TurfNet personalities Frank Rossi, Dave Wilber, Randy Wilson, John Reitman, Jon Kiger and Peter McCormick interview a variety of turfies on a multitude of subjects... or just pontificate upon occasion.
Renovation Report: Anthony Pioppi with Paul Jamrog, Met Links
Paul Jamrog has returned "home" to oversee the transformation of the former Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, RI, into Met Links, an innovative 9-hole public golf course on a portion of the 90 acre Metacomet property. Jamrog was the golf course superintendent at Metacomet Country Club from 1994 to 2013, when he transitioned into sales. In financial difficulty for some time, Metacomet was purchased for development by Marshall Properties in 2020, with a desire to retain and redesign a portion of the golf course. Robert McNeil ASGCA and the Northeast Golf Company were brought in to spearhead the renovation, and Jamrog was called back to manage the transition. More on that here. In this conversation with Anthony Pioppi, Jamrog reflects on coming back to a very different property from when he left and was away for eight years. He also credits his time in sales with creating within him a greater awareness of the universe of turf care products available to the superitendent today.
Apr 24
33 min
Emerging Trends | Frankly Speaking with Dr. Ross Braun
Our 11th season of Frankly Speaking begins with a conversation with Professor Ross Braun, one of the great young minds in turfgrass science from Kansas State University. Director of the Rocky Ford Turfgrass Research Center, Ross received his MS and Ph.D. in Turfgrass Science with previous guest Professor Dale Bremer. After Kansas State Ross spent four years as a Research Scholar at Purdue University where he studied the family of fine fescues. Ross does a lot of teaching and is also the author of Decode 6, a blog of the Crop Science Society of America on the role of carbon in agriculture.
Apr 18
45 min
Rising Star of Turf: Andrew Mallick
Andy Mallick's trajectory as a Rising Star of Turf has been a long one, entailing stops at four golf courses over 14 years before landing his first head superintendent position. Now in his fifth season as superintendent (and 11th overall) at Metedeconk National Golf Club (Jackson, NJ), Mallick had interim stops at Pine Valley Golf Club, Country Club of Darien and Southward Ho Golf Club on Long Island, picking up valuable experience at each one. Mallick credits his girlfriend, Rachel, with grounding his peripatetic instincts and helping him settle down and find a home at Metedeconk. He looks forward to hosting another Korn Ferry Tour event this year and welcoming another Springer Spaniel puppy to their family this week.
Apr 15
18 min
Rockbottum Radio: Tell it all, Brother, tell it all...
In this sensitive and revealing episode of Rockbottum Radio, the entire crew tells it all, aided by literary inspiration from Matt Jones and Peter McCormick... and Momma's Mushroom Truth Serum. Learn what really happened on Ludell's honeymoon and how Rockbottum plans to handle the ball rollback and Golf A.I.  Buddy returns from working on Science Interfusional National, an A.I. course, and then RW screws everything up by telling why he's been deliberately provoking the Imperials for 50 years.
Mar 27
16 min
Training the Next Generation | Frankly Speaking with Pam Sherratt
Frank sits down with Pamela Sherratt, Turfgrass Specialist in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at THE Ohio State Unniversity. She has a BSc (Honors) in Horticulture from The University of Central Lancashire in England and her MS in Turfgrass Science from The Ohio State University.  In April Pam received the 2022-2023 CFAES Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer Award that recognizes her expertise as an educator. Frank and Pam cover a wide range of topics related to training the next generations of turfgrass managers.
Feb 29
41 min
All Stars of Turf: Steve Ehrbar, CGCS, Panther National Golf Club
TurfNet’s latest All Star of Turf is Steve Ehrbar, CGCS at Panther National Golf Club, a private, single-owner facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A graduate of the two-year program at Ohio State, Ehrbar has been a legendary fixture in South Florida for years. His career includes stops at Jupiter Hills Golf Club in Tequesta, Old Marsh Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens and Lost Tree in North Palm Beach, the home course of Jack Nicklaus. Ehrbar has been involved in multiple construction projects and his career has been heavily influenced by names like Nicklaus and Pete Dye.  In this episode of All Stars of Turf, Steve talks about who and what helped form his career, the importance of leadership and mentoring assistants and team members, the challenges associated with managing a golf course on the edge of Florida’s wetlands as well as labor issues, including how they affect the operation and steps toward solving them.
Feb 27
40 min
Rising Star of Turf: Jeremiah Mincey
Our first Rising Star of Turf for 2024 is Jeremiah Mincey, first assistant superintendent at Savannah Quarters Country Club in Pooler, Georgia. Many might recognize Jeremiah from his activity on TurfTwitter/X and as a recent recipient of a GCI/Aquatrols Super Social Media Award. Jeremiah, 26, graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BS in business management and then took the certificate program in turfgrass management from the University of Georgia. His first exposure to turf management was when he applied for a student job on the maintenance crew at the Georgia Southern U golf course, under then-superintendent Patrick Reinhardt. From there he interned at Atlanta Athletic Club before moving on to Savannah Quarters. He made a splash on the social media scene with a post asking people to post photos of their favorite golf holes, which generated almost 250 responses. His black Labrador Max is also a frequent subject of his social posts. More recently, he simply asked those more experienced than himself to offer words of guidance to those coming up through the ranks. That yielded a treasure trove of wisdom from over fifty superintendents and others. With an affable, respectful manner, a quick smile and a hearty laugh, Jeremiah is one to watch as his career ascends from here. We are proud to have him as a TurfNet Rising Star of Turf for 2024. Watch or listen, and enjoy the conversation.
Feb 24
19 min
Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS, All Star of Turf: Open, Honest and Humble
Our latest All Star of Turf is Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS, career superintendent, athlete, marathoner, inventor, entrepreneur and family man. Pat guides us through his path from a college transition to early adventures in Colorado and Arizona, then a career that took him from his native coastal Connecticut to 18 years in Milwaukee and recently back to western Massachusetts. It hasn't always been a cakewalk. Early on he fell into substance abuse but clawed his way to sobriety... and has been sober for 36 years. While Pat describes himself as a highly competitive achiever who has always looked for the next mountain to climb, he acknowledges that internal drive and competition can be a blessing and a burden. He values those he has learned from, worked for, worked and served with, mentored and otherwise befriended along the way. Pat invented and brought to market the Green Sweep blower attachment for incorporating topdressing sand with minimal leaf abrasion, which is currently marketed by PrecisionUSA. This All Star of Turf conversation with Peter McCormick ranks as one of the most open, honest and humble discussions we have had. Give it a listen to find out Pat's plans for the next mountain he is getting ready to climb.
Feb 15
1 hr 10 min
The Future of Herbicides  | Frankly Speaking with Dr. Jim Brosnan
Frank sits down with frequent guest and Professor of Weed Science at the University of Tennessee, Jim Brosnan. Jim and Frank cover a wide range of topics that turfgrass managers must be aware of as we confront the lack of new herbicides, the pressure of increasing resistance in weeds, and finish up discussing the recent herbicide restrictions associated with EPA re-registration of Oxadiazon (Ronstar and Andersons Goose and Crabgrass control).
Feb 15
44 min
Mastering the employee and member experience
Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., talks with Marcie Mills of the executive search and consulting firm of Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace about the evolving role of golf course superintendents, matching the right candidate with the proper opportunity and how the best customer experience first depends on delivering the best employee experience.  Their discussion includes a review of the skills clubs are looking for in superintendents, the responsibility of head greenkeepers to help tream members develop those skills while inspiring and motivating their teams to maximize the golfer experience.
Feb 12
44 min
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