Tomlin's Harmonica Podcast
Tomlin's Harmonica Podcast
Tomlin Leckie
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Amazing with caveats
I’m hooked on it and listening to one a day. I love it, but for me, it would be even better if he cut down the covid 19 talk (so drained from hearing about it), discussed the equipment the players use (harmonica, tunings, mic, amp), and tightened it up a little on the non-harmonica chit-chat. That said, I’ll listen to every episode while on the subway. Fantastic gift to the community.
Highest Recommendation!!
To my knowledge, nothing quite like this has ever been done. Harmonica grandmasters from around the world sharing in free form, wherever the conversation takes them, talking about whatever is on their mind. Absolutely priceless. The insights, stories, and personal philosophies shared will benefit players of any and all levels!!!
Johnny be good 345
Re-inspired Musician
My wife bought me a Hohner Blues Harp a few years ago and I was timid in my 1st attempt to learn the instrument even though I can play 2 other instruments. The lockdown made trying again an obvious choice and I am having so much fun! Tomlin & Adam Gussow’s lessons were my go-to from the beginning so I was naturally excited about the podcast. I have always been a huge Blues fan but guitar was my focus and I never did a deep dive into learning about the great Harmonica players until now. Furthermore, the podcast obviously highlights many of the current players who are either honoring the classical Blues style or breaking new ground. So, great job and keep it up, Tomlin!
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Rocky Mountain Dad
Jason Fkng Ricci
I dig listening to Jason’s harp playing but I Love listening to Jason speak , the guy is so uninhabited and open with his knowledge of the instrument and his life’s journey that he brings you into the room with him , What a cool human soul , Thanks for bringing us this podcast Tomlin and thank you Jason for being you
My visit
I went to U.K. to Tomlin’s Workshop and spend a week before with Tomlin’s teaching . This gentleman is a gift to us . He listens and gives all he can to help . His heart is in it . Thank you Tomlin for the wonderful time I spent there with you . Truly one of my life’s journey I will never forget Jerry
Jerry tyler
Essential listening for all harmonica fans!
I love this podcast. As someone brand new to the world of harmonicas, I’ve been doing a deep dive into the tin sandwich. One of the first teachers I came across on YouTube was Tomlin. I like his easy-going style, so I was delighted to discover this podcast whilst searching for anything related to the harmonica on Apple. Tomlin is a terrific interview: humble with the people he interviews and clearly passionate about the subject. He lets his guests go on at length without interrupting them. When was the last time you heard someone like that leading an interview? I’m working my way through each conversation and will listen to them all as they’re published. Rock and roll!
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Ethics Maven
Good harmonicabackground
Great stories about the field of harp playing from Tomlin Leckie, who runs a great harmonica school online. Check it out. I get the podcast from my iPhone podcast feed. Jim Palmquist