True Detective
True Detective
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Ep.10: True Detective - 307 - The Final Country
39 minutes Posted Feb 20, 2019 at 4:36 am.
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Show notes

"True Detective" Episode 7 intrigued us with the tragic tale of Isabel Hoyt and and the terrifying introduction of her father, Edward Hoyt. Plus, we got to see the epic beatdown of the contemptible Harris James and behold Mahershala Ali in his giant boxer shorts.

Join The King Bee and Gene Lyons as Shat on TV outlines James' involvement from the Hoyt family's 1977 automotive incident through the 2015 documentary. We also discuss the Edward Hoyt phone call and its impact on Detective Wayne Hays. And Mr. June gives this spooky skeleton of a story some connective tissue.

Did you appreciate the humor in "The Final Country"? Are you Team Roland or Team Wayne? And do you think "True Detective" has any tricks left up its sleeve? Write us at with your thoughts for this week's bonus mail edition: The Watch.

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