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True Detective
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Eloquently spoken
Educated speakers, funny too, who make the show seem better than it actually was. Worth listening to.
Highly recommended
Good analysis, entertaining hosts.
Perfect companion to TD3
Love the podcast - great conversations and analysis.
Ubaid Dhiyan
Why Bother?
Why would you record a weekly podcast about a show you don’t like? Why would I want listen to that?
Thanks for saving my ears!
I loved this season of True Detective (S3) and have been main-lining all the commentary I can find on the subject; sometimes while gritting my teeth. This show is the best True Detective podcast I’ve listened to, period. Great explication and analysis. Thank you for putting it together. Keep up the good work!
Really great
These guys do a really great job covering some of my favorite shows. It’s nice to hear their insights.
Best True Detective podcast
I first learned of the shat crew through their Westworld series and now I follow their movie and true detective podcasts as well. I like the banter between the hosts, very easy to listen to.
Funny and Smart
Binge listened to the Shat on Game of Thrones podcast during the holiday season that was full of car rides and I couldn’t stop listening! The amount of stuff they got correct encouraged me to listen to their True Detective podcast. A show, for some reason(?), people don’t know about and I love it!
Long tine listener
Been with these dudes since their beginning. Their chemistry and unscripted podcasts are insightful, sometines snarky, fun, but always entertaining. I enjoy them so much I listen to all their podcasts.
Should be called The Male Gaze
Tiresome objectification of women detracts from some interesting takes
Great Podcast
Great podcast, I love their indignant , pompous, and snarky takes on True Detective. 😛 They clearly put a lot of work into this show and all their other podcasts. Great chemistry between the hosts, and they do a lot for their listeners. Give them a listen and check out they're other podcasts too.
E Bliss
Awful...just awful!
Gave this podcast an honest shot but 3 episodes in and i’m done. That one idiot and his stupid comments...”I’d like to get behind her” and his whining “I didn’t get to see them having sex, this is HBO” like, really? What a jackass...
Luv luv luv
As a hobby podcaster myself I know how hard it is to find great chemistry on a recording. These guys have a fantastic mix of varying opinions without one personality suffocating the other personalities. They have incredible insight and random ( not scripted) dialogue which I think is best and really hard to do. I wish I could could find 2 guys like this to ping pong off of. This has become my lol forward to go to podcast of the week
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I don’t even watch the show I just listen to the pod
Edited review: I haven’t watched a single minute of this series or this season but have listened to every episode of this pod thus far and still can fully understand what’s going on and have my tin foil theories.
Big D
Your a good boah!
My goodness, that one guy...
Love it all except the one snarky, pompous, indignant, know it all. Please shut up. Big D makes this almost impossible to listen to. Super snarky. Does he not understand that people behave the same way.
First time listener
Awesome and very informative like how you guys really try not to leave any stone or idea unturned and look forward to future episodes.
The Shat Empire
West world , Shat the movies and now True detective will the wonders ever cease? This is another great podcast from the shat empire. If you want informative and entertaining podcasts that enhance your viewing experience listen to the shat gang. Kudos to the fab five ( Rodger, Gene, Big D, Kerri Gross and the King B).
Great way to extend the HBO show
I’ve been listening to Shat on TV first with Westworld, then Taboo, then Game of Thrones. Wish I’d found them sooner. It’s great way to extend your favorite shows for another hour, and really helps bridge the gap between episodes
anthony steven t
Great podcasts
Love your podcasts! I listen to Westworld and GOT . No better way to wait than True Detective Podcast Enjoying this one also! MaryAnn V
Watching Show Because of the Podcast
After the train wreck that was the second season of True Detective, was planning on taking a pass on Season 3. But loved these guys podcast for Westworld, so following the them to True Detective. Live their frank and open opinions, look forward to podcast as much as the tv show.
Top Notch
The Shat crew are really in their grove now. I’ve been on the ride with them since season 1 of Westworld, and look forward to their weekly movie reviews still. The different personalities of the presenters make for varied and interesting conversation and debate. Welcome King Bee to the full time “big show”. It’s great to hear him discuss something he has passion in.
A Must to Subscribe to
The Shat crew always put out quality podcasts. From their other TV show podcasts like Game of Thrones and American Gods to their Shat the Movies podcasts, the group is well researched and always puts a smile on our faces. Give this a listen and subscribe if you haven't already!!
Drew Zakmin always
The SHAT guys always bring it. Hope they don’t over speculate for TD...that was my only grip with their WW podcast but both are still 5 stars. Appreciate all the hard work guys!
Love this pod!
Long time listener- started with Westworld season 1 and have continued listening since. Looking forward to True Detective season 3, American Gods, GOT, and many tinfoil theories in our future.
Nicole BC
Found these guys from my time watching WW
So I found these guys watching during my season 1 binge of West world and continued to listen to them as episodes aired for season two of West world. I didn’t realize when West world season 2 ended how much I would miss having these guys around to talk about the shows I’m passionate about, shows that friends and family are not really into! I really feel like can’t watch TV without their opinions and insight on these shows. I’m so excited to go on this journey of season 3 of true detective with them. Just listen to them recap previous seasons and yes Season 1 was amazing and season 2 sucked so we all agree on one thing so far!
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frozen duck23
These dudes sound handsome
10/10 would bang
Chet rulz
It is like hanging out with old friends after watching a favorite tv show or movie. They talk about not just the movie or show, but everything it makes you feel. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll Shat yourself.
I love everything that the Shat Dudes do. This is no exception.
kerri poe
Another great podcast
Another great podcast from Shat On Tv! I have been with the guys through their Game of Thrones and Westworld podcasts, and I am so excited about a True Detective podcast. The Shat guys always deliver great content! Thanks for all your hard work!
Big D, Roger & Gene do a great job at everything they do wether it’s Westworld, Game of Thrones or their main podcast of rewinding the great movies from the 80’s & 90’s, you’ll definitely love their take on True Detective as well.
Look no further
The Shat team produces quality content and insightful commentary; funny, laid-back, and in-depth coverage. Hardest working pod team out there. I trust them 100%, AKA ‘zero wipes.’ If their past work is any prediction, then this will be a great pod to turn to as a companion to True Detective.
I’ve been listening/watching along with these guys for years. Really hoping this season will be as good as season 1 of true detective. The hosts won’t hesitate to call out if it’s good or bad so I like the honest takes
Melissa Budzak
Westworld experts are back to cover True Detective!
These guys killed it in Westworld and Game of Thrones. Can’t wait to hear their True Detective podcast.
Can't wait
Been listening to the Shat team for several years and am super happy they've added another great HBO show to their collection.
Love True Detective and Shat on TV
It’s a great show and wonderful Podcast, I cant wait for January.
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