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Resin Casting | Wood Stabilizing | Turning Podcast
We don't srew up.....Promise
Mistakes have been made, and tonight....we talk about them Check us out on social mediaIG:Turncast podcastgaragepencocasterschoice 
Aug 6, 2018
39 min
The one and only Fred Wissen from PTownSubbie
This week Brian and I sit down and chat with the master mold maker himself, Fred WissenWe talk about what is going on in the shopWhat are we obsessed withFavorite burl?Mold tips and tricks
Jul 30, 2018
51 min
What's needed to start Resin Casting
This week:Brians announcement for Casters ChoiceWhat to buy when you want to get into resin casting.Each of us share a resin casting failure Find us on Instagram!@garagepenco@casterschoice Find us on FacebookGarage Pen Co.Casters Choice www.turntex.comwww.turnerswarehouse.comwww.ptownsubbie.com 
Jul 23, 2018
40 min
All about MICA and DYE!
Tonight we talked about what we've got going on in our own shops, and the surprise of how my shop is actually complete!Brian schools us on mica powderdye talk and how dye and mica powder relate to stabilizingwe answered some listener question
Jul 16, 2018
1 hr 8 min
The one and only Chad Schimmel!
Chad shares what hes got going on in his life and the new shop movemore shop talkwhat are we obsessed with
Jul 8, 2018
53 min
Everything But The Pressure Pot
This week we introduce ourselves a little furtherSawstop RantWhat's on our benchesWhat are we obsessed with? 
Jul 2, 2018
46 min
Meet the hosts!!!
Us jumping on the mic for the FIRST time.  Stay tuned for more episodes coming VERY soon!!!!
Jun 24, 2018
3 min