Til Death Do Us Blart
Til Death Do Us Blart
Tim Batt, Guy Montgomery, The McElroy Brothers
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An Annual Movie Roasting As Holiday Tradition
Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery are more or less expanding their concept of a podcast about watching a bad movie again and again, but lessening the timeframe and bringing the McElroy brothers on as additional hosts. This makes the show feel like much more of a rarefied treat, while also knowing it’s less psychically punishing on its creators.
Till death shall I blart
Wanna listen to 5 people slowly dig deeper and deeper into a movie with less depth than puddle by watching and discussing it once every year until they die? Well you should it is amazingly entertaining!
perfectly weird
i do not understand this show. however, i do love it. thank you gentlemen
I Fought The Blart and the Blart Won
I broke the law to watch this movie and I would do it again. Thanks, boys. Hope this Dork-rector’s Comedy-entary is worth it. EDIT: I HAD TO PAY MONEY FOR THIS MOVIE. IT IS NOT A GOOD MOVIE.
Finally enough episodes to binge!
It’s really good.
Silly boys and there silly promises
Makes me laugh. Good times ask around
astonishing, a cultural touchstone for generations to come
i have never been so emotionally and temporally invested in a movie that i haven’t seen nor plan to see despite these boys’ best efforts. each year feels like an encroaching challenge. 2020 was the hardest one to overcome but even the gimmick of a watch along director’s commentary won’t make me give in. i can just close my eyes, listen to these boys wax poetic about death blart, and see the movie it was always meant to be. thank you for the annual gift.
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Funny T-day
I heard about this from some friends and it’s ridiculous. I can’t believe these guys are watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 so much. It was a funny listen and a new Thanksgiving tradition around my house.
the only podcast that matters
this is literally the only podcast
cherry b 💌
Light at the end of the tunnel
It’s 2020 and it was my first thanksgiving alone because of 🦠. Hadn’t listened to them yet, so I watched pb2 Wednesday night and binged the podcast! Then I had to watch it again because this year is a commentary!! But I couldn’t be more grateful to have something to look forward to. Thanks McElroy brothers! And new friends!!
Anna B 17
Bless the shadow man
And bless this perfect podcast
Best annual tradition
I’ve been doing this since the start and it is endlessly hilarious
Glorious suffering
I look forward to it every year and every year I question my life choices.
joey chicharrones
A Thanksgiving Tradition
A lways fantastic coming back to this year after year. It surprises me a little bit every year to get the notification!
The best thanksgiving tradition.
This is the best year to start an internet based thanksgiving tradition. Get on it.
Travis just talks way too much while saying way too little
Reviewer, am I right?
Favorite podcast
I listen to so many pieces of art on this app, and this one is my favorite. I look forward to every November because that’s when I listen to all previous episodes in preparation for them to say the same stuff for another year on thanksgiving. Love it.
caught up in time for thanksgiving 2020 😼😼
incredible. show-stopping. amazing. innovative. informative. outstanding. awe-inspiring. never done before. paul blart: mall cop 2 is a blight upon this world but this podcast is not.
Til death do us Blart
Every November, as if possessed, I re-listen all the previous episodes.
I basically have the first 4 episodes memorized. Love these guys so much, Paul included!
Best podcast
This is by far the strangest and ill-advised premise for a podcast i’ve ever seen. Committing to watching Paul Blart 2 (the sequel, not even the first one) every year for the rest of their lives, and then, upon death or inability, being succeeded by whoever they bequeath this responsibility to, is the most insane commitment i’ve ever heard of for a podcast. And it’s also my favorite podcast. Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving, not only for the family time and delicious food, but particularly to hear how the film Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 further warps the hosts’ psyches and appreciation of film. Over the years I listen to new podcasts, and fall off of old ones, but I anticipate this one, with the benefit of being only once per year, will be one i stick with for much longer than any other podcast. Pour one out for these champions bearing this heavy burden, so that we, the people don’t have to. I’ve also never seen Paul Blart 2 and have no plans to.
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Our Father
Who Blart in Heaven
My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition
I listen to this every year while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have yet to watch PB2, but still really enjoy the show.
Best crossover of the century
You’ve got the MBMBaM brothers, Tim Batt, and Guy Montgomery, what more do you want?
They boys have all my respect
I was hardly able to watch pb2 ONCE and they have payed a life debt to Kevin James, that’s more than enough to earn my respect. Oh and it’s really great listening.
This is insane
I just started listening and love it. I binged all 5 episodes and loved hearing them slowly spiral. I’m stoked for this year’s episode and will be making this a new Thanksgiving tradition (listening to the show, not watching the movie)
The best part about thanksgiving
Had to take a break at work because I was listening and laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe
Please never stop
Because of this I know so much about a movie I will never see thank you for your sacrifice
Becca Burm
A Blart to remember
keep it up blart boys!
man this show really pauls my blart (2).
Best podcast ever
The quintessential PB2 podcast
Never before has a podcast made me both want to watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, and so happy that I have never done such a shameful thing.
Makes my thanksgiving
Don’t much care for thanksgiving food but the humor and despair of these 5 guys makes my day.
thanks boys
as the only podcast i listen to that isn’t on spotify, every year i download apple podcasts, listen to death blart and then delete the app again. well turkey day has come twice this year folks. 10/10
Very good podcast by very good boys
I love you all Please do Here Comes The Boom! We need it!!
The heroes we need, the heroes we deserve
These five men are real life honest to god superheroes. Thanks for giving us this merry quarantine gift
Have not, will not watch the movie...
I’ll never watch this movie, but that won’t stop me from listening to this podcast forever.
Love this
This is such a torturous concept that’s handled so beautifully by these Paulbearers, also I’m currently listening to the surprise origin episode during quarantine and its killer
After 5 years I still haven’t watched “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2”
Thanks to this podcast I learned that I can’t walk on marbles. Can’t even stand on them. Thank god I know now.
It’s April 3rd, 2020
And all I can do is wonder what on earth this years ep is gonna be like. Hope there is one!
The reason for the season
This podcast is the best part of Thanksgiving and the official kick-start of the holiday season. Long live TDDUB!
I’m not sure how to explain to everyone I know that this is one of my favorite podcasts about the film equivalent of eating tide pods in a draino martini.
Halos are Fun!!
Five good years
This podcast has gotten me through the hardest years of my life. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person out here who suffers. Thanks to you good, good, boys for giving me hope!
This crossover is a dream come true. Two of my absolute podcasts coming together to do what no man has ever dared to do before.
Good content
Bad movie, good podcast, overall very funny.
“Not today death!”
This podcasts is the pinnacle of human artistic achievement.
Person Simulator
Highlight of my Year
If you enjoy MBMBAM or TWIOAT, you will love this podcast. If you have never heard of either of these, this podcast is a great introduction to both of them. This podcast is unironically the highlight of my podcast year. I own 2 ‘Till death do us Blart’ t-shirts and I love wearing them because people ask me what it is and I get to tell them about this awesome podcast. Eagerly awaiting 2020’s episode!
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So Freaking Worth It
I legitimately wait all year for this podcast. One of the most entertaining things I encounter. Time definitely well spent!
Great Stuff
I am not kidding, this is probably the funniest and most important podcast of the 2010s. Looking forward to this Podcast in the 20’s.
Doug Rich-Guard
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