticed by weak philosophy. Your continued platforming of big names shows your man centered bias over clear Scripture. Your show is now lifts man’s intellect in opposition over God’s direct revelation. Your latest episode has lost my viewership. Sad
Excellent Topics, Moderator and Guests
I am not a believer and yet I love this podcast. Each episode rewards the listener with a healthy serving of intelligent, civil discourse. Justin is a terrific moderator and his guests offer well reasoned and clearly articulated arguments for their position, while maintaining respect for their opponent. They may disagree, sometimes vigorously, but are almost never disagreeable. This is a true gem of a podcast for believers and non-believers alike.
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More from Meyer and Keating please !
Great episodes every week. Keep up the great work Justin!
Chaim K.
The host is warm, the content is Rigorous. Amazing
Such a great show
I really deeply admire the work you are doing Justin - opening a platform for healthy scholarly discussions like this. I am a Bible believing follower of Christ myself and believe in inerrancy of Bible with all my heart. But I would like to agree with Adnan that White did not present case in a compelling way.
Sherebiah Tisbi
Dependably great conversations
For the most part, these conversations bring up great points from both sides of an argument. I’ve learned a ton. I often feel that I could share these discussions with anyone. I’ve read many books that have been brought up in the episodes. (Just listened to the replay of the sex outside of marriage debate and it was probably the worst one- on both sides- and the discussion wasn’t focused, there seemed to be a lack of mutual respect, and I walked away with very little compelling points rattling in my head.)
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Love this show!
Almost each time I’m talking to someone and they say, “oh that’s interesting.. how did you come to that conclusion?” I can point back to this show as the genesis for my further study. I so appreciate Justin’s work in this and wish there were more Christians doing the same— initiating conversations with non-Christians instead of speaking ill of them. I love how humble Justin is to nod his head at a good argument.
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Planet weiners
Thought-provoking podcast!
The moderator does a terrific job of bringing people together from opposing viewpoints to discuss their views in a calm way. This is unfortunately rare but it’s so needed in our world. We need to learn that people who we disagree with are not our enemies.
Great Show!!!
Great moderator, great topics, and great outlook!!! Check it out. It speaks for itself
Losing its way
This show has been very helpful and challenging over the years (and I’ve listened to almost all of them) Now it seems that the dreaded “woke” culture is here too, telling us why all we believe is wrong and how all white people are evil I’ve unsubscribed and gone to pastures new
Jesus isn't woke
Used to listen to this podcast as often as possible. Now all it is propagandist and heretics jabbering on how evil whites people are.
Samuel the Wise
Listened To All
I have gone back and listened to every episode through my travels and while exercising. There are occasional slips, but Justin is overwhelmingly a tremendous interviewer allowing his guests to have deep and meaningful discussions and debates on the questions that really matter around faith and philosophy.
Love the podcast
I’m hooked on the podcast and the forum. I first heard of you on the Bible Answer Man show. Thanks!
Nashville Berk
Jeff Durbin and Andy Stanley
Concerning this debate, Justin you usually stay neutral in these discussion. But unfortunately you seem to take Stanley’s side even to the point of debating and arguing with Durbin. Little disappointing.
I’m hooked!
Fantastic debates! It’s so nice to see people with legitimately different views get together for intense discussion and debate. Incredibly helpful as I think through and wrestle with different issues. One note: The Ken Ham vs. Jeff Zweerink debate is hilariously ridiculous. After listening to so many academics, to hear Ken Ham felt like more of a comedic podcast than an intellectual one! Would love to hear him debate an actual Hebrew scholar like John Walton.
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Very very good.
Really facinating discussions orientatet around life's big questions.
Combines Civil Debate and Christianity
I have been listening to Unbelievable? for about a year now and I am amazed at the civility and substance that these debates have. Justin does an excellent job, of being impartial yet also being challenging and articulate. Also, I’m really glad this is coming out of the UK which has such a reputation for secularism and not caring that much about faith or Christianity. This podcast really helps to get to the essence of questions that can matter for an eternity and have to do with our very being. Which I would argue are more important than any debates politicians have today. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
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A balm to degeneration of public discourse
Unbelievable is a balm to the degeneration of public discourse. Misunderstanding of the beliefs of another and the reasons they hold to those beliefs is often at the source of stagnancy and even vitriol. Straw men cannot exist in the same room as a good debate show which works hard to genuinely represent the thought and rationale of each position. Public discourse is ridden with logical fallacy after logical fallacy—ad hominem ad nauseam. It is the tendency of every belief system to generate a self-reinforcing echo chamber. On the walls there are caricature portraits of all dissenters. Residents of the echo chamber throw their tomatoes at the caricatures as a liturgical, group-formative experience, ensuring they will never leave. Thank you Unbelievable for being iconoclasts of these straw, caricaturized men.
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Uniquely Excellent Experience
This is a uniquely excellent podcast that values both the questions and the questioners by treating both with gracious respect and honest authenticity. The host Justin Brierley has a contagiously inquisitive mind and is courageous about unmasking even the weaknesses of arguments that support truths he holds to. As a pastor and a missionary hearted Christian I commend this podcast as one of the most hopeful pieces of evidence for healthy Christianity. Whatever your faith background or even if you hold to no faith this is one of the rare podcasts that will simply make you a better human.
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I’ve been listening to this show for about 2 years now. Look forward to it every week. This is the kind of discourse our world will be made better by. Kudos to Brierley and team!
Great podcast!
Relevant topics and the dialogues are often engaging and thought provoking but more importantly, conducted in a respectful manner. And I don’t think that would have been possible without the host. Huge thanks and appreciation for the host Justin Brierley. He comes across as humble, polite, and simply relatable. Thanks, Justin!
Temsalet S.
Just what we need
In an era of ever-coarsening discourse and deep polarization, I’m deeply thankful for a podcast where important issues are discussed thoughtfully and respectfully. Fantastic stuff.
Great debates
Great content, great weekly guests. Always with relevant topics, and I’m glad they bring in a variety of world views into their discussions. I really appreciate that Justin is generally a fair moderator. He doesn’t take sides or ask loaded questions, and lets the debate rest without trying to summarize it with one worldview or another. There are a lot of healthy debates that almost always end in mutual respect and tolerance.
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Good content
Great podcast for worldview discussions
uk health employee
Excellent material for the thinker
I love this podcast. Excellent food for thought for the thinking Christian. I highly recommend it.
Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast!
Unbelievably thought provoking
One of my favorite podcasts. Civil conversations from those with opposing viewpoints. Novel!
The Best
I constantly listen to Christian pod casts and, in my opinion, Unbelievable is the very best. I have been a Christian for over 60 years and this pod cast is for thinking Christians who love Jesus and seek the truth. I especially love the Christian vs Christian theological debates because it causes us to think about what we believe.
Gary Maberry
The same rehashed repackaged episodes.
I’ve been listening to this show for years. I used to really love it but for the last year or so it’s been all too predictable. “ can a scientist believe in the resurrection?, does the Bible contradict science? “ if you’ve heard these arguments before there really isn’t anything new from week to week. I’m a Christian but unfortunately there isn’t anything interesting here anymore.
Gold Standard for all Podcasts
This show has great guests, the best topics, and a fantastic moderator. I plan on slowly making my way through all the episodes. It is so interesting to get different (with sometimes very different) perspectives on topics.
A great podcast, but lacks diversity
One of the most amazing podcasts out there. But theologians and experts from other parts of the world will bring varying perspectives as well. E.g. from Africa, Asia, etc:
Abena D
Conversations are much better than one sided conversations
The best thing about Unbelievable? is that everything is based around a conversation. It seems like many podcasts just want to teach one side of a thought, but I love that Justin sets up conversations. I feel like I’m more equipped to have my own conversations with people because of this podcast. Thank you, Justin. -Marc
This is one of the best podcasts ever created. You will learn a lot here.
Genuinely Interesting
Thoughtful discussions on deep questions
Love this podcast!
My favorite podcast for sure. Good content with respectful dialog.
Intelligent civil disagreement
Just what our world needs. Very thoughtful and solid.
Just wonderful
I am a deeply spiritual non-religious theist who was raised Christian and wrestles with an agnostic streak. Yeah, I think that’s the best way to put it :) I fell into Unbelievable? via my fanship of Bart Ehrman and his many fantastic appearances on your show and have since benefited from many other episodes. Your show is the perfect example of a deep and meaningful public intellectual project that I crave and that the human race needs, and it has enriched my life thoroughly. Mad respect to you, Justin, and thank you.
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Amazing show, spectacular host!
Amazing show!
This show is truly one of a kind! Never disappoints!
Great Topics - Great Format
Love the show! Always intriguing topics, first-class guests and professional moderation. Keek up the great work JB!
Frank from VA
Great Show, but why four stars?
I really enjoy Justin’s Show, he is a good commentator and gets excellent guests on most of the time to discuss various spiritual, scientific, moral, ethical, cultural and such topics. That being said, it gets super alloying and throws off the guests and listeners from whatever they are focused on talking about or listening to by the amount of commercial breaks Premier Radio demands. Wish he could like play all the previews in the begging and end and then play the show, then i would rate 5 stars.
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A rare lil gem
As an athe-ish dating a Christian, I’ve been searching for content to help me understand and relate to their worldview. The bulk of Christian podcasters though that I have come across have an air of judgement and pretension. I am continually impressed by Justin’s (the host) goodwill and fairness. He has a ton of different people with different perspectives, and it MUST be the case that he thinks some of it is wackadoodle, and yet he is continually respectful and never condescending. Love it!
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How dialogue should happen
Entertaining, illustrative, challenging, empathetic, educational. You will GROW while listening to Unbelievable.
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