Tom vs. Comics vs. Hate
Tom vs. Comics vs. Hate
Thomas Katers
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Love it
I love this podcast so much I wish there were more episodes!
One of the Best Comic Podcasts!
I wish I was Tom Katers.
Chris CCL
A favorite!
One of the finest podcasts out there, this is a top-notch go-to for comics fans. Great fun, interesting, hilarious, consistent, satisfying, and all profits go to a good cause. Why would anyone NOT listen to this?
Grebo Guru
Fast and fun Comics rundowns
Tom gives rapid rundowns of classic DC comics, fully of humurous commentary. Have a little time? Listen to a little Tom and have a little fun.
C. A. Lazerdwarf
So glad Tom vs. is back!
Tom's boundless enthusiasm both for goofy classic comics and for lightheartedly taking them to task for their goofiness always makes for a joyful listening experience.
Destroy All Podcast with War Rocket Ajax.
Tom vs. Hate
Tom Katers brings his love of the comics medium to this podcast brilliantly, and now for a good cause as well! Thanks a million for the entertainment!
Cold and Alone
Every year without Tom is like the cold hand of death slowly tightening around my neck. Except Death is talking about old comics.
Adam (white chocolate) Russo
A True Gem!
Fantastic and funny. Tom's recaps are the perfect blend of reverance and wry. The man's a genius - instead of reading this, you should be listening to him... NOW
I Miss TOM
Tom vs The Flash was one of the first podcasts I've ever heard. I loved the humor along with him talking about the series. Hopefully one day Tom vs. will return!
Perfect for me
I don't necessarily know why this show is so popular with comics buffs, but for someone like me, who doesn't really wanna read the comics and would rather just absorb the story and mythos of the worlds, it is perfect. The host reviews the comics concisely and is very entertaining while he does it. He is charming and natural, and makes his episodes pithy so he doesn't seem like a blowhard ever. Great show.
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Just Before 6:00
Great Show, I highly recommend it
Really fun and quite humorous. Definitely shows an appreciation of comics as well as a good sense o humor.
TJ Vandergraff
Come back Tom!
Tom returning to do 8 episodes after a year off was tossing a Big Mac into a pack of sled dogs. I can just barely taste that beefy goodness and I need more. Help me Tom, you're my only hope.
One of my single favorite podcasts!
TheIron goat
One of my favorite comics podcasts!
Tom never fails to entertain. Hope he can restart once he's done with school.
Oh my god, I missed this show! <3! Tom, congrats on the baby and good luck on the job hunt, but for now, I am so crazy overjoyed to have this show back. Even if it's only for a little while... I'm just glad to see it on my feed.
The Return of Tom Katers
Tom Katers is back but what dark secret is he hiding? Is there more than meets the ear when Tom Katers returns to his podcast after a year long silence?
Amazing and hilarious
Stumble upon this pod cast and have not been able to stop listening. Love how Tom brings these book to life with how excited he gets when telling the story! Stumble upon this pod cast and have not been able to stop listening. Love how Tom brings these book to life with how excited he gets when telling the story! I listen to this podcast everyday at at work, in the car and at home. Love the show!! Love the show!!
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Tom katers is amazing!!
Started listening to the podcast a couple of months ago and havent stopped. I listen to this podcast at work on the go in my car, just around the house. As a flash fan this is the perfect podcast for me. Tom katers brings comic books to life with his obvious enjoyment of these books! I'm a year into this podcast and won't stop till I reach the end.
Just finishd Tom vs. the JLA...
...and was sad that the fun was coming to an end. Then I realized I had the whole Flash, and Aquaman series to get through! Fantastic. The only way to have more fun (possibly) would be to have the books in front of you, but then you'd be missing out on Tom's dry (and wry) observations. I often chuckle strangely to myself as I listen.
the frenzy of tongs
One of my favorite podcasts
Tom Vs the Flash ia a great podcast that covers older Flash comics. You can't help but chuckle when he's having so much fun talking comics and describing silly battles between the Flash and his Rogues. Great show, two thumbs way up! Oh and Tom, you don't need the gimmicks of sound effects, you're at your best without them!
Scott (Host)
Tom Versus
This podcast is not boring or lame. Tom breaking down Silver Age DC issues with a sarcastic yet enthusiastic perspective frequently gets me to laugh out loud. Wonder what the next versus will be after Aquaman???????
Fun w/ Topo, Steve, Lorenzo and the rest of the Aquaman Salvation Squad
Just to people understand what this is, since it's not immediately apparent, in every episode of this podcast, Sir Thomas Katers, Esq., reads an old Aquaman/Flash/Justice League comic book. Having someone read you comic books, instead of, say, reading comics yourself, may not sound like the best way to spend fifteen minutes each week, but it turns out that '60s era Aquaman is ridiculous, and Tom really makes this a fun show to listen to.
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Zack Thomas
This is a fun way to visit the past world of comic books. Funny and not lame.
Tom vs Aquaman
A loving and joyful recap of some of the most delightfully silly comics made.
Classic Comics at their best
Tom is a genuinely funny guy and his readings of these classic comic book stories are amazing.
Infectious Funk
Fun look at the past
Tom goes back through classic JLA, Flash and now Aquaman stories and with a healthy sense of humour, entertains us with the twists and turns through the Silver age of DC comics. The best way to catch up on life in the world of Silver Age comics.
Comics are Fun Again
Who ever thought that a guy reading old comics to you would be so much fun? Actually, he doesn't so much read them, as he relates what happens in the comic in a a kind of verbal interpative dance of funnienss. There was one instance, when he was relating how aleins were using natural disasters for entertainment, that had me laughing out of control for a good 10 minutes. Highly enjoyable!
This podcast is not boring! :P
Seriously though this is a really fun podcast. I jumped on this when it was Tom vs. The Flash and it's just a great recap of old school Silver Age stories with the host, Tom Katers, doing a hilarious synopsis issue by issue. Not really an Aquaman fan but can't get enough of listening to Tom describe some of these Silver Age Aquaman stories. I think Topo needs his own book!
Great look back at old comics. Very enjoyable. I highly recommend this podcast.
Tom took the grind out of the daily grind
I used to sit here and watch the clock It seemed as if the work day would never stop But now the hours in the day go by so fast And I owe it all to Tom Vs. the Flash
Mr Hoi Polloi
Tom Katers saved my life
I haven't been in any life threatening situations lately but if I had, Tom Vs DCU would have got me through it. It's wonderful and never boring.
thank you
thank you thom for bring older comics in to my life
Funny, Strange, and Not Boring
Tom very humoursly goes through these classic Silver Age comics. He points out the way they appear strange to modern audiences, but he still manages to convey how much he enjoys the stories. Having said that, Aquaman is a tool. But Tom is not! Listen! They're fun.
Sam Bowen
Who Knew?????
At first I scoffed at my friends recomendation of this podcast. NOW I have downloaded all of them (even back through the JLA run) and I am loving it. Even if you don't like comics you will like Tom vs.. Interesting and entertaining guy talking passionatly about something he loves. Does anything else really matter?
Thomas Katers you complete me
That's not weird right?
Perterparker1810 on Twitter
Tom's show is the best show.
If you are listening to another show, stop it. Stop it now. This is the show you should listen to. Tom vs. etc is the best show you will find. So stop looking for something that isn't even out there, when everything you need is right here. If you love stories featuring the adventures of eccentric people who do battle while wearing garish costumes, as told through the uncannily enthusiastic voice of an eccentric funnyman (you do), then this is the show for you. Of course it is. Why would you even question it? Never question it, and never question Tom. Unless your question involves a request for concentrated nuggets of good old-time comic book humor. That is the sort of question which may be asked of Tom, for he already has the answer. It's right here, you silly person.
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Marx Karlos
Not boring
It's NOT boring!
Opened my eyes to the Silver Age
I have always been a casual comic fan. I know the characters and have always loved the idea and imagery of superheroes, but never really appreciated the history or the individuals that brought the characters to life. This podcast has opened my eyes to an era I thought was boring as a child, but now as an adult I really REALLY enjoy! Silver Age stories are so absurdly perfect and Tom does an incredible job of making sense of it all. Thanks, Tom, for putting this show together! A million thumbs up.
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Tom manages to both poke fun at as well as pay sincere honor to classic comic book stories. His satire stems from a genuine appreciation for those newsprint adventures. The results are laugh out loud funny, but somehow you never get the feeling Tom is making fun of the stories. Katers is a genius.
Sensei Carter
Greatest Podcast on the planet!
Tom vs Aquaman like its predecessors, Tom vs the Flash and Tom vs the JLA IS the funnest, wittiest, entertaining podcast out there. If you have 10-20 minutes you have to give Tom a try. You will not be disappointed.
Laugh out loud...
Hey if you're vaguely interested in comics, comic book movies or the genre in general, you wil LOVE this podcast. I assure you it's not boring. Give it a listen and try not to laugh out loud at work.
Silver Age Flash Rules the Road
This is a great podcast. Love the classic Barry Allen stories. I started as far back as I could, and I downloaded every episode. I listen every day on the way to work.
My New Favorite Thing
This podcast hits me in every way I've ever wanted to be hit, hmn that might sound a little weird but this podcast is so amazingly funny I can't stand it. I look forward to making my way through all 400 plus back episodes. The way Tom describes these old comics is so funny, if you have any love for comics and a sense of humor then stop reading this review and listen now!
tim vargulish
Neither boring nor ridiculous!
No way! More like amazing! Astounding! Awesome! Words that don't begin with a! How to describe Tom vs? Hmm. Hilarious works. But it doesn't work hard enough! Mr Katers has a brilliant mind and has chosen to use it to make merry by either reminding, or telling for the first time, the masses about the exploits of a number of heroes of days gone by. And we will never be able to properly repay him for these efforts. Why would you think a podcast with a grown man recapping issues of silver age DC comics is boring anyway? Are you an insane person? Are you wary because he's from Green Bay but lived in Chicago and now lives near Boston and think him an NFL spy? Don't worry. I think he's cool.
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Slice Bread has Met Its Match
Tom Kater's pod casts, particularly Tom versus AquaMan may be the next best thing since sliced bread, and certainly works better on an MP3 player than Mrs. Baird.
This podcast is not boring
Fun and funny, these delightful retellings of the adventures of the JLA, Flash and Aquaman are informed by Tom’s exhaustive knowledge and sharp wit. If you leave several playing as you fall asleep, expect Silver-Age comic goofiness to invade your dreams and turn them psychedelic in the best of ways.
THANK you, Tom. God bless you.
I had many of these Flash and JLA issues as a kid, and they've since disappeared. Yet instead of falling into despair, I can listen to Tom talk through each of these artifacts of time and feel like these issues are still safe and sound. If you grew up in the bronze age of comics, don't pass this podcast up.
This podcast reminded how much I loved comics as a kid and how much I miss reading them. Thanks Tom, I'm going to start collecting again.
Texas Skeptic
Its really not boring
If you love comics and are not listening to Tom vs Aquaman then you are missing out. He is the Benids/ G. Johns of podcasting. He gives you something old and makes it awsome and up to date. I also think he is a little insane. So get on the short bus or the next podcast will be Tom vs you....
Time with Tom is Time Well Spent!
Tom vs. the JLA, Tom vs. the Flash, Tom vs. Aquaman. All fantastic. Tom saved me from an excruciatingly long, boring drive. Eight consecutive hours of Tom Katers going head to head against the DCU were eight hours well spent. Thank you, Tom Katers. Your work doesn't go unappreciated!
The Mysterious Mr. E
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