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Laughing in the face of danger
Codex takes these horrible “books” and manages to spin lessons of gold out of them. Not to mention the fabulous guests. It makes the unstomachable seem laughable and that soothes my rampant anxiety and depression in a big way
ya boi jonnnnnn
Not funny.
All filler and no killer. Sophomoric nerd humor.
Arrived early and in gilded packaging
Why are there not 6 stars?! This podcast arrived one day early and in gilded leather bound packaging. When I opened it up, doves flew out and a choir of angels briefly sang.
Just like it says in the opening song
Monday's a good day for podcasts for me, but Tomefoolery is always a great capper. Codex is a delightful host, the guests are always top-rate, and the books are generally either hilariously off-beat or terrifyingly relevent to the ongoing crisis of the western world. If it's a picture book about talking animals who carry handguns to picnics or something, it'll be both.
David cgc
Great Conversations
Always love this show. Codex has deep, insightful conversations with his brilliant guests every episode. It’s very impressive how they can deconstruct fallacies and relate things to the bigger picture. And of course, it’s a comedy podcast!
Excellent shipping
Arrived in perfect condition. No noticeable wear.
So fun and nice
I love it. I’m impressed by the sheer variety of weird books they find, everything from conspiracy theories to Christian clown ministries to Christmas vampire angel erotica. I love Cody’s laugh, he goes from 0 to 100 and it’s so genuine I can’t help but laugh too. The guest comedians are always delightful as well. The episodes have a wide range from heavy to light discussion, which is good because if I don’t want to listen to discussions of horrific racism I can switch over to something lighter like the coolio cookbook. And I especially like the parts where the guests talk about books they enjoyed as kids. Great podcast. PS the guests are also very diverse, I feel represented and supported as a queer nonbinary person!
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Jessie Cheyenne
Not Just Another Bad-Thing Podcast
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the bad books/movies/internet-forum-posts genre, but I always listen to Tomefoolery next when it comes up on my feed. The choice of books is always relevant as well as hilarious, and I like the wide variety of guests. My only problem now is that after binging the back catalog, my brain is always sad when the next podcast episode that plays after an episode of Tomefoolery isn’t another episode of Tomefoolery.
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Favorite Podcast
There are a lot of podcasts I love, but there is only one that I went back to the beginning and listened to every episode and that is Tomefoolery. The concept of the show is fantastic and Cody is such a great host for the show. The guests are consistently entertaining and always seem perfectly at ease with Cody, each other, and the recording process, making an endlessly enjoyable experience for the listener. Highly recommended.
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In Earnest
Arrived as promised
Arrived in ‘New’ condition as listed. Solid quality. Informative and no risk of papercuts. Doesn’t increase weight of my phone so I can really take it anywhere. Jokes aside, I love Tomefoolery. It’s a great show for authentic humor, intelligent discourse, and no other platform can make both Ayn Rand and books about how to give handjobs palatable.
A Humanitarian Service
Cory Melcher provides thoughful and humorous analysis of all the books you didn't know you needed to not read. I really can't say enough good things about this podcast. The book choices are always apt, and the guests are lovely and diverse in their backgrounds. But all that aside, it is funny as heck. I tried listening to this at work, but had to stop on account of the laughing fits. 6/5 stars.
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Nik Hansen
Reading weird stuff so we don't have to.
I had no idea I wanted to listen to a podcast about people reading whackadoodle books on a variety of subjects, but here we are. Kudos to Cody and the various guests for slogging through the weird and terrible and doing their best to make it fun. Thank you guys for putting your time, effort, and sometimes sanities at risk.
Love it
Great guests reading terrible books. What’s not to love?
A great listen
Great host, great guests, great content, not much more I could ask for. I get a lot of weird looks in public for laughing out loud to this gem!
My favorite Podcast
This show is literally my favorite podcast. It is always funny and the guests are amazing. There is never a bad show and I always learn about some better books to read! I highly recommend this podcast to any book lover.
Momma 747
Amazing podcast
If you want to laugh and learn this is the podcast for you. Cody is a delight and his guests never fail to amuse and amaze. Highly recommended.
a great laugh at terrible books
not snarky or cynical, the way a lot of “bad ___” podcasts are. While Mr. Melcher is a comedian, along with most of his guests, they take a serious look at the book chosen for each episode. But sometimes they don’t even make it through the introduction, or even the description, before a guest has encountered something in the book that is so cluelessly offensive or brazenly stupid that trying to find words to discuss it leaves them stuck in a loop of baffled stammering. It’s hilarious. They are intentionally funny too, of course, but nothing is as funny as someone trying to explain something that is literally actually indescribably stupid. Melcher is incredibly well read, with an academic background that seems to have somehow groomed him perfectly for this, and he chooses his guests well. This has the bonus for me, as a white straight cisgender male, of providing insights from viewpoints i never would have had, and doing so through laughter. Another bonus, speaking of laughter, is that Cody Melcher has the most goofily joy inducing laugh i have ever heard. Apparently it’s so cartoonishly silly that people think it’s fake. Ignore those people, Cody. Laugh out loud. Your laugh is the battle cry of joy.
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Favorite Podcast Belated Review
This has been one of my favorite podcasts for several years now and I am shamefully only now just writing a review. I can never remember the process, or my apple password. But today I persevered. Cody and guests are always funny and charming. It's almost like MST3K, but for books -- and lacking a certain smugness that marred that program and those like it. Tomefoolery always keeps an appreciation for the labor that goes into writing. But take Cody's advice and always get an editor if you self-publish.
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So “ho(e?)s” is not gender specific, but BROS is?
Cody Melcher makes me smile. I delight in his barely stifled laughter at the comments of his guests plus the discovery and then examination of books that probably never should’ve been published. As a man who enjoys having extensive conversations dissecting subject matter for which very few other people care even to acknowledge, this podcast satiates my unexplainable craving for apparently superfluous (though hilarious) analysis.
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Come for the comedy, stay for the societal commentary
The core concept of the podcast is comedians disecting random, obscure, and controversial books, but the discussions frequently evolve into so much more. Off topic discussions about the Anamorphs and Harry Potter houses break out yes, as is want to happen when bookworms of a certain generation get together. However, amid the quippier episodes, which often cause me to break out in spontaneous laughter on public transit, come amazing discussions about contemporary sociological and political issues in the United States. GLBTQ issues? Check. Sex and gender studies? Check. Religion and group dynamics? Check. Current and former politicians? Check. While host and guest skew liberal, they give the writers of the content the benefit of the doubt as much as possible, and base their critiques of the works covered on evidence based shortcomings of the text, and own personal biases as they manifest. In recent years the books covered tend to be more non-fiction than fiction, but recent episodes are integrating more fiction into the mix. Pulp fiction and erotica are nice brain breaks from works about Illuminati conspiracies and how feminism is a threat to manliness. I've listened to every episode in the series and am happily subscribed.
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Great show
This is one of the few podcasts that still get me excited when I see it pop up in my feed and I listen to like a bajillion podcasts. If you ever wondered what the love child of Oh No Ross and Carrie and How Did This Get Made would sound like- this is it. Sometimes disturbing, often charming, always hilarious.
good podcast
a good podcast host and guests are funny incitefull and informative andsits a great subject for a podcast . I wish they would cut out asking what the co host have read fast forward througe that and get to the real content other than that is a great Podcast
Iron cobra rama
It's great.
Tomefoolery is a fantastic opportunity to become reacquainted with the impossible amount of zaniness and awfulness occurring in the world today. If you are a person trying to produce creative work, the books on Tomefoolery are an extremely comforting reminder that people have been successful and made money by writing absolute crap, and that just about anything you could produce will be better.
Wonderful, intelligent, and funny!
It's been a while since I mentioned how much I love this podcast, but "The Illuminati and Hollywood" made me break my silence! I can never get enough about books, and well-done reviews of bad books are things of joy. Cody and his brave crew romp through horrible books so you don't have to! I always listen to each new episode, and it always makes me feel better!
Cody Melcher is an absolute genius !
I binged on all the episodes at work and now can’t wait for another episode... utter masterpieces .. I can’t even pick a favorite episode.
Once I met Cody in person and he gave me a fridge magnet. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about rhetoric from listening to him and the guests dissect these books.
This is my absolute favorite show
I listen to a ton of podcasts while at work, but Tomefoolery is the one I recommend the most often, and it's one of the few shows that I download and listen to immediately! This incredibly witty show mixes great insight in with hilarious commentary into some of the most off-beat books you can imagine. Give it a listen!
Rick Manuel
Stumbled on the show and it’s fantastic!
It’s a great show even though the reviewed content can be very depressing. I can’t get enough.
I Nearly Fell Out of My Chair Laughing
When I first discovered Tomefoolery, I was so glad because I was looking for something to listen to at work. I don't know how many times I've had to pause the podcast because my laughter was distracting my coworkers. Cody and his friends are an entertaining, insightful group of people and their banter is genuinely thought-provoking when it's not laugh-out-loud hilarious. I'm very happy they're here to read these books so the rest of us don't have to. I highly recommend Tomefoolery to both readers and those who need a justification for why they don't like to read.
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Be careful when listening to this at work
This show is awesome! It never fails to make me laugh. I listen to this show at work and have grown accustomed to keeping my phone face down to avoid uncomfortable conversations regarding the subject matter. Keep up the great work!
some guitar enthusiast
This Podcast gets me through laundry
Love this show, it's host, and all of the guests. This is my go-to podcast as I fold my laundry. I feel entertained, educated, and sometimes angry (but only at the authors of these ridiculous books). Give this show a listen, you won't be disappointed.
New fan!
Ran into an ad for this on an old My Brother, My Brother, and Me episode and I'm so glad I decided to check it out! I'm so excited to listen more :D
One of the best
One of my favorite podcasts. Host Cody Melcher is a rare talent and his guests are always a delight as they savage a weird, bad book Cody made them read. Simultaneously erudite, absurd, and fascinating. A hilarious listen I'd recommend to anyone.
Thanks iTunes!
This podcast was delivered on time and undamaged. The sound quality is good, and the host has excellent diction. Moreover, the theme song provides an accurate description of the show's contents. Good job, iTunes!
I cannot like this enough. Thank you for your service to the world, Cody Melcher and Friends. This podcast arrived in pristine condition, even though I know I'm listening to episodes that are a couple of years old in some, but not all, cases. Just enough centaur hate to really keep me invested. This podcast brightens my days.
Stool district 💩🐋🦅🕸🦈
Show good. Me like
Chief Bear
Hooooleeee shiiiiit. This podcast is a treasure. I shudder to think that there may a comedy podcast that goes deeper into "taking one for the team" territory. So much hilarious commentary about books and authors you definitely should not read, but upon whoms' excoriation you will enjoy evesdropping! This 'cast's most impressive aspect is it's stunning breadth. Not content to merely hit the high points of evil (more racists and Nazis than you can shake a stick at), nuclear-grade solipsism (Atlas Shrugged) or Scientology (enough said), Cory leavens the mix with gob-smacking stupidity carried to insane lengths (Horny Ghost of Osama bin Laden) and some charminly archaic profiteering (Successful Muskrat Farming). Despite the roller coster ride of subject material, the results are rarely less than LOL-worthy, and Cory's ability to give the benefit of the doubt to authors is impressive in an era in which strident condemnation is the coin of the realm. Definitely something to recommend to your friends if you want them to think you are a weird dork, and what recommendation could be higher than that? One of the very few podcasts to which I give a few currency units. Fair warning: if Roger Rabbit's laugh gives you hives, avoid any recording of Cory's voice at all costs!
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Excellent show
Cody is hilarious, and this show offers something not found elsewhere. The books on this show are disarmingly odd, unique, and fascinating. I'd want to learn about them without jokes. And there are jokes!
Fun podcast
A review of solidarity. Keep making this fun podcast of terrible books.
Love This Podcast
I always look forward to the new Tomefoolery episodes. Love the weird books and the humor. Keep it coming, Cody Melcher!
Witty and Well Done
Tomefoolery is hilarious, thoughtful, witty, and well done. Cody does a fantastic job and the guests are always spot on. I could go on about it but you should do yourself a favor and give it a listen! 5 out of 5 stars. Arrived in condition promised. Contents as advertised.
My Kind of Book Club!
Where else can you learn about muskrat farming, NAZI conservationism or the tenets of Scientology, all in one place? Cody Melcher is a hilarious and engaging host, and add to that some truly funny comedians riffing on bizarre books, and you have a rock solid podcast. BONUS: the logo is dope as hell.
Always a fun time, Cody grows as a host with every episode constantly evolving. He really brings the best out of his hosts and the books they are reviewing.
Absurdity at its finest
This show takes the most nonsensical creations of humankind, and gives them much more intelligent consideration than they deserve. Where does Cody find these insane contributions to humanity's body of work? It's admirable (and unenviable) work.
All in one great podcast!
I am femilar with Cody when he was a guest on the Feast of Fun podcast. I thought he was awesome, knowledgeable, funny and charming. When he started his own podcast I knew I would need to check this out! I love the concept on the podcast of finding books that people have not heard of and have his friends read along with him to discuss the book. Cody has great guest and they leave me learning more and more each time! Great job on this podcast Cody keep it up! You are truly a amazing!!!! :)
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Galaxie Ninja
Cody reads it so YOU don't have to!
If you enjoy eclectic topics, weird (sometimes not well thought out) conspiracy theories, you should listen to this podcast. Cody and his guests bring a sense of humor to topics that vary from flat Earth theory to open-carry advocacy, making such topic palatable to those with a more discriminating palette.
Always Great
Cody and his various guests are always great. Also Cody finds the most crazy books ever.
I began listening for pure entertainment value, and Cody and guests did not let me down: I quickly listened through the back catalog. A surprising extra value is it got me writing again. I had stopped because I never felt like anything I wrote was good enough to get published. Now I see I can use Amazon e-publishing to get my "practice books" out of the way and maybe make a few bucks while working on better books. They may not be perfect, but, by virtue of proofreading alone, they can't even approach the level of the published (and sometimes high selling) garbage Cody and guests have read.
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Smart funny, my favorite kind of hilarity
Listened to the "Counterfeit Rainbow" episode. My first taste of tomefoolery, and I am addicted! Great combination of humor and teaching. Thank you for making me laugh and teaching me about my her-story!
I actually look forward to my hour-long drive home from work, if I have a Tomefoolery episode to listen to.
drampa stan
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