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3-piece-suit m.illa.tant
Heathen in Michigan
TWIBNATION ROCKS!!! I have no idea why it took me so long to actually start listening to the show. Love Love the show! Thank you for bringing the blackness to the world!!
Toya in Michigan
This show is AMAZING! I'm the "whitest" person I know and we need this as evident by all the stupid stuff those of us in power say.
Morgan @work
Gives me life!
I haven't woken up black yet, but Twitter has started showing me ads for natural hair products due to friending Elon and Co. I listen to NPR for the news and TWIB for the angle.
Lauren from Pittsburgh
I love all the TWIB! shows AM TWIB, Sportsball, WENERDHARD, This Taste Funny, TWIB Prime. Love everything! Started listening a few years ago and the only thing I hate about it is when they have to go on hiatus. TWIB radio has introduced me to so many people I would otherwise not have known. Such as L. Joy Williams, Dr. Blair Kelley, Jasiri X, David Von Ebers, Aaron Rand Freeman, and even ehhh Fahnon Bennett. I used to follow Elon on twitter and finally one day I decided to click on one of those we ‘WE LIVE SON’ links and I haven’t stop laughing since. So funny so informative I want all of you guys to understand how much I appreciate all the work that you do to keep TWIB going. This is a needed space please keep up all the great work that you do. I hope the time slot for amTWIB gets worked out because L. Joy Williams is a joy to listen to. She stays woke she deserves all of the juice! Imani, Emily and L. Joy just works great team. Elon if I had a million dollars I would give you all of the money! I do miss the Elon, Dasha and Aaron team but TWIB is still my favorite show. I don’t know if expressed how much I love this show. So I’ll say it again. I love this show! P.S Can you tell me which episode you did last year in which you discussed the movie ‘12 Years a Slave’? I cant find it. P.P.S #TeamCandyCorn
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Some marathons don’t work
Listening to the marathon of #ALLOFTHECARDS is interesting because by episode 25, it sounds like the hosts are drugged or are in the midst of a hangover, which shows real dedication since they have been broadcasting for over 12 hours. Good show and great dedication.
Keepin it One hundred!!
This is one of the best podcasts I've ever come across. As a military member who lives in Germany it takes a lot of effort for me to stay abreast of relevant black news in the States. Ever since I discovered TWIB I haven't needed to listen to anything else as I drive to and from work. You guys are all funny, smart and relevant and you've helped me get my mind right several times as I head in to a HUGELY pro-republican organization. Thanks for all the work you guys do and congrats on the move to CA Elon! I hope your buttery lettuce comes out great. Also, is after black cancelled for good??? Shout out to the chat room....
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Missed ya!
*Reunited-by Peaches & Herbs, plays in the Backgound* I clicked on my Itunes this a.m to see an new upload from TWIB and that old jam popped into my brain. :) Congrats on the new Studio and I wish for much, much more greatness to head your way. I'm missed all of you guys. Awesome show
Great shows!!
Keep it up guys. We are listening!
This is my subscription
This is the only podcast subscription I need, because it has everything I want and nothing I don't. Nuff said.
Love these folks
All of the awesome
Not just for black folks
I'm a middle aged Asian woman and I love this podcast. Informative and thoughtful, I look forward to the team's perspective on news events everyday.
This is the greatest collection of podcasts you have never heard about. There is something for everyone and I listen everyday, sometimes twice a day.
Absolutely fantastic!
This is my favourite way to keep up with news from home while I'm at grad school in the UK. They cover real stories, as well as the ridiculous, and do it with both honesty and humour. My only complaint--can't yet get it by carrier pigeon yet!
The only podcasts you really need
Everything in one place, what more do you want?
All 7000 Shows!
I listen to all 7000 shows - well except We Nerd Hard because I Only Nerd Medium. I love the commitment to discussing difficult topics - and even learning about topics in which I wouldn't ordinarily engage. Yesterday's TWIB Prime was particularly good because it swung from Dacia dropping knowledge about building prison economies on the backs of black youth to Rod (from Black Guy who Tips) speaking on the commodification of black youth through sports. On the other side, I loved how Aaron spoke about football/sports as a tool for building intergenerational wealth even at the risk individual player health.
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