TV Podcast Industries - A WandaVision Podcast
TV Podcast Industries - A WandaVision Podcast
Chris Jones, Derek O'Neill and John Harrison. TV Podcast Industries
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Mystified by some TV shows? Listen here for fun and intelligent discussions!
Derek, John and Chris will intelligently discuss your favorite TV shows and help you make sense of them! Yes, I said discuss, not recap. If your are looking for intelligent, interactive, and humorous discussion of different shows, look no further! They cover a variety of shows: Watchmen, The Boys, The Witcher, Star Trek:Picard, The Umbrella Academy, Lovecraft Country and on and on. The guys also often have fun contests that go along with a series. Three Irish guys, no profanity, and informative podcasting, what more could you want?! Tune in to TV Podcast Industries!
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Great Show Covering Great Shows
This is a fantastic listen. You get your breakdown of the episode with thoughtful insights, a little humor when appropriate, serious grown up discussion where it fits, with a fans enthusiasm. If you live in the U.S. it is great to get the perspective from ths great team in the U.K. They are critical without being mean, and stay focussed on the content of the shows they cover. Refreshing and higly recommended.
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Great Podcast
Love all the shows these guys cover. The. Pub quizzes are great fun, too.
Why Jon gave Angela his power?
And why did she accept the power? So they can still be together since now she’ll experience time as he did- so he’ll always be with her. Also Peteypedia appears to verify Petey=Lubeman with the Canola oil line. And even last weeks fogdancing memo/summary had some heavy Lubeman origin implications .
Extraordinary. Five stars indeed (sorry, put in three and four stars earlier by mistake).
lady pho
More attention
These guys are unique and need more listeners! Even though the one guy sounds like a computer generated voice, love’em!
Great listen- love these guys.. insightful and delightful!
Lots of fun
Penguin nj