Tokyo Inklings
Tokyo Inklings
CY and Jacob
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My Favorite Fountain Pen Podcast
I started listening to other popular pen podcasts and when I stumbled upon Tokyo Inklings I became hooked. I am learning quite a lot about Japanese pens and fountain pens in general from CY and Jacob. After listening to all episodes so far I have started moving nibs around on some pens and have a Moonman T1 on order. Now, if I can find some Sailor nibs to move around some pens. Thanks and wish the best of luck to you both!
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A Breath of Fresh Air for Those Who Thinks They Love Fountain Pen
I am fascinated by the way they approach the fountain pen hobby. While there are the usual updates on what brand came up with what, the two have excellent knowledge of the culture driving these releases, which can be challenging for none east Asian culture to understand. This podcast unfolds the culture behind different groups of collectors/enthusiasts/makers across the spectrum and delivers their honest opinion on these subjects. CY is a very hands-on person who does many inspiring tinkerings, and he will sometimes provide us with fascinating insights. I believe this level of personalization is really at the core of the fountain pen experience, and I am glad that there are people who are willing to share their experiences on a podcast.
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Fresh look at the Japanese stationery scene
Very thoughtful and thorough overview of the Japanese scene that’s especially helpful for westerners new to this area of writing instruments and ephemera. Thanks so much for opening the door, well done!
Excellent updates on Japan FP scene
It’s nice to get updates on the Japanese FP scene from folks who live there! Always fun to listen!
Excellent perspective
As an American I enjoy the international perspective on this hobby, and learning more about Japan and Asia in general in the context of pens and stationary. Nicely done!
Steve Agocs, D.C.
Excellent window into the epicenter of the modern fountain pen world
This podcast brings the latest news about developments in the fountain pen world in Japan to English speakers, including insights into the economics of the business and the culture of Japan. A must-listen for any collector of modern fountain pens or inks. Two great guys with lots of knowledge abs love for the hobby.
Insightful Look into the Japanese Stationary Market
Light hearted podcast focused on Japanese stationary. Offers a rare glimpse in English to all the wonders often hidden to the rest of the world. CY and Jacob offer unique views of how they navigate through the stationary Mecca known as Japan. Special guests offer even more ways to experience the stationary bliss. It’s a joy to listen to but a word of warning you wallet could experience some significant weight loss.
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Fountain pen fun
Always look forward to it every other week
Pen Friends Half-a-World Away
Obviously, depending on where you are in the world, Cy and Jacob may actually be much closer to you, but sitting here on the East coast of the US, the goings on in the Japanese and other Asian stationery markets can feel very distant, even though they can have a big impact on the US market. I love listening to the Tokyo Inklings share information about the Japanese market, both in terms of big corporate moves as well as just hearing what the average Japanese stationery aficionado is using these days.
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A window into the East…
This podcast is a delight and gets so much right. Easy, relaxed chemistry between the two hosts and a flowing, knowledgeable discussion on the pens and inks of Japan. The hosts can debate trends and attitudes; they supply fascinating nuggets of information and background; they can discuss the details and intricacies of both pens and inks. A new pen or acquisition is not just enjoyed, it is appreciated for its details and the commentary frequently adds to the understanding of the culture and art of the Japanese pen world. Tokyo Inklings is a magnificent contribution - please keep it up!
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Pens not politics
Pens not politics. 👎🏻
Bill Wilkins Ghost
The bridge between U.S. and Japanese stationary
It was great to hear about this podcast as I have always been into Japanese stationary but never knew how to gain the specifics and information on what to look out for and where to find it. Tokyo Inklings provides that knowledge. Not only do they hit on stationary though, they open up the Japanese culture and provide insight to a land I otherwise may have missed out looking into. Can’t recommend enough.
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Esoteric for the esotericist,...
But such a joy to listen to!
Best Japan-centered Fountain Pen/ink podcast!!!
CY and Jacob do a stellar job of bringing you everything new/old/interesting about the fountain pen community in Japan and beyond. Easily one of my favorite podcasts about the fountain pen community. Worth a listen and worth starting from the beginning. They just started out so it’s not hard to breeze through them to catch up.
Fantastic podcast
This is a must-listen for anyone interested in stationery! CY and Jacob provide informative takes on nearly every type of stationery you can think of as well as what the Japanese stationery scene and market is like. My favorite parts are when they talk in detail about the people (vendors, makers, influencers) behind the products that we love, and how their stories have helped shape the things we consume.
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Great Show!
Tokyo Inklings provides a great insight to the Japanese pen users/collectors community, which is hard to learn about due the language barrier. CY and Jacob provide interesting viewpoints into the developments in Japan that can reach out the US pen user/collector community. I learned a lot!
Love this show!
Can’t recommend this podcast enough! It’s unique, insightful and highly entertaining. It’s as much a travel commercial for people to visit Japan as it is a show about pens, ink and paper. Every episode makes me want to book a flight to Tokyo and beyond to get the things they discuss. Keep up the great work.
A much-needed podcast that filled a big niche!
Recently, my elementary school son and I read “Heart of a Samurai,” a book based on Manjiro Nakahama, the first Japanese person to land in America. CY and Jacob will be your personal “Manjiro” to the mythical (as in the limited-editions that only a few could have seen), cloistered, often mind-bogling but always fascinating world of Japanese stationery and fountain pen. Unlike Manjro who had to survive on raw albatross flesh, the first episode of Tokyo Inkling will whet your appetite and open the floodgate for more information from this arcane world: the shops, the shows, the inks, the paper, the grinds, and more. One episode alone already filled my little notebook of places to visit when I’m going back to Japan again. I can’t wait for future episodes, and I hope to hear more from the other member Japanese fountain pen experts such as Bruno, Dan, et al. A much needed podcast that filled a big niche!!
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Great first show!
Being a fan and collector of Japanese pens for a long time now it’s great hearing this type of info.