Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio
Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio
Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office. Hear Wilco, Adele, Passion Pit, Tinariwen, Miguel, The xx and many more. This is the audio version of the podcast. A video version is also available.
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Who gives 4 or 3 whatever stars to npr tiny desk. Tiny desk concert deserves all the love and stars
Upload Performances Before 2017
Otherwise, who doesn’t love tiny desk?!
Great mix - needs an intro
I love the variety of bands that come through the NPR offices to play 10-15 minutes at the "tiny desk". One small complaint: Most podcasts have too much intro, this one doesn't have any. It would be great if Bob Boilen would name the band and maybe a sentence about who they are in the opening. I listen to podcasts sequentially, and often don't bother looking at my phone to get the title / description.
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I work too much and this is my cheat sheet for happiness at times! Keep it up!
Long live tiny desk
Keep doing what you’re doing
Alex Pogosian
Update your Roku app!
5-star podcast, but I’m giving you 1 star until you update the Tiny Desk roku app. Has not been updated since June 2018. You can have your four remaining stars when you meet my demands.
Erika $
Jordan Rakei?
Jordan Rakei posted he was on tiny desk 2 months back where it at yo??
Still mixed up!
I love the NPR Politics podcast, and I like Tiny Desk, but is there any way to keep the feed straight?
Truly great shows, once they do one with Robert Earl Keen they'll truly reach the pinnacle.
I love the Politics Podcast and tiny desk, but why and how are they still in the same podcast? Can’t you fix it by now?
Please put on Spotify
Love this so much. Which I could add into my subscribed on Spotify!
Tom Mich, one word!!, 🎼OUTSTANDING 🎼
Tom Mich, one word!!, 🎼OUTSTANDING 🎼
Why is this still downloading in place of my other podcasts?
I keep deleting and unsubscribing from tiny desk concerts because when the NPR politics podcast downloads, it keeps saying it is tiny desk concerts. How do I fix this? (Not that I don’t like tiny desk concerts)
Still getting this instead of politics
This podcast is fine but it would be nice to subscribe to the right one. :) thanks!
I try to subscribe to the npr politics podcast and it keeps giving me the tiny desk podcast. I don’t want it, and I will remain unsubscribed until you fix it. FIX IT. I really used to enjoy the show, but I won’t tolerate getting the bloody tiny desk show.
Still getting Tiny Desk instead of politics!
Please fix this.
Fix it Please!!
Everytime I subscribe to the NPR Politics podcast, I get Tiny Desk Concert instead. I don’t want Tiny Desk Concert!! I want the NPR Politics Podcast. VERY ANNOYING!!! please fix!
briana the great
Not politics
This keeps showing up in place of my npr politics podcast. I subscribe to the npr politics podcast and the next day this podcast is in my feed in its place. It’s very frustrating and annoying!! Please fix!
Just another physicist
App changing names
My NPR politics podcast keeps turning into tiny desk concerts, everyday I resubscribe and it still changes back. Please fix this NPR!
Something got screwed up
I used to subscribe to Tiny Desk concerts. I stopped listening for two weeks and it was replaced miraculously with this podcast. No bueno.
Mac Miller
Truly will miss this artist he was magnificent musician
Favorite Music Podcast
Diverse set of musicians. Lots I’ve never heard of. It’s a glimpse into the style, genre, and artistic feel of the musicians. It feels very organic, very personal.
Great stuff
Informal short concerts by various artists exposing new artists. Well produced and excellently done. Love turning on the YouTube feed and letting it run to new artists.
Mystery Man
This is such a great podcast! Everyone who enjoys music should listen to these!
just great
introduces u to new music, great audio, complete variety whats not to like?
npr at its coolest
when you think NPR I'm sure the image of the public radio station in Parks and Rec come to mind. playing soft indy music that is truly quite horrible. this is not this. they feature the greatest variety of rap, hip hop, indy and classical I can think of. highly recommended for anyone who likes music.
It’s Apple
It’s not All Songs that is affecting how the podcasts show up. It is Apple. The new Podcast update with iOS 11 is bogus, and is in fact a step backwards. There was nothing wrong functionally or visually with the Podcast app pre iOS 11. What was the point? Podcasts show up incorrectly, sorting and setting queues is more difficult and less intuitive, the artwork is no longer embedded as background color effects, and no autoplay to boot. Listening to podcasts is harder and less functional than ever.
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Tiny Desk introduces a variety of musicians from different genres, so one is bound to find here an artist that fits his taste. Interesting artists, excellent sound quality.
Terrific performances lovely deliveries by well-chosen guests
Didn't Actually Listen Yet,
but it gets three stars for the premise alone.
Falling Short
Cool but audio skips
I like the concept and some podcasts are fine but some have skips in them. Like the alt-j podcast.
Can Be Hit or Miss
This podcast can be REALLY Freaking awesome. The obvious choice to show you that is the T-Pain episode. But then it can be REALLY REALLY BAD. They obviously be a wide range of performers on, but whenever it gets into chants and the such, I just skip the episode. I'd say it hits 3 out of 10 times.
Always on point
Love the mix of standbys and new talent
Rarely disappoints
I can almost always count on tiny desk concerts for aural stimulation. Its great if you want to expand your musical horizons. There is a wide variety of performers covering many genres.
allways fun to listen to!
Especially liked the Lyle Lovett podcast and Jackson Browne! I would love to hear you guys feature Tom Catmull.
Thank you, NPR!
For anyone who questions the greatness of NPR, I offer Tiny Desk Concerts as exhibit A. Thank you NPR for these quality productions and for aiding such deserving artists. You guys are the best!
Spitta Andretti
Best One Yet slime. Show light on tru under ground legend.
Discovering new music
Love the artists they feature
Love listening to it on my way too school
I love the different types of music
B Collins
I love these podcast!
Another Great podcast from NPR music
Good short concerts from lots of artists.
Chris 879
Are you checking the iTunes feed???
I'll subscribe when you stop dumping multiple copies of the same podcast(s) in day after day. First it was multiple copies of the whole catalog you had ported to the new podcast and now it's all Patty Griffin - 301 copies of the same podcast!!! That said - excellent music and performances...just fix the tech issues so I can listen again! I'm rating based on history, not technical prowess.
JS Mpls
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