Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp
Tom Rhodes
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I rather listen to Hannah Gadsby not TRhodes - hilarious!
por favor abran otra aerolinea
You & your mom
Y’all are great together, I’m going to miss your mom, too. I value her contribution, she seems like a nice and interesting lady.
Hobbs Holler
Endearing, funny, so interesting, and just so genuine! Love this podcast! Equally great on his own, or with an awesome variety of guests! Start downloading now!!!!!
Elitist white guy podcast
This guy is so full of himself it’s painful
Excellent podcast
Thoroughly enjoy this podcast! Tom is as authentic as they come and funny as all get out.
Smith Law
Hollywood bubble.
If you like a narrative that caters to the media bullet points and regurgitates Hollywood liberal bs. Basically if you hate trump your gonna love it. Hard pass for me.
Wow. Just a narcissist cry baby that thinks people owe him something.
Dear Tom,
I admire you and hold you in high esteem for dating such a young woman. Good for you 🕯 PS: I had to take Viagra to get my wife pregnant at age 39 because of my drug addled body and addiction to pornography. I had this weird hang up, where I could only arrive in my dirty socks? Science I guess... 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Another listener from Tom and Dan.
Your podcast is engaging and informative. Thank you. I will continue to listen.
Tom and Dan
Heard you on with Tom and Dan today. As a result I am now listening to your podcast. Just started with your first episode. I like it
Chris Tobash
Andy Andrist
I have just finished listening to the podcast with Andrist. It was amazing to listen to. Thank you both for putting out great content.
Great comic. Great stories.
Great comic with a plethora of international stories and experiences.
Five Stars for Tom Rhodes
It’s Tom Rhodes, folks. Give a listen and enjoy the ride. Five stars for Tom Rhodes’ Smart Camp
Circus Of Trust
Great guests an great host.
First time listening to this podcast. Brad Williams was this weeks guest, figured I’d lend an ear. Cannot continue due to the frog in your throat. Dude, please.... Pause recording, clear your throat!!!!!!! Annoying, disgusting & unprofessional. Please and thank you. Cheers!! ~JC
Great podcast!
The Slept King sent I’m staying. Good stuff 😀
Sorry for your Hearts Pain(Ashna)
. We Have To St
Chuck D Falcon
Rhode Dog
Tom is an underrated gem. He's got knowledge nugs for yuh
Hubris abound! Typical American ahole! Stick to talking about things you actually know you hack!
You’re lucky to hear Tom Rhodes, you shining toothache
Rhodes is the guy you thought you knew but never knew. Voice like steel velvet and stories and life insights to match. You and all your oatmeal eating brethren should be listening to his podcast; to his comedy. The dude is an artist and helps to inspire artistry. You know know what I’m saying. The guy has experience and wisdom. He can talk about Holland, Bukowski, ancient and modern Mongolia, Pigs in Zen ( a song by Janes Addiction- you heathen sap) and Guy Maupassant while weaving in a story about the SF Comedy scene. This man is a treasure of audio waves ready to duck dive into your entire ear canal. No Sexx wax required. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast while it’s free. The man is real, authentic, wildly entertaining and funny. He should have a Netflix half hour interview show. Tom in Zen.
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Wu Tang Sam
He was a jerk on Eddie's podcast so I'm done with this guy. Get a sense of humor.
Kaiser Soso
Thanks for smartening me up Tom and Ashna.
Sorry if I spend my the beautiful ladies name wrong. I truly thank the both of you for smartening me up. I love the podcast and am looking forward to seeing Tom in Charlotte or Raleigh.
Fun and smart
Tom Rhodes is intelligent and hilarious.
Tom is the man
I'm a newer fan but I love the style and ease of listening to this podcast. He is the cool guy you know that never tries. He is just cool. Keep up the good work.
Excellent interviewer
Tom Rhodes always features an eclectic array of interesting guests and, most importantly, is excellent at interviewing people. His subtle and conversational approach puts his guests at ease and accomplishes in bringing out compelling details that many other hosts would have left on the table. 5 stars. Check it out.
ralphie may
what a profound soul. i have always liked him...but now i know why. long may he run.
Excellent listen!!
Must hear!
Harmz way
Great Podcast
You'll love it!
Matterhorny toad
I listened to several of these while driving and found them to be a little different and better than most , a special podcast
Brawby A fissure
Really like his book reviews. Never heard about him until the JRE, I'm glad I looked him up. He is a really cool guy.
Sir Nipple-knob
You had me at colonization joke from the Brad Garrett episode...
...Welcome back state side Tom. Hope to catch you at the Comedy Store again.
Nuggets of Wisdom
Hanging with Tom & Co in the car cruising around New England hocking Hummus & Hot Sauce or while just walking the dog is always a delight. Folks that have lived interesting lives & live to tell their tale will inspire & humor the deep levels of your consciousness. Mr. Rhodes travels the world making people laugh. I thought love was the universal language, but I’m now convinced it’s laughter. Tom brings us with him to all the great cities of the world hanging with the greats of comedy, theater, music, & other miscellaneous cool cats. Great tunes book end each episode. Always look forward to new episodes & frequently listen to the oldies but goodies. Thanks Tom Rhodes!
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Just plain great
Laid-back interesting
Tom Rhodes brings on interesting people and lets them speak on what moves them. A lovely listen, keep em coming!
Dan Feld/Prologue Profiles
Five Stars
Tom Rhodes is the man.
Love the podcast
I liked your episode with Yisrael Campbell.
Karate Kick
An excellent podcast. He finds the most interesting people to interview as he travels the world performing comedy shows.
Very reverent conversations that allow for irreverence
Tom Rhodes has a lot of respect for each guest he records a conversation with, allowing each comedian to tell their stories, reminiscences. The guests are mostly (or all) friends he's met in his global experience with comedy and like all great podcasts, the conversation flows uncensored.
Thank you
Love the show brother. Reminds me Ari Shaffirs podcast. You honestly help me through my 40 hours of factory a week. It's a pleasure to share the cosmos with you.
Bishop BD
New favorite podcast.
I wish i could be like Tom when I grow up. Travel the world, eat, drink, laugh, and talk with awesome people? You kidding me? Love the conversations, keep up the great work Tom!
Rhodes is a Zen Master
This is a one of a kind fantastic podcast. Tom Rhodes is cool. Smooth. Masterful.
Dave Sincere
Tom Rhodes is THE MAN
We love you Rhodes, Much love from Schaumburg IL Katrina Marie
Great show
Great interviews. Tom is an amazing comic I have seen twice in person. Keep it up.
One of the best podcasts out there... Try episode 1 with Doug Stanhope as a sample.
Great podcast.
Been a fan of Tom Rhodes for 20? years. The podcast is starting to pick up speed. Even though Ive never heard of more than half of the people he has on, its still great stuff. Mellow, relaxing yet very funny.
Mike - Los Angeles
Greatest comedian ever. Wish he was bigger here in the states and would come to arizona more often!
Comedian's Comedian Podcast
Tom Rhodes is the best fan of comedy and comedians that I have found. The power and value of comedy is fully elevated through Tom Rhodes' interviews. Check out the Foxworthy show, "I just stared at the ceiling… What do I do now? My only goal as a comedian was to make Johnny laugh." Tom knows how to reveal the heart of a clown.
Markus Birdman
Mr.Rhodes Podcast is, Thee best on i-tunes .
New Orleans StoryVille
Love this podcast
One of the top podcasts on the internet now. Love this.
Nick Hoberg
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