True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers
True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers
Dan Zupansky -
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Subject matter would be compelling if not for the horrible audio-monotone sound-awkward pauses and authors who seem unused to verbally telling their story and Dan Z’s stumbling delivery- Such a shame that it seems no research into broadcasting or interviewing was done This could have been an awesome podcast The subject matter is wasted!!!
Overall I give this podcast 4 stars. But to interview a murderer and sexual deviant so he can sell more books and his art, is inexcusable. How do you a single word he says is true?!? You were conned
Sr Julian
Dan’s Great. Some Authors Not.
Been listening since the start, abs Dan is great and very prepared. His guests seem less so. The stories are mostly intriguing, but frankly, if Dan didn’t prompt some authors we wouldn’t get the whole story. The author of Terror Town said ‘just um’ so many times it was terribly distracting to the information he stated. Is a pre-interview done?
I really like this podcast and it is one of my favs, but the audio on it sometimes is awful. It is fine when Dan is speaking but when the guest is talking it is so raspy and I have had to stop listening. Seems perhaps the person is on a cell phone maybe. And I love all the info the authors have but then some of them do not speak well and either struggling to get their thoughts trying to get the words and just difficult to listen. KL
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Tabloid trash Boomer narcissist Fox News true crime
Dude it’s Tupac not two-pac
Education is important
DZ is the OG true crime podcaster.
Good show
Dan does a pretty good job interviewing true crime authors. I’ve listened to a few of his shows. I wouldn’t put this podcast in my top 10 but it’s usually well done from what I’ve found.
First podcast !
This is the podcast that got me hooked on true crime. It’s been at the very least 5 years (or more )it’s been so long when I started listening to this one! I love Dan and Iove this podcast! This one did introduce me to the most shocking killers!
Awesome True Crime Podcast!!!
Love the podcast!! If you like true crime at all, you must listen to Dan. One of the best is Notorious San Francisco. Another excellent book was Legacy of Deception with Stephen Singular. If you think that you know that OJ Simpson was guilty, like I did, this interview will at the very least make you question your assumptions. Dan is one of the best interviewers out there. Wonderful podcast...Always interesting. I am now catching up with the old podcasts because I only discovered this in 2019. Dan’s work on Trophy Kill is some of the best, and creepiest, things you will ever hear about. And he took it on at some personal risk because there’s a really good chance in Canada that even the most heinous murderers will be paroled. Check it out!! FYI there were some problems with episodes for a few weeks around March 2021 but it looks like it was resolved
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Great story teller
Great hand holding people thru memories that could have otherwise had been lost... 👍
All of them
Too many commercials
True crime when it wasn’t a hot ticket
Dan Z is a pro at interviewing authors and finding their views, takes, facts on some of the most infamous as well as lesser known crimes.
Notorious Place
TMI. Nobody speaks of Sprekles Mansion.
What happened to your older seasons?
I was making my way oldest to newest from 2010 and can’t remember how far I made it and now suddenly everything before 2017 is gone! I was saving them on purpose as reference to relisten later and to buy those books instead of taking notes. :( now they’re all gone
What’s the deal with the audio?!
Good substance overshadowed by the worst sound in podcast history. We shouldn’t be subjected to this type of audio in 2021. It sounds like you’re underwater. Are you recording on a 1990s microphone? Better ones are out there and not that expensive
One of the Best True Crime podcasts
I’ve searched and listened to a ton of True Crime pods. Dan hosts and interviews the best authors writing up-to-date true crime stories. Subscribe for the stories, research and insights. You’ll be happy and keep coming back for more. Eric Omaha
What’s up with the fast forward changes?
All of a sudden you can’t fast forward??
Latest Postings
Dan, your last two episodes have not been posted properly.
Still 5 stars
Is anyone else having issues with today’s episode?
Great podcast
Nice and simple concept. Really brings the stories to life like you were there
Sound check
The content is amazing but the sound quality deserves less than half a star
Great work
I appreciate what you’re doing here thank you. I can’t think of anything wrong, or have any suggestions other than sometimes the commercials come on a bit suddenly and a bit loud compared to the actual program.
Interesting beyond reasonable thoughts.
The Scott James interview on his book Trial By Fire, was so interesting that I had to know more. I immediately purchased two books, one to keep, one to share. I didn’t want to put the book down, it was a weekend I couldn’t do anything but read this book. I’m still sharing with everyone I meet about how could this have actually happened, and how impossible the outcome became.
Monroe CG
Where’s Episode 8?
Love the podcast, by why was episode 8 (Night Stalker) removed?
Emmy Es Gee
Bad humor
I really like and find Stephen and Joyce Singular very interesting, but the interviewers humor leaves much to be desired. Background not great and sometimes he sounds like he’s eating.
The Snow Killings was painful listen to.
I enjoy this podcast for the most part. The sound quality makes it very difficult to hear properly, the authors appear not to be briefed on the importance of speaking directly and consistently into their microphones. So their words fade in and out making it very difficult to follow their stories. The author of The Snow Killings took the challenges to another level. Between the continuous 1-4 second pauses between words punctuated by repeated ums in many sentences it was a struggle to stay engaged and I shortly gave up. A shame as the subject matter is very important, she was quite knowledgeable and the volume was wonderfully consistent. Unfortunately I think she was quite nervous which had detrimental effect on her delivery. I’ll be reading the book to follow the rest of the story.
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I left and this is why
Been a subscriber for years but when you have guests on that openly trash our president and you air it, I chose to no longer listen. I hate you allowed politics into your show.
Great Interviews
I enjoy the host’s quiet self effacing interview style which allows the guest and story to be the focus. Great variety in the authors interviewed who have so many interesting details about the crimes and their experiences writing their books. This is a great podcast!
Superb podcast
Dan , I want to commend you on phenomenal podcast . Keep up the great work
I really, really, REALLY wanted to like this. The stories are so interesting, but it constantly sounds like the speakers are eating or drinking while they talk and it totally turns my stomach. 🤢
Thanks Dan!
Back in 2015 when I finally decided to get on the podcast bandwagon, this is the VERY FIRST podcast I listened to. It was a Michael Benson book. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was totally hooked. And while I’ve branched out from solely true crime, I still listen to each episode with bated breath. I love it that you actually read the books, and that you keep the discussions on track. Thanks for being my first, Dan 😊 11/20 update: Outstanding interview with Casey C.!! Excellent thought-provoking questions about journalism, fiction, and non-fiction writing!!
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Richard O. Jones?
Richard O. Jones? My-O-My Richard O. JONES. True Crime Historian. Nanagram, PC Junkie
PC Junkie
Boring and very bad sound
The Katherine rams land interview was dead before it began and I love her but the sound was so bad I could hardly decipher her words. Such a shame
Like the podcast hated the political ads
While listening to the Corpsewood Murders episode today (10/18/20) there were several divisive political ads. Speaking for myself, I enjoy true crime podcasts as a means of escape from all that 2020 has brought, hearing those ads spoiled it for me. I did fast forward but still feel you can insert other ads.
True Crime
One of my first podcast regulars, and a dedicated fan. I love that he has always read the material, and works to keep the conversation moving along. Not all authors are great interviews, and due to telephone technology, there are occasional sound issues, but that keeps it real. I’m always looking forward to the next one. I do wish the commercial interruptions were not necessary, as it was originally, and the timing could be better at the beginning, but I fast forward past that...
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I couldn’t decide
... whether just because people write books doesn’t mean they are good speakers, or whether this host is just a bad interviewer. After listening intently to the Joni Ankerson episode, it’s definitely the latter. He does not listen. First he mispronounced her city in the intro. Then after she pronounced it correctly, he mispronounced it again. At least twice he asked her a question, introducing it with a statement that evoked the beginning of a response from her, as if she had something to say about the statement. He did not stop to let her speak but rolled over her and continued with his question. Sorry but it’s more important to me to hear what the author has to say that he interview. Instead of opening her up to speak about her experiences, his questions provoked short choppy answers which, to me, inhibited her. I stay subscribed because I listen now and then but most of the time I can’t finish.
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PW from GR
Good story
The true story is interesting but the man who is telling the story isn’t a good speaker. Lots of ummms That gets distracting
Lynda V
True Murder
Fascinating approach. My favorites focus on writing craft, telling the stories of survivors of the murdered, and telling vivid accounts of who the murdered were before they were killed.
Way too many commercials
I love true crime podcasts. I understand some commercials are necessary. However, I couldn’t even get into the groove of listening to this podcast due to at least 2 minutes of commercials & trailer. Nope. Good luck!
Dan is an OG!
Dan is is an OG! All the Podcasters listen to him. This is one of my Go-To podcasts that I listen to as soon as It comes out. I have purchased many books because of this podcast. Love it all the way!
A very quality program
The sound quality is fine. This is the best true crime show. Don't change a thing. I'm impressed with the episodes, your knowledge of the books, your serious style and your persistence to producing a very specific product that might be lost on the novice true crime/radio fan. I agree that it reminds me of Art Bell. If your gonna listen to some good stories it's gonna have some flyby the seat, unexpected glitches. That is the fun of it. Great job, keep it up! I'm working on a BFA in creative writing of fiction but thanks to your show I think about writing a true crime here and there as well. Love you! PS: I was driving my Dad to his cancer radiation treatment and we were listening to the Bat Masterson episode, when he was talking about his girlfriend my dad said, "That's Rocky Raccoon!" Honestly, the most joyous, light hearted banter we've had in weeks!
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Mamie Murphy
Informative and consistent
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The information is always excellent. In-depth interviews with great authors.
Straight to the point and no nonsense.
Zupansky gets right to the point. No long lead ins and no fluff. A pod with substance, not filler.
My Favorite
True murder is my favorite true crime podcast, and I listen to them all. Dan is a master at the interview. He leads us step by step through the crime. It is obvious Dan has read the book we are talking about , and it is not unusual for him to provide the answer as the guest sometimes forgets. I love True Murder, with all the new true crime shows out there, this one is always my favorite.
Heidi Rose64
Professional and Knowledgeable
Dan Zupansky is a first class interviewer. He’s always thorough in his research and asks the right questions at the right time.
Pretty good
I usually like this podcast very much but often the sound quality is not good. You can tell Dan has actually read the books the interview is about.
cop cars mass murder
suzzanne s
Good sometimes/boring sometimes
Dan does a good job overall of getting the interview running smoothly. It’s not his fault but some of his interviewees are not good speakers. For example the recent episode “Operation Jacknap” - it was so boring and tedious. Other episodes are much better.
[insert review here]
bill writes stuff
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