To Summit Up Podcast
To Summit Up Podcast
Ryan O'Malley: To Summit Up, Hiker, Skier, Outdoor Enthusiast
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Life Changing!
When I told my friend my dream was to hike the ADK46 she said let’s go! We made a plan and started to get physically stronger and started to learn as much as we could. That’s how I found this inspiring podcast with tips, encouragement and good laughs. Never miss an episode! We hiked a bunch of smaller peaks and Mother’s Day 2019 did our first 46 and bagged our 12th 46 in July. #hikelikeamama Ryan,love the guests and the questions that are thought provoking to help us better our lives!!
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Ryan and his guests really engage in not only getting people outside but to think and appreciate the value it brings to us, as humans. Keep up the good work homie -Bushwhack
Fully Charged with Positivity!
I have listened to almost every episode and not once disappointed. Ryan has great topics with awesome guests. I value the information and education I have gained from every episode. Keep up the good work, I’ll keep spreading the good word!
Loved it!
Just listened to my first episode which was an awesome interview with my friend Bren, loved it! My heart nearly exploded when she mentioned me as the best friend that she’s made while out hiking...because she’s that friend to me as well! Such a fun podcast for us adventurers out there, and for those who want to learn more about living differently! 🤙🏽
Great podcast! Keep it up!
Love Peak Passion, errrr, To Summit Up! Really enjoy this podcast and look forward to new episodes. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
This show is great for when you’re stuck in the office and need something to keep you going to next weekend’s adventure. It doesn’t matter if the guest has summited the world’s highest peaks or specializes in their own local mountain range, this show will give you summit fever every time.
Favorite Hiking Podcast
‘To Summit Up’ is my favorite hiking podcast. Ryan O’Malley has a knack for finding some incredibly interesting guests who have a wide range of accomplishments. I love listening to their stories and perspectives, and Ryan asks some great questions that reach beyond simply hiking mountains. I just finished listening to Ep29 with Liz Rose who is the youngest Canadien ever to complete the ‘Seven Summits’. As a seasoned hiker, I love listening to this podcast on long drives to and from the mountains. Check it out!
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Love the Outdoors? Listen here!
I really enjoy this podcast. Ryan really does a great job with getting some awesome stories from his guests. He gets some pretty amazing people to come and do his interviews, people that have some great stories about the hikes that they have been on and just their experiences outdoors. Though there is a lot about hiking in his episodes, Ryan also finds guests where hiking and being outdoors were able to better their own lives, as well as, the lives of others. Examples include, Episode 18, Cont;nue: Your Story isn’t Over. The Mental Health and Mountain Connection, and also Episode 26, Combine Service and Adventure-Physical Therapy and Malawi.
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Cool intel about outdoor adventures
What I like about the To Summit Up Podcast is the interviews with experienced hikers and mountain climbers about their practices in adventuring. As someone who enjoys the outdoors and hiking and would like to do more of it, I have found the conversations between the host and guests from before, during, and after their hikes unique and educational.