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274 Book Roulette Guy de Maupassant
1 hour 54 minutes Posted Aug 14, 2018 at 7:50 pm.
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Show notes

Book Roulette is back with the brilliance of Guy de Maupassant!

Guy de Maupassant died at the age of 42 stark raving mad in an insane asylum but he left behind the greatest short stories ever written. Maupassant is a writer like no other because he is the ultimate master of the short story form and portrays all facets of human drama, ugliness, glory and comedy that is timeless but each new generation thinks exclusively belongs to them. I recommend if you ever see any of his books in a used book store to buy it because all of stories pack a punch and linger in your brain long after your eyes have passed over his words. In this episode I want to introduce you to to this French writer that I love and the stories I read to you here are: Idyll Doubtful Happiness Julie Romain Femme Fatale With the fragrant orange blossoms of the Mediterranean I welcome you into the wonderful world of Guy de Maupassant!  

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