TV Campfire Podcast
TV Campfire Podcast
Libya El-Amin
Discussion of this week in television from dramas to comedies to scifi.
TV Campfire Podcast #599
True Detective[5;18], Death and Other Details[15;09], The Rookie[20;12], Will Trent[24;48], The New Look[27;14], Genius[33;18], Avatar[40;59], Halo[50;54], Constellation[1;01;04], Percy Jackson[01;11;11]
Feb 25
1 hr 18 min
TV Campfire Podcast #598
We talk Fargo[6;18], True Detective[13;44], Orphan Black Echoes[24;03], Death and Other Details[27;52], Monarch[37;02], Genius MLK/X[43;34], Mr. & Mrs Smith[51;37], Halo[1;04;30], Reacher[1;11;53], Percy Jackson[1;17;30]
Feb 24
1 hr 23 min
TV Campfire Podcast #597
We talk Fargo[6;48], What If[17;23], Orphan Black Echoes[21;30], Criminal Record[25;13], Monarch[30;29], Echo[36;38], Masters of Air[44;21], Reacher[51;50], Percy Jackson[58;00]
Feb 18
1 hr 4 min
TV Campfire Podcast #596
We talk Fargo[8;12], Slow Horses[17;09], What If[26;28], Orphan Black Echoes[32;49], Blue Eye Samurai[38;24], Monarch Legacy of Monsters[45;28], Echo[51;17], Reacher[59;28], Percy Jackson and the Olympians[1;05;31]
Jan 21
1 hr 14 min
TV Campfire Podcast #595
Check out our picks for the Best and Worst Shows of 2023
Dec 26, 2023
58 min
TV Campfire Podcast #594
We talk Lessons in Chemistry[3;10], Fargo[8;59], Slow Horses[18;38], Beacon 23[26;51], Fall of House of Usher[39;23], Orphan Black Echoes[47;21], Blue Eye Samurai[57;26], Monarch Legacy of Monsters[1;05;38], Doctor Who[1;13;02]
Dec 20, 2023
1 hr 24 min
TV Campfire Podcast #593
We talk Lessons in Chemistry[5;32], Bass Reeves[13;43], Loki[21;53], Invincible[28;15], Beacon 23[32;49], Fall of House of Usher[42;15], Orphan Black Echoes[45;15], Gen V[52;36], Monarch Legacy of Monsters[1;00;07]
Dec 4, 2023
1 hr 6 min
TV Campfire Podcast #592
We talk Lessons in Chemistry[7;16], Loki[15;00], Bodies[23;05], Star Trek Lower Decks[30;59], Fall of the House of Usher[36;16], Gen V[42;33], Upload[49;00], Our Flag Means Death[55;46]
Nov 18, 2023
1 hr 2 min
TV Campire Podcast #591
We talk Lessons in Chemistry[3;19], Fraiser[8;57], Loki[14;20], Wheel of Time[25;52], Star Trek Lower Decks[34;05], Fall of the House of Usher[38;19], Gen V[46;13], Upload[56;12], Our Flag Means Death[1;01;12]
Nov 2, 2023
1 hr 9 min
TV Campfire Podcast #590
We talk Only Murders in the Building[2;51], The Irrational[11;06],, Ahsoka[15;27], Loki[21;57], Our Flag Means Death[25;45], Star Trek Lower Decks[31;49], One Piece[35;52], Gen V[42;24], The Wheel of Time[49;43]
Oct 12, 2023
1 hr 5 min
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