Positive Toddler Parenting™
Positive Toddler Parenting™
Dr. Mary Barbera
Dr. Mary Barbera, RN, doctoral-level behavior analyst, best-selling author, and online course creator discusses autism and toddler parenting from several different angles for both parents as well as medical, educational, and behavioral professionals. Each week we discuss Mary’s 4-step proven approach to tackle common parenting struggles including how to improve talking, reduce tantrums, and improve picky eating, sleeping, potty training and so much more for kids with and without autism! Topics also include what to do when a toddler is delayed and how to identify the earliest signs of autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or even giftedness! And what to do if your child is diagnosed or requires early intervention or therapy. So, whether you're a parent of a child or a professional such as a behavior analyst, nurse, physician, speech pathologist, or teacher, you’re going to want to listen and subscribe! Learn more at www.marybarbera.com.
#277: How can you stop a toddler from hitting and throwing?
In today's rebroadcast, learn effective strategies to address toddler hitting and throwing behaviors. Join Dr. Mary Barbera and Rachel Smith, Program Director for Positive Toddler Parenting™, as she shares her experience with her son Everett and discusses child-friendly solutions, prevention techniques, neutral discussions, and attention removal strategies to curb problem behaviors. These methods, adaptable for children with or without developmental delays, aim to promote positive interactions and reduce incidents.
Apr 23
36 min
#276: Preparing a Toddler for the New Baby...
Dr. Mary Barbera and Rachel discusses how to start preparing toddlers for a new sibling. You'll learn about timing considerations, practical strategies, emphasizing safety and smooth transitions. These tips include involving children in preparations, maintaining routines, and fostering a supportive environment. All of these tips should help ease your child into the addition of a new family member more readily.
Apr 16
28 min
#275: Turn Autism Around is Ending...BUT WAIT...a New One is Starting
In this episode, Dr. Mary Barbera announces the end of the Turn Autism Around® podcast, but embraces a new journey as Positive Toddler Parenting™. The transition reflects a broader focus on toddler development and parenting, aiming to support all families. The rebranding introduces the Barbera Early Childhood Assessment (BECA)™ tool and offers practical solutions for various developmental challenges. While still valuable for autism families, the podcast now caters to a wider audience. Join us in this journey, ensuring every toddler reaches their full potential. Together, let's make a difference, one toddler at a time.
Apr 9
22 min
#274: How can you teach group social skills? Help from Kelly Bermingham
Learn about the essence of social skills development with BCBA Kelly McKinnon-Birmingham. She and Dr. Mary Barbera go over the significance of joint attention beyond mere eye contact and its role in transitioning to group learning, effective classroom management strategies and the power of positive reinforcement in fostering a conducive learning environment. Learn about Kelly's unique stress reduction practices, including the transformative concept of non-contingent Sundays for family well-being.
Apr 2
28 min
#273: 5 Lessons Learned from Love on the Spectrum Season 2
Dr. Mary Barbera explores the intricacies of love and autism with insights from "Love on the Spectrum" Season 2. Learn about the series' portrayal of love, challenges, and misconceptions surrounding autism, highlighting the significance of representation and support in media. The show involves and empowers autistic adults while showcasing the diverse spectrum of experiences.
Mar 26
15 min
#272: What is it like being an autism sibling? With Spencer Barbera
Dr. Mary Barbera interviews her son Spencer, sharing his experiences growing up with a brother with autism. Spencer, now entering medical school, offers valuable insights and advice for siblings of autism, highlighting resilience, compassion, and the importance of family support. Discover their journey, challenges, and decisions regarding guardianship for Lucas. A touching exploration of sibling dynamics and the strength of family bonds in navigating autism.
Mar 19
48 min
#271: Are You Interested in Autism Research? How Intranasal Vasopressin May Improve Autism
Dr. Mary Barbera explores the latest in autism research, focusing on Dr. Karen Parker's study on intranasal vasopressin. Despite challenges, such as translating animal model research to human application, vasopressin shows promise in improving social behavior and reducing anxiety in children with autism. Supported by the Simons Foundation, this research highlights potential breakthroughs in autism treatment. Join the movement through initiatives like the SPARK program, fostering collaboration and hope for a brighter future in autism care.
Mar 12
26 min
#270: Cruising with Kruz; a Journey from Early Intervention to Autism Preschool
Mary Barbera and Lisa Houseworth, an ABA expert, mother, and blogger from Cruising with Kruz discuss navigating autism preschool choices. From recognizing early signs to embracing intensive ABA therapy, Lisa discusses the transformative impact of personalized interventions. Discover the challenges of transitioning to school-based programs and the importance of parental advocacy. Lisa's journey offers practical advice and hope for families seeking the right placement for their children with autism.
Mar 4
41 min
#269: Stop Waiting Around for an Autism Diagnosis...
Dr. Mary Barbera discusses the realities of autism waitlists and steps to navigate them effectively in this podcast. She addresses the emotional toll of waiting, reasons for long waitlists, and strategies for proactive engagement while waiting. Learn how to leverage resources and advocate for your child's needs, transforming waiting time into a proactive path toward support and understanding.
Feb 27
27 min
#268: Dr. Ami Klin Reasearch - Can We Prevent Autism?
Dr. Mary Barbera goes over the importance of early autism detection and treatment through Dr. Ami Klin's groundbreaking work in this rebroadcast. Learn about the impact of early intervention on a child's developmental trajectory, focusing on the crucial birth to age 3 period. Dr. Klin's insights on preventing behavioral and speech disorders, emphasizes the significance of treating autism early.
Feb 20
42 min
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