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Dear Bob,
My wife said I make an ugly face when I climax. She also said the sounds I make are really distracting and detract from her sexual enjoyment. 🕯 I’ve never been so embarrassed, hurt, saddened, and emasculated in all my life. 🕯 -eunuch- -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Backstage Rules!!!!
Urban Bobby
I need an episode of urban Bobby the whole time
Kalayla has all the illness of the world.
Free til
Your girlfriend is ruining your show
I love lamp
tree man 520
You good Carlos
Hey after that episode and considering what other have done in the comedy world. Carlos needs to be forgiven. Keep ya head up bro! There is always a path back home.
Kinda cringed listening to this
Bobby yells a lot and khalila talks about getting raped all the time. Kinda lame
Latest ep 1/13/21
I don’t like Mencia but so I just pretended it was George Lopez. Great pod
Timbo Jon
Ep. 279 yuck
Carlos Mencia really...Having no guest is better than him..he mentored young comics or he stole from young comics? Giving 1 star until another episode is posted then will give a 5 again..I like the podcast just hated ep. 279
Great job!
Awesome podcast! Great to see you have Carlos on to say his side.
Carlos Mencia
Jeeeez it was rough listening to Carlos... he couldn’t admit he was wrong
Tom Revoir
hey bob
let me say this my friend
#1 Podcast
Authentic, hilarious, and exactly what we need in the times we live in
Amazing BUT dear God pleeease fix the ads
Love the podcast chemistry, topics, and guests. So raw, hilarious, and insightful just like the hosts. But STOOOOPPP Gilbert’s horrrrrrible ad intros, and pick better conversation breaks to put the ads. I swear everything goes black and I instantly want to murder when I hear that dumb voice tell me it’s time for a break. Completely unnecessary, take a clue from YMH and work the ads into the conversation or put them at the beginning. Keep up the good work, and save the Slept Kingdom from Gilbert’s torture!
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Episode 278
Thank you for this one. It’s evergreen as well.
Bobby is an interesting man
Hilarious. And then Bobby gets all weird and sentimental and shows his soft side and his soft pen15 and you’re just like what is this I need more. And khalyla completed him and the show. And producer rocks.
sg robe
Losing love for the podcast
Khalila is making this podcast so hard to listen to
Remove Gilbert
Pretty funny podcast. Bobby is great. But Gilbert is the most annoying in the podcasting world.
Slept king fo life son!!!
Nosotros papaya.
Herro Pree
Ching Chong chang. Best-ah podcast-ah evah. ROR.
Smooth d tickle
One Night in Tijuana
What did you do to that underage girl Bobby?
Love it but..
STOP TALKING POLITICS. For people who claim to be so woke and accepting of others it’s interesting how stereotypical and biased against Republicans you are. The hypocrisy is annoying.
Best pod ever
Love you guys. Listening from the beginning right now
Can we get an episode a day please ?!
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Thank you so much for this podcast. Its helped me through the pandemic and I look forward to every Wednesday
Matty iced
Best podcast
All hail the slept king & queen 🔥🔥🥸🥸 nosortos papayas to you my friends!
Eating nips(m&m’s) while hearing you guys talk has helped me keep a smile throughout my days. I always look forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays. This podcast is extraordinarily funny and you guys help me feel comfortable with myself with all the quirky-filled stories you guys tell. Thank you. Nosotros Papaya
One of the funniest- with Bill Burr
Bill and Bobby have great chemistry and are so funny together. I can listen to it forever. Loved it.
Nosotros papaya!!!!!!!!
I love the slept king!!!!!
Let Khalyla (and everyone else) finish her stories! Otherwise love this pod.
I love this podcast so much. Often though, someone will begin to tell a story and it’s sounding so funny or interesting, and the other people in the room talk over it and interrupt and they don’t finish their story. This happens to Bobby as much as it happens to everyone else, but I notice it happens to Khalyla a lot when she’s got a good story. For what it’s worth because otherwise, amazing amazing amazing!
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The best
Enjoy every minute
Loved Bobby Lee on MadTV
I loved Bobby’s character Ms Swan on MadTV! So funny!
Why do hot girls think they have a degree in psychology?
Long live the Slept King and his Island Princess
Lose George please.
Love this podcast every week it’s hilarious and love the guests
Maggie Reilly
One of the best.
Khalyla, your father doesn’t have to be old to have ☠️ in front of you. Trust me.
Video posts are always a day late
Post the audio at the same time as you upload the video. Good job George.
Love you!!
This podcast is great. Always good for aome great laughs! Bobby, grind some raids in destiny with me and my team...or we can just grind each other lol!!
Kalylah thinks she has every disorder it’s insane
She a hypochondriac listen to any episode and tell me I’m wrong
Korean Elvis the Korean Jesus
The finest product of human flesh to grace those walls was methed out Bobby Lee… I would like to start a petition to have the fine taxpayers of Poway erect a golden statue of Bobo, maybe even a museum. Anyway their most helpful advice is great, favorite podcast and cohesive family of characters and guests. Cannot wait until I find a way to see Mr. Lee live someday soon after this pandy so I can see him shake his little alien carrot in his MeUndies. When he puts his little finger out to connect to god, I feel him connect to my spirit as well and Mr. Bobo is the koolest and funniest cat under the sun. Lee 2024 for President! -p.s. the only other podcast I hold as high as this gold standard is The Tim Dillon Show, please have that delectable piece of Long Island trash on TB
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King of Poway High School Fan
Yum bum
Lum tum Me love long time
Marcus Georges-Hoops
Good boy review
Master Bobo me likey podcast mucho bueno please more funny funny que dios los bendiga my job is done gracias ❤️.
Nosotros Papaya
One the best podcasts out there 10/10 but don’t expect to learn anything, just be ready to hurt yourself laughing.
Of the funniest shows
They make me laugh hours
Amazing show.
Love listening to you all. Listening to all episodes over again now. I work 12+ hrs a day, seven 7 a week. While I work I listen, I escape my day to hang out with y’all, it makes me feel. I look forward all week to new episodes. I was a fan all the way back from mad tv. Not just booby I’m a fan of but everyone. Great stuff, thanks for the laughs, learning and escape.
Slept kingdom for life
Love you all! Thanks for the amazing podcast.
Love this podcast
Bobby is a legend and I think he’s soo underrated tbh
Much love!
The ebb and flow of this podcast is set in a dynamic, unfiltered atmosphere. Their conversations will have you giggling uncontrollably in public like an idiot, and may cause an accident while driving due to laughing hysterically. Cheers and much love.
The ONLY podcast
This is the only podcast I can listen and re-listen to over and over. We love the slept king! Nosotros papaya!
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