Turkish Tea Time
Turkish Tea Time
Turkish Tea Time
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Enjoyable and useful
So useful continue 👌🏻çok teşekkür ederiz
So helpful!
Really useful content for my Turkish learning — particularly when paired with the content online!
Guys I don’t know why u stopped but you were doing great, you have to know that!
Thank yoi so much for all podcast I love it ❤️❤️❤️
saba alikord
The best ever
I think you should continue making this podcast, the best way to learn turkish ever. It has help me so so much, and is my favorite way to studying türkçe. Çok teşekkür ederim!!!!!
Ninja Oc
Way too fast. Made for themselves. Not for you
I am a native Turkish speaker. My wife is from the states and speaks basic Turkish. She was happy to find this podcast and wanted to test it out before purchasing their lessons. But Busra, one of the hosts, has no idea how to teach. She speaks wayyy too fast! And her voice is annoying. My wife reached out to them to give feedback and ask to speak a little slower. They told her to buy their lessons to follow along. I'm not sure that's convincing. Thanks for putting together Turkish Tea Time but it would be nice if you seeked for more feedback and implemented them. Overall, as of now, I wouldn't recommend these lessons if you want to learn Turkish. Go with Pimsleur. We've found that to be the best.
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Instant stars
I’ve tried so many times and listened to every episode. I may have caught 2 or three words on accident, but that’s on me. The hosts are so annoying. The Native speaker Busra speaks like she’s trying to trip you up on purpose, and she thinks it’s funny when English speakers don’t get stuff that’s easy for her. Turkish is freakin hard! And ya totally different from English. Sometimes she even does a weird accent, misleading the listener. Justin is annoying because he’s so focused on the semantics of grammar and not actually understanding the language. He rather you know that something is a “dative” or “past participle” rather than understanding what it actually means. My husband is a Maurice speaker and begged me to stop listening to this. It’s a waste of time and on top of that, infuriating.
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Listen at your own risk
If you want to feel like you’re being mocked and discouraged from learning Turkish, then this podcast is for you. The pace of conversation is utterly unreasonable for a learner. If you can manage to follow their explanations, you may as well skip the middleman and learn straight from the streets of Istanbul, because you must already have a very solid grasp of the language. The hosts often forget to tell you which words mean what (which is very important in Turkish because its word order is completely different) or how the grammar works, even when they “break down” conversations. The native co-hosts seem to enjoy showing off how quickly they can lose you more than they enjoy helping a learner acquire a new skill. I almost gave up on the language after a few weeks of listening to this podcast, but luckily a native Turkish language teacher listened and assured me that this podcast is just ridiculous.
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I wish this podcast existed when I first started studying Turkish! Whether you're just starting out or you've been learning for years, Turkish Tea Time has engaging content that will help you learn.
Entertaining and smart
This podcast is the best podcast for language learning I could ask for. So entertaining but also extremely well thought-out. I used this podcast when I was a beginner and now continue to use it as a refresher although I am mostly fluent now. When I'm not in Turkey, I'll listen to episodes just to avoid forgetting things. Thanks Justin!!
Laid back Turkish
The speakers are laid back but keep a steady pace, and they have a good sense of humor. Fun to listen to and learn.
Really Helpful & Pleasant Podcast
This is a terrific Turkish learning resource. The lessons are labeled by difficulty, so you can find ones appropriate for your level, whatever it is. They follow the Little Bit of Introduction, Dialogue in Target Language (here, obvs, Turkish), Explanation & Discussion of Dialogue, Dialogue Repeated format that I’ve seen in lots of podcasts for other languages. The presenters all seem to be having a good time. They’re very realistic about which bits of Turkish are hard/easy for English speakers. I haven’t found another Turkish language learning podcast that comes close to being this good.
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Best language podcast I've ever used
Exceptional !
This is the best language podcast for everyday learning I have ever heard ! I love it !
Turkish tea time rocks! They taught me all the turkish I need to know.
Great job
It has been more than helpful to me. As a forigner living inTurkey, listening to these podcasts has helped me improve my skills a lot. Cok tesekkurler!
I'm headed to Turkey for my honeymoon this summer, and have checked out a few podcasts to try to learn important phrases. This beats every other one, hands down. The quality of instruction is high, the phrases are useful, and you'll come away with functional Turkish fairly quickly. The lessons are divided into Noobie, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. If you're just starting, ignore the advanced and intermediate lessons, and just focus on noobie. Beginner lessons are sometimes helpful, as they occasionally contain useful phrases and vocabulary, but the grammar instruction may go over your head.
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The best way you can learn Turkish. Tesekkurler.
Fun and informative!
I recently visited Istanbul and was fascinated by the language. Thankfully many locals understand English but I tried hard to learn some basic Turkish. This app is a fun way to learn not only the language and learn the correct context to use each lesson. Hopefully after I learn more Turkish I can visit again!
Entertaining and Clear
I love the conversational format of the lessons, plus the exercises are always clear and informative.
A great resource!
The course is really well tailored to learning Turkish, I would recommend this over less specialized solutions!
Lionel Muggeridge
Easy to use, great instruction
The 10-15 minute lessons focus on one particular topic and explain that topic really well. They are a great way to learn Turkish. The instructors' conversational tone makes each lesson a pleasure to listen to, and the strong focus on fully explaining a new grammatical concept helps a learner really understand what's going on. The lessons are engaging, and I can listen to them while I'm sitting at home or on my way somewhere.
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