Tom & Lorenzo's Pop Style Opinionfest
Tom & Lorenzo's Pop Style Opinionfest
Authors and bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez render judgment on all the latest goings-on in the worlds of celebrity, pop culture, television and fashion. Strap yourselves in for some hilarious opinionating on all the most pressing issues of our time, darlings.
"The Crown" Meltdown, Elliot Page and the Scary Decline of Movie Theaters
T Lo talk about the silliness surrounding the calls for "The Crown" to label itself fiction, discuss Elliot Page's announcement and how to talk and write about trans celebrities, and respond to the shocking Warner Brothers plan to release their 2021 slate of films on HBO Max.
Dec 4
59 min
The Life and Legacy of Princess Diana
In preparation for season 4 of "The Crown," T Lo take a good long look at the life of Princess Diana - not just the scandals, heartbreaks, revenge schemes and fashion, but the way her tumultuous life changed both the institution of the British monarchy and how the public sees it, but also the royal family itself.
Nov 13
1 hr 5 min
AOC, Kim Kardashian and the Shifting Sands of Celebrity Culture
T & Lo contrast the outcry against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Vanity Fair cover with the outrage over Kim Kardashian's tone-deaf 40th birthday celebration, noting how celebrity culture is changing in 2020 while AOC is forcing change on the dried-up world of politics.
Oct 30
44 min
When Sarah Jessica Parker Calls, Pick Up
T Lo got a surprise phone call from none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, who took issue with something they wrote about her. The resulting conversation was broad, illuminating, sincere, nuanced and friendly as two different sides of the celebrity ecosystem got to hear what it was like for the other one.
Oct 23
44 min
V TAWK: Star Trek: Disco, Bly Manor, The Undoing and The Queen's Gambit
T Lo talk about a bunch of new shows: The 3rd season of "Star Trek: Discovery," "The Haunting of Bly Manor," "The Undoing" and "The Queen's Gambit." It's a spoiler-free in-depth look at all four, from costumes to stars to sets, locations and special effects.
Oct 16
58 min
Hate-Watching "Emily in Paris" and Mourning "GLOW"
T Lo are amused by the "Emily in Paris" backlash and unpack how and why the show is both a fun distraction and horribly off-tone for the current moment. Plus, a sad goodbye to "GLOW" and other more interesting shows with more complicated characters.
Oct 9
42 min
Hanging with the Boys in the Band
T Lo review and unpack the new adaptation of "The Boys in The Band" on Netflix, offering thoughts as gay men who came of age in the 20th Century and how the play has changed in their minds over time and whether this new version has anything new to say or hits differently in the present day.
Sep 25
58 min
The "Cuties" Controversy and Our Big Gay Problem with Ryan Murphy
T Lo go into detail as to why the latter work of Ryan Murphy ("Feud," "Hollywood," "The Politician" and "Ratched") bothers them so much before diving headfirst into the controversy surrounding the French coming-of-age film "Cuties."
Sep 18
51 min
Kardashians, Bad Ideas and Fashion Week
T Lo talk about the end of the Kardashians on TV, the awfulness of gender reveal parties, how New York Fashion Week is getting by under lockdown conditions, and the new Oscars diversity guidelines, which may do more harm than good.
Sep 11
57 min
Skating Through The Zeitgeist
T Lo talk about the legacy of Chadwick Boseman, John Boyega's frustration with a racist film industry and fandom, Meghan and Harry's Netflix dollars, and why you should watch HBO Max's new sci-fi series "Raised By Wolves."
Sep 4
55 min
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