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Truth Be Told Paranormal
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Minuteman report
Um..,,, emmm um…. Every other word is um…, (clear throat)…um..,, sounds like they’re sucking on candy and lip smack. Impossible to listen through
Are Mac
Linda Moulton Howe is the best
I have listened to all of LMH’s appearances on this podcast many many times. She is so hardworking and well sourced. I am really into knowing the truth about-are we alone? Hearing LMH makes me believe that if she believes it, with all the evidence & facts she has seen & heard then we the people on earth literally have no F N clue about the world we are living in. Some don’t care to know and others are in denial because I’m shocked at how many people still think it’s crazy that aliens are visiting. They don’t want to here “nonsense “ when in reality I believe with all my mind that Roswell definitely happened. I mean are all the thousands of people who have been abducted just lying- knowing there is no benefit to saying it. Love you Linda- im gonna spring the 12$ per month for Gaia just for your work.
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man who looks inside for cues
Good topics bad sound
Audio is terrible. Hosts deafening but cant hear guests.
jiu jitsu witch
Man, Linda Moulton Howe is absolutely terrified of the vid.
I bailed
The topics might be interesting, but I couldn’t get past the host. Does he have a hard candy (smack) in his mouth? (Smack) And if that isn’t annoying enough, he ends almost every sentence with “right?”. No, wrong.
Tony, please stop talking.
The best part of a podcast like this is the information. Tony cannot stop talking over guests and interrupting them. Duuuude. Chill. It is so frustrating.
Great topics but wayyy too long to get to the story. Uninterested in the entire first half of show. Get to the point and the podcast is great
I like this podcast
I like this podcast and they have great topics!
gr33n 3yed Gypsy
Im dumber having listened
To one poorly recorded episode. Nope
Podcasting isn’t for everyone this host proves it
This host asks his guests questions, but then attempts to channel their responses to fit his narrative. He has no intellectual curiosity and because of that wants his guests to answer in the way he thinks they should. It is really too bad, he has great topics and has had some good guests, but the off putting inability to ask questions makes this one star from this listener.
Jason Plett
Latest Episode
One of my favorite podcasts but could barely hear Jim on the last episode. Not sure if that was due to his phone or what but thought I’d let you know. Thanks for what you do and helping spread the truth! ☮️🤍
Fascinating and Fun!
Truth Be Told shares a variety of interesting topics with informed and personable hosts.
Regular show is great but Minutemen is a bust
Sorry but the beeps on the time marks are bush league
Lance MoonRider
Can’t hear it
Tried on multiple devices and Bluetooth speakers Ad is normal audio levels but the show itself comes in at a whisper with volume all the way up. Don’t know how anyone is hearing anything to comment on the content of these shows. There is just no excuse for a podcast that can’t be heard.
Just the worst
The demonologist guys they had on the show was just terrible. I mean it just sounded like the guy was making his experiences up as he talking.
Great content, poor volume
I’ve tried with several devices, the commercials are at an appropriate level. Unfortunately, the commentary is soft and will require you to frequently adjust the volume up and down.
Always thought provoking
Lively respectful discussions. Alway fun and entertaining.
The mak69
Love all the topics and open way of thinking!
These guys cover any topic, openly, and allow for open discussions. I love it!
I love this show!
All my favorite topics!
Great Show
Great show. Very interesting and informative!
This podcast is stupid
Why do people believe in this crap?
James C. Goodall Episode
Sound is awful. Host is loud, guest is very quiet. Had to constantly manipulate the volume. Interesting guest, very poor production.
Sound needs work
Captain Ron is always loud, and can’t hear the guests. If I listen while driving, I have to turn the volume up to hear the guests, and then am blasted when Ron speaks. You guys need to listen to one of your podcasts through a phone. I like your show but it’s awful to listen to. You need a new mixer operator. Get the sound balanced and I’d give it 5 stars!
Ernie La Pointe
To listen to this man speak is a true privilege. Priceless lessons. Great interviewing as well.
Fix the volume
I’d really like to listen but the volume is too low.
Disappointed and disgusted.
First and only episode I listened to was about new evidence in the Michael Jackson case. Was hoping to hear level headed people speak of why Jackson wasn’t prosecuted sooner, however, after 2 mins discovered it was actually a disturbing example of ignorance and support of a known pediphile.
Pretty bad
Terrible audio, host loud guest barely audible. Unlistenable. And dopey AF.
Black Magick
Not in stereo
Some of the audio is only out of the left side. But ether then that great podcast!!!!!’n
Always worth listening to
Always look forward to this podcast as it is varied and I always come away with new ideas to explore. Especially loved the episode on Sitting Bulls great-grandson. I learned more from that episode of the Indian culture than I have ever learned before. Great to hear first hand from someone who has actually lived with those values. Keep up the great work!
Charlie horse Jack
Sound needs work
I absolutely LOVE the material. You guys do a fantastic job if feeding the side if me that my wife calls crazy. My issue is that I have had to skip some episodes because the guest is so quiet that I have to turn the volume way up. Then when you guys cut in I temporarily go deaf. I also use headphones (again, wife thinks I’m crazy), and some episodes are only in one ear. That gets annoying when I am trying to focus on the vast amounts of mind blowing information that is being put forward. I will always keep listening. I have plenty to catch up on. Please keep up the amazing interviews. I can’t wait to rub my wife’s nose in it when our neighbor is a reptilian.
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5 stars
Love this podcast! Outstanding guest speakers!!
Great listen
I am giving this podcast a 5 STAR REVIEW!!! They are interesting without being overly cheesy. Although, I am not a complete believer in all the guests they have on, I do keep an open mind and listen to what they have to say. Keep up the good work! Only negative thing I can say- wish the podcast was a little longer- 1 hour 20minutes would be perfect. JUST A NOTE:PLEASE FIX THE SOUND PROBLEMS. Sometimes up I can hardly hear the guest other podcasts I can hear the hosts. Please fix
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Awesome Good info. You guys should do a follow up on RH negative blood types and the connection to hybrids / ancient blood lines
Solid Podcast
Concise, interesting, and open minded without being brain dead.
Tempus King
Audio issues need to be addressed!
Love this podcast, love the hosts, love the guests, love the subject matter... HATE the audio issues! I just checked the reviews to see if anyone else had brought this up and to my astonishment found reviews going back 3 years that complain about the audio! I listen to podcasts when I drive and I have to jack the volume up SUPER HIGH to hear the guests talking then suddenly my ears are blown out by one of the hosts piping in on a super loud volume. It has woken my sleeping baby up several times and made me turn off the show! Please please please fix this issue! Podcasts are my escape when my baby sleeps but if it wakes him up I can’t listen to you guys!
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Still having audio issues?
There’re bad reviews about audio going back two years, why hasn’t this been addressed!?
Content is Great
The content is absolutely top notch! The hosts are great! Guests are fantastic. I would give it ten stars if I could. Please keep doing this great podcast!
Great show except ridiculous volume control
If not for the volume difference this would be 5 stars. Great subjects and great guests, but it's impossible to listen to. The guests are so quiet I have to turn my volume up all the way to try to hear them. Then when the hosts talk, they are very loud. no other podcasts have this problem. I noticed similar reviews from quite a while ago so they must know. I don't understand why they don't fix this problem, at least if the hosts would back away from their mics it could help.
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Just amazing podcast. Such beautifully crafted stories with a great flow and limited commercials. Huge selection. I’m thrilled to dive in.
great podcast
i’m a new listener , and this show is one of the best ones i’ve seen .. keep up the good work guys ..
Shut off call-in ringers when guests r talking
Morons kept allowing online callers to constantly ring while jim Fetzer is giving great info! Be more professional
How hard is it...
to actually care about your audio. This show sounds terrible. Volume all over the place. So m,any topics I want to listen to but can't because of how bad they sound.
Allen Swaddlen
Decent topics, horrible audio quality!!!!
I've skipped through so many of their podcasts because they don't do any kind of quality checks before they interview guests. Constantly losing callers, dropping in and out, volume fluctuations. These guys have been on since 2015 and still can't seem to get it together. Invest in some good audio equipment. On top of that their interviewing skills are just abysmal!!
Production value is lacking
Couldn't make it far enough into an episode to guage content due to volume fluctuation and other annoyances. Volume normalization is so easy to do. I heard him say we think 60,000 thoughts a day and only use 5% of our brains though...... I would bet my house someone didn't go to college and graduate, unless it was a bible college down south. The hosts are genuinely uneducated and lack critical thinking skills. Great subject matter, piss poor execution. Buy a Blue Yeti mic for each host and record with garage band and select volume normalization under master effects and it will sound five times more professional. You guys have good intentions, read up on how to do it right. I will check back in a year if you are still around. I want to like you.
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Nardwuar Sr.
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