Trump, Inc.
Trump, Inc.
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He’s the President, yet we’re still trying to answer basic questions about how his business works: What deals are happening, who they’re happening with, and if the President and his family are keeping their promise to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump White House. “Trump, Inc.” is a joint reporting project from WNYC Studios and ProPublica that digs deep into these questions. We’ll be layout out what we know, what we don’t and how you can help us fill in the gaps. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including On the Media, Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Nancy and many others. ProPublica is a non-profit investigative newsroom. © WNYC Studios
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Brilliant, focused reporting-bravo!
This is such an important show, delving deep into the web of corruption and lies that is the Trump administration. Really great first take on history in the making. Thank you for your very important work. We should all be subscribed!
Awkward Cadence
Sometimes the content is very good. But the delivery and production are distracting.
Great in depth reporting which focuses on a specific topic in each episode.
Some of the best investigative journalism on the planet
It is utterly amazing and frustrating how overlooked, under-appreciated this podcast remains. Few if any other media sources are laying out the manipulation, corruption and criminal activity of the Oval Office occupant and his family and associates. Wake up folks. Great work here every episode.
Good, but...
Not every single sentence has to be said in an insinuating tone with ominous music in the background with the subtext always being “don’t be fooled, this seemingly trivial or banal thing is hiding a scandal!” This gets VERY irritating.
Under sourced
This podcast is way too “wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, eh?” If the hosts can’t unearth actual evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump family, I’d say they’re in the wrong business.
mad overlord
Underrated reporting
Underrated reporting
Philly Ten
Trump inc
Great podcasts
Such an important podcast
I am never disappointed in these podcasts and when a new episode is released, it goes to the top of my list for the day.
Momzilla vs. ?
The Best!
I listen religiously, disappointed when there aren’t weekly episodes but I understand. I recommend it to everyone I know especially the Trump Chumps. I am so great full that you expose him for what he is. I personally don’t think he would piss on me if I was on fire. And if he did he would sue me for every drop. I just wish his followers could understand that, that is who he is. I want to see your good and hard work put him behind bars! Keep up the good and necessary work!
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Just unbelievable!
The criminality in this administration is absolutely unreal. Thank god we have journalists like these folks who shine a light on the wretched underbelly of the trump administration. I’m nauseated.
Cutting short
Hey, long time listener here. If you’ve got a great story, or you’re interviewing someone interesting (e.g. Mary Trump) don’t cut it short. We tune in for the content, and will continue to no matter the length. Both hosts have cut people short lately and it just comes across as odd. It’s a podcast, how could you possibly have a time limit?
Keep up the solid reporting. Half the country is in denial anyway but the truth must be investigated and reported and be published. Journalism must come back and come back strong. We need our credibility back. Great work. Call me if you need help. We are all in your debt. Mary Trump rocks. Thank you, Mary.
Good show/too short
You covered a lot of great things in this bonus show. However 30 min. is not enough time to do justice to the subjects you covered. You need at least an hour to really discuss the details.
Thank you!!
for your invaluable work! Someday. . .
Russia report
Good reporting, but why cut off a guest while he’s speaking and saying you have to go? It’s a podcast not a nightly news segment, you could go on as long as it takes
Great reporting, why the time limits???
The information provided in these reports is something everybody should be reading watching and learning for themselves. My question though is why would there be time restraints on the reporting when interviewing people with valuable information. Even if it would be a radio show that has time constraints I would think they could easily let the guests know of the time constraints for the radio show portion but then let the podcast listeners know that there are extended interviews available as you continue the interview after your radio show goes to commercial break.As more and more of the public are increasingly skeptical of the media in general and how reporting is done it is my view that the more extensive and uninhibited a report can be the more value it has for the general public and cannot be called into question for leaning one way or another if all of the information is allowed to be provided. Also I just want to be able to hear all of the information that someone has when they know so much about a particular subject.
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Thorough and engaging
Well researched and informative.
Excellent listen
Shout out to this WNYC & ProPublica co-production. I make it a point to listen to every episode. The reporting is extremely through and wildly engaging. They report on a wide range of topics relating to the blatant corruption of the administration. Easily a 5/5.
Great Podcast
Love the podcast. My only issue is the loud woman who howls and interrupts stories. For example, your guest was telling an interesting/funny Trump Deutsche Bank story. She interrupted several times and butchered the story.
Canary in coal mine
This show is so good. Topics discussed here will live on in history and grow deeper in scope, long after Trump is out of office.
pretty good :)
don’t listen if you like trump
not a conservative
Disturbing information about repeated lawlessness in this administration. But what are the penalties and why aren’t they applied?! What’s the point of the Hatch Act without penalties?
Hits all my bugaboos
Highly HIGHLY informative, well researched & fact checked, clear in sound & articulation.. Really appreciate this podcast - thank you
Deserves investigative journalism award!
I’d listen to daily podcasts. The hosts and guests are smart and the narrative is clear. They follow the $$, and they use new leads and easily accessible math to explain their findings and to identify information they would like to have at their fingertips. I hope the show circles back at some point to review and update earlier stories, e.g., re federal expenditures at Trump properties; Trump business entanglements with Russia, Turkey and Malaysia etc.
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Untangling A Knot Yeats in the Making
Surprising twists and turns give the episodes a “Who Dunnit” theme that draws you into complicated subjects that merit a closer look. Always reputable facts, interviews and documents to add substance. Worth a listen every time and time again.
Great podcast
I look forward to every episode and hope they will keep digging up the dirt on Trump.
Carrie in California
Go straight to discovery
Here’s a thought about how to handle Trump’s case against WJFW: forget about the motion to dismiss, and go straight to discovery. Depose him until he sweats blood.
Stroking a hairless cat...
I love this podcast and loved Andreas book (her journalistic style is page-turner and thought provoking) and love Melissa from strict scrutiny as a guest cause her commentary is so so spot on brilliant. “Roberts is now sitting quietly stroking a hairless cat..” perfect.
True investigative reporting
This is exactly what reporting should look like! The team is absolutely incredible and very informative. Great podcast Edit: I can’t seem to find the words other than I saying I get truly excited when new episodes drop. Love this podcast. I wish it was daily
knc 23
Great investigative journalism. Just wow.
Scotty Mc58
Re: The Watchdogs
I appreciate the work Linda Miller is doing but what a snob. Claiming everyone knows about rowing and it’s the ultimate team sport. I would guess most of America knows nothing about the elite sport of rowing.
fan if she spoke correctly
At last trump truths
This is such a fantastic documentary of the Trump empire and all the characters . I’ve listened to each episode twice, third time’s the charm. Andrea, JUST (I’m late the this party) listened to your discussion on the Commonwealth (in January) and immediately bought your book!! Can’t wait to listen to it. Y’all are 21st century hero’s. Don’t stop
Good show, but a critical issue I take with it is...
This show is excellent at providing insightful investigative reporting to members of the public. It’s revealing, engaging, and valuable. The issue I take with this show is it’s reliance on the “(fill in representative, individual, or organization) has failed to reply to our questioning” as a vehicle for implying guilt or negligence on the party under scrutiny. As a listener, it is received as a convenient way to insight righteous indignation when it may not reflect what is underlying the subject’s silence. The scrutinized party may, indeed, be guilty. However, this particular reporting strategy comes across as a slight of hand that primes listeners to make assumptions about the story. Please stop doing this. It does not feel like you respect the intelligence of your listeners and it dilutes the journalistic credibility of your show. Once I realized how often your show does this, it’s made me less enthusiastic to listen to newly posted episodes.
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Everyone should listen. Fantastic reporting, well produced.
I’ve listened from the start, and this podcast dives into everything it can as deeply as it can about the Trump brand, and the Kushners. I’d give this team 10 stars if I could. Seriously everyone should listen and learn who Trump and the Trump family really is, and how he conducts business.
Investigate obamagate
Not even interesting have nothing cool. Go after something that has substance behind it. Obama gate
Making sense out of the truly nonsensical
It’s so impressive, and I’m so grateful.
Jenna Everton
irateviewer123 has not listened to the fat boy re-jigger everything he says.
re-hashing is an inevitable result of examining an ever shifting, sometimes hour by hour, re-jiggering of the Trump position on EVERYTHING
Well reported
This podcast is extremely well researched and well produced, painting a picture of the corruption of the Trump administration.
Mick Fishbaum
Good podcast, but keeps rehashing material
I like this podcast, but it seems like you guys keep rehashing the same previously used material. Growing weary of this. Better to go longer without a new episode than to repeat what we’ve already heard.
After the fact
It is fascinating to use this as a look back after all that has transpired during the Trump presidency. I can see how this reporting would have informed the various investigations, some of which have long since closed, and others that are ongoing. Candid, introspective, this is investigative journalism at its best. I wish I would have started listening sooner, but there is so much news to consume on a daily basis that I somehow missed it. This podcast helps me to digest things at my own, less frantic pace, in order to reach a deeper understanding of everything Trump. Highly recommend!
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Best podcast on Trump
Love this podcast. Such a smart group of reporters working on this. I’ve learned a lot listening to it.
I think everyone know
You are wasting your energy don’t get me wrong FBI is watching but they can’t move a finger they know A lot more . He is above the Law it’s sad but it’s true . The American dream is about to turn nightmare no one is above the law that’s how we keep the dream .
More wise and less happy
This brilliant work take apart the “empires” of the trumps and the kuschners piece by piece. It exposes how they manipulate our system for their personal gain. It shows the toxicity of this corruption on our institutions and society. It’s fascinating and riles me up quite a bit. This reporting may play a role in saving our democracy.
Great show
Concentrates on Trump’s financial shady behavior and malfeasance. This is usually great and certainly good enough; but there are weeks in which Trump does something horrible outside the financial domain, and I wish that this excellent team would turn their skills there instead. I suppose that that’s thin criticism—“more, please.”
Can’t wait for your next story!
Wow. Just wow.
My dream come true would be all trump supporters would listen to this podcast. But then again, they would either deny the crookery or think it is perfectly OK. Remember, “It’s not a crime if the President does it”? Yeah, that Tricky Dicky Nixon. Trump supporters think like Tricky Dicky. As a consolation, maybe all the prosecutors n the US should listen?
Always impressive
Magnificent on every level. So thorough, flawlessly produced, stunningly reported. Never fails to amaze me. Very talented team.
snooze fest
TRUMP BAD! ORANGE MAN BAD! we get it you don't like the president. Atleast make an honest fact based podcast.
We always knew he was corrupt.
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